This is the END of "E-Street"

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Today is the last day for SIRIUS "E-Street Radio", the 90+ day long all Springsteen station. On Feb 1 2006 SIRIUS 10 will be back to "The Bridge" So Boss fans will be sad, but any fans of The Bridge will be happy. There is some other station changes coming soon, read more about that here.

'Love Talk' – A Live, 1-Hour Weekly Call-in Show – Launches on Lime Radio, SIRIUS 114

Monday, January 30, 2006

"Love Talk� – a live, one-hour weekly show, co-hosted by Dr. Scott & Shannon Peck, Co-Founders of TheLoveCenter, has launched on Lime radio, Sirius satellite radio, channel 114. “Love Talk� airs live every Friday at 2 pm Eastern time, 11 am Pacific time.

George Takei Negotiating with SIRIUS

Sunday, January 29, 2006

STAR TREK actor George Takei caused a stir last year when he "came out" in the media about his sexual orientation, but he's stirred the pot even more this year by talking freely about it as a new semi-regular on the Howard Stern Show. Takei has aired several taped segments for the show, newly moved to Sirius satellite radio, and he told USA Today that he's negotiating to appear more regularly.

More TrekWeb


SIRIUS Super Bowl Week - SIRIUS NFL Radio Streaming Online This Week

The Road to XL leads to Detroit, so SIRIUS NFL Radio will be in the Motor City LIVE. Tune in for a full week of broadcasts from our prime location on Radio Row, as SIRIUS NFL Radio experts John Riggiins, John Madden, Cris Carter, Shannon Sharpe, Carl Banks, Randy Cross, Gil Brandt, Tiki and Ronde Barber, Keyshawn Johnson, Tim Ryan, Pat Kirwan, Adam Schein, Bob Papa and Steve Cohen break down the matchups, talk Xs and Os, and interview the players and coaches in Super Bowl XL, along with current and past NFL greats and celebrity guests. On Tuesday the action moves to Ford Field for Media Day.

SIRIUS NFL Radio will be FREE Online to everyone starting Monday at 8am(et) Listen here (This week only)

Monday, Jan. 30
8 am - 7 pm (Live from Detroit Renaissance Center)
Tuesday, Jan. 31
8 am - 10 am (Live from Detroit Renaissance Center)
10 am - 3 pm (Live from Media Day at Ford Field)
Wednesday, Feb. 1
8 am - 7 pm ET (Live from Detroit Renaissance Center)
Thursday, Feb. 2
8 am - 7 pm ET (Live from Detroit Renaissance Center)
Friday, Feb. 3
8 am - 7 pm ET (Live from Detroit Renaissance Center)
Saturday, Feb. 4th
Sunday, Feb. 5th
The big game - More on that here


Right Between the Ears moves to Laugh Break

Saturday, January 28, 2006

GSI: Programming Note
Right between the ears moves from Raw Dog to Laugh Break starting next week at same time (Sat 8PM ET).

More about "Right Between The Ears" here

Thanks Rich!

Unannounced SIRIUS Units Currently in Production

GSI: Exclusive
Many folks were shocked that SIRIUS did not have much to show off at CES this year. SIRIUS and retail executives had a closed meeting at CES. SIRIUS did let these VIPs see a hint as to what SIRIUS has in the works. In the past some SIRIUS units shown off at CES have not had the best of luck like the Xact Rego. Last summer SIRIUS had a media day to show off new stuff like the S50, SIRIUS One, and Starmate Replay. In the past some SIRIUS units have just popped up like the Sportster Replay. We are told SIRIUS is not looking to talk up products way in advance as they did in the past. As most know the S50 was pushed back over and over, upsetting some. Now GSI has learned that new SIRIUS units are in production. Now full details are being kept very tight, but we want to report of some tidbits that have leaked. Please note the information we are reporting is from inside sources. When we get email tips, then we at GSI check into the information and report the info we find out. Please treat this information in the following way. We know that SIRIUS has units due out around June.. and details of the unit(s) have not yet been released. We are getting some details of these units, these details are just bits of info from a number of sources. Here is what we are hearing, look for a next generation Sportster, smaller, sleeker, and "improved display layout". Our source tells us of a rumor about some new SIRIUS plug and play units going to a S50 like display, with station logos, and color display. We do not know if this new Sportster will have an S50 like display but some speculation is that it will. We are also told the "new" sportster may not work in the current sporster docks due to the smaller size of the unit. Back on Dec 8th we reported some rumors of the S50 going portable. Some internet chat was that the S50 would get a portable dock to make the current unit work on the go. The S50 car and home docks are were the satellite receiver is located. We are told that there is no plan for such an S50 portable kit at this time. Our sources tell us that SIRIUS is working on an S50 like unit that will be portable for father's day. May and June in the past has been the time when SIRIUS has released new items. We are following some trails of info about other units and we will post info when we get more sold info on them.

Once more the info above is just speculation and rumors based on info provided by GSI sources.

GSI was the first to post info about the first SatRad with a color display back on Aug 22 (here)... and the first to post info about the Startmate replay (here)... so let our track record on SIRIUS hardware be a statement on the quality of our sources.


Rate SIRIUS Shows and others

Friday, January 27, 2006 is a site that you can vote for radio shows. Right now you can tell some other SatRad boards have linked to it, because some shows are very high.. and others are very low!!! Vote for you favorite SIRIUS shows and add shows to the list..

Here is the SIRIUS Shows to vote for...
Here is the top radio shows to vote for...


Danny Bonaduce to do Howard 100 Middays

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Danny Bonaduce will do a week of Midday airshifts next week on Howard 100. He will bring in VH1 Cameras for his show "Breaking Bonaduce"


Bode Miller Fans Can Now 'Ask Bode Anything' Exclusively on SIRIUS

Fans of Olympic skier Bode Miller, the first American skier to win the World Cup title in 22 years, are now just a mouse click away from getting the straight scoop -- directly from Bode himself.
It's as easy as visiting, clicking on "Ask Bode Anything" on the home page, and entering a question for Bode Miller. Bode will post his answers to selected questions on, and some may be answered during his weekly SIRIUS Satellite Radio program, The Bode Show, heard Thursdays at 7 pm ET on SIRIUS Faction channel 28.

Get more here


Faction To Broadcast Live From Winter X Games

Faction, SIRIUS Satellite Radio's unique action sports / music lifestyle channel, will provide four full days of coverage of the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado.

The latest stats and scores, breaking news, exclusive interviews with the athletes, and the inside scoop on what happens after the boots come off can be heard beginning this Saturday, January 28 on Faction channel 28.Thanks to superstars such as Faction weekly host and Olympic skier Bode Miller, and snowboarder Shaun White, winter sports are in the spotlight this year, particularly because this year's Winter X Games are taking place right before the 2006 Winter Olympics in Italy.

Winter X Games January 28-31
For more information, visit and



SIRIUS is now official satellite radio partner of the Arena Football League

Extra SIRIUS S50 Car Kits now for sale

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

You can now get an S50 Car Kit for $99.00 with shipping at

If you are looking for a 2nd car kit for your S50 pick it up now. This will work with any S50 unit and you do NOT need to pay any more subscription fees, you just pop in your activated S50 unit into this kit and it will work.

The Sirius S50 comes with one car kit, but if you want to use your S50 in multiple cars then you should have another.

Contents Include
# S50 Car Dock
# Low Profile Dot Micro Sirius Antenna
# 12V Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter
# Remote
# Car Mounts
# Built-in FM Transmitter with 3 FM presets and 100 frequency selection


Super Bowl SIRIUS Coverage

SIRIUS to Air Game Broadcasts in 7 Languages SIRIUS NFL Radio // ch. 124 to broadcast live from Detroit SIRIUS NFL Radio to stream live free of charge on

On Super Bowl Sunday, February 5, SIRIUS will air an expanded lineup of live play-by-play broadcasts of Super Bowl XL to its growing nationwide subscriber base, which has tripled since last year's Super Bowl. SIRIUS will offer 11 different game calls in seven languages, including both teams' local radio broadcasts and the national Westwood One/CBS Radio Sports broadcast. SIRIUS subscribers can choose from:

-- Pittsburgh Steelers team broadcast -- channel 125
-- Seattle Seahawks team broadcast -- channel 123
-- Westwood One/CBS Radio Sports broadcast -- channel 124
-- BBC Radio broadcast (UK) -- channel 126
-- Westwood One Spanish broadcast (Spanish-Latin America) -- channel 181
-- Canal + Spain broadcast (Spanish-Spain) -- channel 131
-- NTV + Russia broadcast (Russian) -- channel 147
-- BeTV broadcast (French) -- channel 143
-- SMG broadcast (Mandarin Chinese) -- channel 110
-- TV 2 Denmark broadcast (Danish) -- channel 117
-- NTV Japan broadcast (Japanese) -- channel 107

From Monday, January 30 through Super Bowl Sunday, SIRIUS NFL Radio // ch. 124, SIRIUS' 24/7 year-round NFL talk radio channel, will broadcast live from Detroit and will be streamed live and free of charge on the NFL's official game site


Professional Vehicle Kit for Replay Units

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

This is a very nice kit for folks who want to install a SIRIUS Replay unit, like the Starmate Replay, Streamer GTR, and Xact Replay. The Professional Vehicle Kit includes what you need to properly mount the Radios in DIN portion of your car's console.


- Vehicle Interface Plate
- Hard-Wired Power Cord
- FM Switching Box (Wired FM Modulator)
- Audio Cables

The ONLY place to get this is at


Sirius Could Issue Conservative Subs Guidance For 2006

Bear Stearns maintained an "outperform" rating on Sirius Satellite Radio ahead of the orbital radio provider's fourth-quarter earnings report. Although Sirius topped analysts' forecasts when it pre-announced 2005 subscriptions of 3.3 million on Dec. 27, analyst Robert Peck said the company has the potential to issue a guarded outlook for net subscriber additions in 2006.

"The company expects to end 2006 with more than 6 million subs, suggesting net adds of 2.7 million for the year, which we think likely is conservative," Peck wrote in a note to clients.

"2006 probably will be the first year with significant OEM [original equipment manufacturer] contribution and will also benefit from the Stern transition in the first quarter."

The analyst noted that Sirius captured more than 41% of the satellite radio market's new subscribers in the fourth quarter, gaining ground on larger rival XM Satellite Radio on the strength of Stern's January launch.

SIRIUS will report all the 4Q 05 Numbers in early Feb..


SIRIUS tells to STOP!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Over the past few weeks there has been an illegal stream of Howard’s SIRIUS show for free online at and . Personally I think that SIRIUS did the right thing here sending this Cease and Decist (that you can read here) You can talk about this in the GSI Forum here. We are told SIRIUS and Stern are working out some issues in getting the Howard Stern Show streaming at It is reported that Stern wants to stream his show at . SIRIUS wants to make sure that the stream is for subscribers only. We will have to see how this all works out, but SIRIUS and Stern were not happy out these free or “stolen� web streams of his show.
A Sirius spokesman called the audio streams online piracy and said the company would do “whatever it takes� to enforce its copyrights. “I think Howard, like us, would appreciate people paying for his show,� said Patrick Reilly of Sirius.

UPDATE: We are told that SIRIUS sent out a "good number" of cease and decist letters, not only for Howard content but also BUBBA content... The lawyers are working hard at SIRIUS.. .

Read the Cease and Decist Letter here
Read more on this here

Some SIRIUS Free Publicity


SIRIUS and Stern make front page of NY Post. According to a page 1 article in the New York Post on Monday (Jan. 23), Sirius Satellite Radio is developing standards-and-practices guidelines to create content boundaries for the likes of Howard Stern and other talk jocks.

“It’s something that’s being taken very seriously,� a so-called Sirius source told the Post.

The Post quoted Robert Thompson, from the Center for the Study of Popular Television, at Syracuse, who said, “I believe this is just an attempt to put things in place if and when the government turns up the heat on satellite radio, much like it has with cable from time to time. In the end, it won’t mean much to the average listener or advertiser.�

GSI is told that SIRIUS has no such standards-practices guidelines for content boundaries. The only “Standards� in place at SIRIUS is to provide its subscribers the best and most original programming.

IT IS ALSO VERY VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE THE NEW YORK POST IS OWNED BY RUPERT MURDOCH... This is just more in the SIRIUS VS FOX NEWS battle.. Howard said today, "Fox and friends were drumming up a false story to stir up the Christian right and to build outrage for a service that is as Constitutionally protected as porn movies in hotels, cable television or Playboy magazine."

??Could this story be done by Murdoch to get back at SIRIUS for dumping FOX News??

The Post also reported that Stern's show was on tape delay, and has been censored, something Stern admitted. He pulled the plug on comments by one of his cast, that he feared could be slanderous, or an invasion of privacy.

Based on Monday's show, and a profane four-letter comment by Alexis Stewart, daughter of Martha, that has become the show's first new soundclip, there was no sign of censorship for language.

More here via A+E Interactive

Read New York Post Story here


SIRIUS has appointed Andreas Lazar as Senior Vice President, Business Development, reporting to Mel Karmazin.

Lazar, previously a Vice President and investment banker at Allen & Company LLC, will be responsible for exploring and structuring strategic partnerships with media, communications and technology companies to extend SIRIUS' product breadth and drive subscriber growth.

"As our technology, products and programming continue to evolve, Andreas's extensive experience will enable us to pursue the many business opportunities available that can extend SIRIUS' footprint to increase subscriber growth and revenue even further," said Mel Karmazin, CEO of SIRIUS. "We look forward to having Andreas work with me and the executive team as we explore the numerous possibilities before us."
more in this SIRIUS PR

100 More Channels for SIRIUS?!?!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

There is a video on, a caller asked the Cnet folks what is better SIRIUS or XM?!?!? In this video clip the guys talked about SIRIUS having an edge on getting "Dozens or hundreds more stations.." You can watch the video here. SIRIUS hinted at this new technology back in June in the PR. "New Modulation Technology Will Initially Increase Current System Capacity by Approximately 25%, Enabling SIRIUS to Expand Offering of Audio, Data and Video Services While Maintaining Broadcast Quality"

SIRIUS has developed a new, advanced proprietary technology that will initially increase the company's total network capacity by approximately 25% within its existing digital transmission system. The technology, known in the industry as hierarchical modulation, will allow SIRIUS to offer additional audio channels, as well as advanced services such as data and video, without affecting the quality of its broadcasts."Our new modulation technology will use a very innovative approach to increase the number of bits we transmit through our satellite and terrestrial repeater networks, enabling us to increase the effective use of our currently licensed spectrum to add additional programming for the benefit of our subscribers," said Jim Meyer, SIRIUS President, Sales and Operations. "Sirius will continue to deliver uncompromised sound quality, and with this new technology we will retain the flexibility to expand our broadcasts even further in the future."
The technology, developed by SIRIUS' Advanced Development Team based in Lawrenceville, NJ, will work over SIRIUS' current network, with minimal upgrades to its satellite uplink and terrestrial repeater infrastructure. SIRIUS has already conducted several tests of the technology to confirm the performance. The new modulation technology will not impact the customer experience of existing SIRIUS radios sold or currently on the market. Future SIRIUS radios will be outfitted with the new technology, making it possible for them to receive the additional services planned.

The company expects to begin offering services using the new technology in the second-half of 2006.

We are told that SIRIUS hinted to this at CES to a closed door room of retail VIP's... We are told that in the June 2006 time frame news SIRIUS chips will be out and this hierarchical modulation technology will be in new units.

Chat more about this in the GSI Forum...

SIRIUS at the Auto Show

SIRIUS PR is in full swing at the Auto shows this year, not only in new cars but also a the front doors of the event... "Now deployed at Detroit’s North American International Auto Show, a keystone event for auto industry manufacturers that will attract more than 750,000 visitors to the Cobo Convention Hall, WalkUp platforms will be set up at the major consumer auto shows in Washington DC, Toronto, New York and Atlanta. Sirius Satellite Radio scored the exclusive front door opportunity at Detroit’s North American International Auto Show, and combined a mix of entertaining video spots and static signage on strategically placed platforms throughout the convention center lobby and ticketing area. The portable, yet large-scale devices, measuring 6ft x 4ft and 9ft x 3ft, have been road tested in the Canadian consumer show market place for the past five years, and advertisers using these platforms have included a variety of automobile manufacturers, film studios, media companies, financial service companies and food and beverage retailers. WalkUp was first introduced to the US auto show circuit during the 2005 New York International Auto Show, the most widely attended event in the circuit with more than 1.2 million visitors."
More about Iwalkup systems here
Get more info from emediawire

New SIRIUS Lineup coming soon

Saturday, January 21, 2006

GSI has been told that in the coming weeks SIRIUS will once more add stations to its lineup. We that the following stations will be added; Playboy Radio, Radio Cosmo & Radio China. We are also hearing some chatter about some very minor changes to the music lineup. Once Playboy radio lunches look for a new “parental control� system on and via phone. You will be able to pick what stations you want on your radios. All SIRIUS subs that want Playboy radio must request to have it added to your service. Playboy radio will be free to anyone who wants it. We are told once the update happens Cosmo and Playboy will start as a “coming soon� loop. Many are wondering why US subs do not get all the SIRIUS Canada stations, and if they will be added. At this time it looks like US subs will not get any stations above 184. We do not have any sold dates for these updates, but we are told it will be in the coming weeks. GSI will update you as we get more info… Some other things to note, “E Street� Radio is scheduled to end Jan 31st 2006 and return to The Bridge… Rolling Stone radio was to end on Sept 29th, then was given more life to Jan 1st 2006, then once more extended and is now said to end Mid Feb 2006.

Some other rumors GSI is hearing but can not confirm are a new 90’s Station (an on going rumor for about a year), return of a folk station, new traffic cities, and a station for special programming like “E Street Radio� or “Rolling Stone Radio� so when SIRIUS runs special formats like this, they will have a home without taking over another station. It is always a fear that some station will get killed to make room for new stations... but no word about that yet.. Please note these are just rumors at this time, and we will update you if we get more info..

S50 Firmware Update V1.2.0

If you missed it, the new firmware is available by updating to the newest version of My Sirius Studio (V1.0.1.4886), and then click on File, then device setting, then "Check for Updates" The new Firmware is V1.2.0, make sure you follow the directions on the web page that will pop up..

This update is to help with some problems with IR support and other bugs in last version..

More about the last Firmware update here

Open Box SIRIUS Deals @ The Sirius Store

The Sirius Store is starting to sell items called "sirius open box clearance deals"... I'm told by the guys at the SIRIUS Store that they have just started sell parts, accessories and radios at deep discounts. Keep checking back for hard to find parts to SIRIUS stuff, like extra cords, wires, odd SIRIUS parts, and more.. So if you want a good deal just keep on checking back.. HERE
The Sirius Store also sells the most SIRIUS stuff online... Check it out!

SIRIUS Canada to Present the 2006 & 2007 Editions of Les Francouvertes

SIRIUS Canada pledges $80,000 (Canadian) ensuring continued success of the program. SIRIUS Canada today announced that they will be the official presenter of the 2006 and 2007 editions of Les Francouvertes. SIRIUS' participation in this event is another step in honouring the company's commitment to the development of Canadian music talent. Les Francouvertes is one of the most respected francophone music competitions in Canada, and is dedicated to the development of emerging artists. In addition, the final performances of the event will be broadcast by SIRIUS Canada on its French Music Channels Bande à part (Channel 93) and Astral's Energie2 (Channel 193 only on the Canadian line up), providing these emerging artists with important visibility and access to both the Canadian and US marketplace.

My SIRIUS withdraw

Friday, January 20, 2006

GSI: Comment
Over the past three weeks I have been in Hawaii for work, and as you know the Hawaiian Islands are out of the SIRIUS footprint. I have posted in the past that I have a little set up to get SIRIUS in-flight (you can read about that here). I always get a window seat facing north to get the best view out of the window. On my flight out to Hawaii I was very shocked as to how far I could get signal off the west coast of the mainland. I was about 90 minutes flying time once I noticed we were over water, and then I lost it, lucky I had my S50 packed with programming to keep me from going into withdraw. I was so happy to have the internet feeds from SIRUIS for my time in Hawaii, for not only music but the Jay Thomas show, it was nice to wake up with that show. I have to say it was hard without SIRIUS in the car, as you can guess the radio stations in Hawaii are not all that.. Unless you like Tiny Bubbles! Flying back last night I set my S50 back up in flight and got to hear Howard on SIRIUS for the first time on replay. It was so nice to get back in the eyes of the birds in the sky. Now that I’m recovering from a minor case of SIRIUS withdraw it is nice to be back on the mainland. I think I also convinced a UNITED flight attendant to get SIRIUS, she is a Howard fan and noticed my S50 set up on board and asked about it, so I think I sold her on it. So now that my “work� trip is over in Hawaii; GSI will be back to posting items in the Eastern Time zone. Thanks to the GSI team most should have not noticed a big difference in postings but if you did notice a little delay in postings.. we are back and ready to roll.

Sirius files complaint with FCC

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sirius filed a formal complaint to the Federal Communications Commission that the Howard Stern Show on Sirius is being illegally rebroadcast over terrestrial airways in the great New York City area. We first told you about all the illegal stations in NYC here

Read more Here

SIRIUS NBA All Star Sweepstakes

SIRIUS, the NBA and Radio Shack have teamed up to offer you two tickets to the 55th NBA All-Star Game in Houston, Texas. You’ll also receive round trip airfare to Houston, TX, three nights hotel accommodations in Houston, two passes to the NBA All-Star Welcome Party on Friday, February 17, two passes to the NBA All-Star Saturday Night, two passes to the NBA Pre-Game Party.

Enter to win HERE

SIRIUS Subs like "Luxury Goods" over XM Subs

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

REPORT: SIRIUS Subs demonstrates a penchant for higher-end goods and services..

Here is some cool info about the patterns of SIRIUS and XM Subs..

...While Stern’s fans will almost certainly latch onto Sirius, formidable competitor XM Radio is quickly adding subscribers of its own. As the two providers jockey for positioning, their competition for various market niches is yielding very different audience profiles.

  • The online behavior of Sirius Satellite Radio Owners demonstrates a penchant for higher-end goods and services compared to owners of XM Radio. Sirius owners are 40 percent more likely than the average internet user to visit Jewelry/Luxury Goods/Accessories sites and 13 percent more likely to visit Fragrances/Cosmetics sites (see Table 1). They are also 22 percent more likely to visit Online Trading sites. Likely a result of Sirius Radio’s broadcasting partnership with the National Football League, Sirius owners are also 16 percent more likely to visit Sports sites.
  • Owners of XM Radio exhibit a high propensity to visit travel-related sites. They are 89 percent more likely to visit Car Rental sites and 45 percent more likely to visit Airline sites (see Table 2). This positioning is probably the result of XM’s strategic partnership with Car Rental agencies to carry XM in their vehicles. (click on table to enlarge)
(via iMedia Connection)

Howard Stern Search Activity Up 345% After Debut on Sirius Satellite Radio

The Lycos 50 for Week Ending Jan. 14, 2006...
Following his recent debut on Sirius Satellite Radio, searches for Howard Stern (#40) are up 345 percent, propelling him back onto this week's list. Searches for Stern's girlfriend, model Beth Ostrosky are also up 170 percent following rumors last week that Stern was allegedly planning to tie the knot with Ostrosky. Stern has vehemently denied the rumors. Nearly half of Stern searches specify searches for Sirius Satellite Radio, with the most popular Sirius-related search query specifying Sirius stock price.

Sirius Canada leads in subs without Stern

We first reported about Satrad in Canada here, and also hinted that SIRIUS was getting an edge on XM up north. Now Reuters is also reporting that! Now are they counting all the folks that come down to the USA to get Stern? It is very early for satrad up in Canada.. But from all these new reports it looks like SIRIUS is ahead of XM..
Reuters reports: Even though it launched in Canada without Howard Stern last month, Sirius Canada has an early advantage over rival XM Canada, according to a new study issued Tuesday.
Ottawa-based consultant Decima Research Inc. said media attention surrounding the controversial talk-show host's January 9 debut on U.S.-based Sirius Satellite Radio gave Sirius' Canadian clone a leg up in brand awareness.
A recent poll by Decima revealed that, among those likely to buy a satellite radio in 2006, 27% said they were leaning toward Sirius Canada, compared with 12% for XM Canada.
"Howard Stern is a master at creating buzz and publicity," said Mario Mota, Decima's vp broadcast and media research.
The downside is that an estimated 60,000 Canadians have purchased unregulated U.S. satellite radio receivers to listen to Howard Stern's new digital radio show.

more via Reuters

2 Million to get Satrad in Canada, and SIRIUS has the edge...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A new survey by Decima Research says satellite radio has become widely known to Canadian consumers, and its potential to impact the radio market is large.
A sampling of key findings from the Decima proprietary study conducted last month:

- More than three-quarters (77%) say they are aware of satellite radio. This heightened awareness is led by men (87%), those 25-34 (86%), and households with $100K annual income or more (87%).

- 3% of Canadians say they or someone else in their household subscribes to either Canadian or U.S. grey market satellite radio services.

- Another 6%, the equivalent of up to 2 million Canadians, said they would likely subscribe within the next year at a price of $13 per month. Another 14% said they might or might not subscribe within the next year.

- Sirius Canada appears to hold an early advantage in terms of current and potential market share over XM Canada. Among those likely to buy a satellite radio within the next year, more than twice as many (27%) are leaning towards Sirius Canada versus 12% for XM Canada.

(via Orbitcast and Cablecaster)

300K Try To Reach Stern During Debut

When Howard Stern premiered on Sirius Satellite Radio January 9th, he got some calls. Just under 300,000 of them, in fact.

"The number of callers was insane," said Telos Telephony Product Manager Rolf Taylor, who added, "That's like having the entire population of Tampa trying to get through!"
(via radio ink)

Alpine RSE2 with SIRIUS Video

Alpine announced it will ship one of the first car video systems that will work with a video iPod and the first to be compatible with the not-yet-deployed Sirius satellite video service for the car. Alpine will launch this summer a bolt-on module for its 10.2-inch flip-down monitor/DVD model PKG-RSE2. The module has a slot for a video iPod which can stream video and audio to the car video system. The RSE2 will ship this April at a suggested retail of $799. No price was available for the module. The RSE2 is also compatible with Sirius' planned satellite video service, due in 2007. (image not is not the RSE2 unit)
More here

How to get SIRIUS in an Airliner

Monday, January 16, 2006

For some reason I have gotten a good deal of emails about this, back in October I shared how I get LIVE SIRIUS radio in airliners. People want to know how to make this work.. Here is a post that shows you all you need to make it work. In that post I showed off a battery that worked with all the SIRIUS 12V units like the Starmates, Sportsters, etc. I just flew a few weeks back and used the set up with the S50, & S50 home kit.. It worked very nice, this battery can switch from 3V-12V so it is also works with the S50... When I make my return flight on Friday I will take some photos of the S50 in the AIR... You can look at the photos of the Starmate Replay at 35,000 ft here

S50 Accessories

Sunday, January 15, 2006

SIRIUS 5v S50 power adapter
SIRIUS S50 battery
SIRIUS S50 Home power adapter
SIRIUS S50 USB cable
SIRIUS S50 Car Kit
SIRIUS S50 Mount
SIRIUS S50 Home Kit
SIRIUS S50 Remote
SIRIUS S50 Executive Docking Station
SIRIUS S50 Armband
SIRIUS S50 Leather Case
Sirius S50 Wall Adapter
SIRIUS S50 Antenna

Strobe and Beat... NEW SHOW ALERT!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Here is some new shows you might want to know about:
Studio 37 - SIRIUS//37 The Strobe
Tonight 10:00 pm ET
The sounds of your favorite nightclub are alive in Studio 37! Put on your platforms and get ready to boogie to the best disco and classic dance music from the decade of excess. (Then every Sat)

Be On The Beat - SIRIUS//36 The Beat
Mon 1/16 7:00 pm ET
Have you always wanted to be on the radio? Well here’s your chance! Play guest DJ, request your favorite songs and shout-out your friends. It’s one whole hour where you’re in control. Call 877.33.SIRIUS and Be On The Beat!

World Soccer Daily Debuts on SIRIUS // Ch. 126

Steven Cohen and Nick Geber host America's only English-language daily national radio program devoted to the world’s game. Cohen and Geber bring their unique humor to the show, and provide an in-depth look at the best leagues around the globe, with news, expert analysis and interviews with the biggest names in the game. Only on SIRIUS//126 M-F 1-3pm (ET)

Tension grows between labels and digital radio

Friday, January 13, 2006

Here we go again... The f-ing RIAA... CNET has this article about how "Tension is growing" and talks about the SIRIUS S50 and the new XM Mp3 units. The entry of satellite and digital radio into the technological mainstream is increasing tension with the record industry, which wants new rules governing how consumers can make digital copies of songs from the airwaves. When Congress set the rules for Internet and other digital broadcasts in 1998, it gave record companies the right to royalties from Internet and satellite radio broadcasts. That's set up a patchwork of different rules for different new media companies, even as technology has brought the way consumers use their services more closely together. For now, the most pressing issues focus on whether digital broadcasts can be legally recorded and archived. For instance, a new device from Sirius radio called the S50 lets people save individual songs. Sirius and the RIAA are in negotiations over this device. "Our concern remains that this is an effort to stifle technology before it has a chance to grow," said Consumer Electronics Association spokesman Jeff Joseph. "It has never been illegal to record a song off the radio in the context of fair use." Back in 1983 I recorded hours of radio and still have the songs today.. I have an S50, I can not share my "SIRIUS Songs" off it. I also have a line in on my PC that I can record hi-digital audio into right off FM, is the RIAA going to go after DELL.... The RIAA needs to wake up and notice that people are pissed at them and are not buying music because they are so greedy.. (Sorry end of my rant)
read all about it here via

Bubba's FMQB cover story.

Howard has gotten a lot of press this week here on GSI, I wanted to make sure we gave Bubba the Love Sponge some "face time" too. So here is a great article/interview with Bubba on the FMQB online.

Read the FMQB article

Gweedoe's opinion: It is great to hear Bubba on the air. I think that we all knew what to expect from Howard and his crew this week, but it was really interesting to hear Bubba after 2 years of not broadcasting.

Take the Bubba pole and talk about him in GSI's Forum

Stern's pirated

According to the New York Daily News.. It Turns out Howard Stern isn't completely gone from terrestrial radio after all. Illegal pirate radio broadcasts of his Sirius Satellite program have been heard this week - for free - on broadcast radio, including 95.1 FM in Brooklyn and 101.5 FM in North Jersey. Program director Eric Johnson of WKXW in Trenton, which broadcasts legally on 101.5 FM, said he had gotten no listener calls, "so the pirate must have been working in a small area." The 95.1 FM frequency is vacant. Sirius spokesman Patrick Reilly said yesterday that the company had heard nothing about Stern popping up on free radio, and said he would have no comment on it.

Read More HERE

Directed Electronics Recognized With Innovation Awards at 2006 CES

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Directed Electronics maker of the S50, Sportsters, Starmates, and other SIRIUS items, was recognized with three coveted Innovations Awards at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show for the SIRIUS Sportster Executive Docking Station, The Executive Docking Station is a high fidelity, 20 watt desktop dock for SIRIUS Sportster-family receivers that also docks iPod players (you can get that here) via a unique interchangeable cradle system. The Streamer Replay will also work in this docking stations

read full PR here

Mel buy some SIRIUS stock

(update one)
After the announcement yesterday that Howard Stern and Don Buchwald were now able to sell there over $200 million in Sirius holdings, the stock dropped almost 6%. Today Sirius Satellite Radio's CEO, Mel Karmazin, bought up 1 million shares (a value of over 6.2 million dollars) in order to show that he is "committed" to the company's success. Mel's purchase send the stock driving back up 6.2%, thus negating yesterday's slump.

There is still no word if Stern or Buchwald will sell there recently gifted shares of Sirius. Just a lot of internet speculation.

Read more at Bloomberg

Talk about it here
(Bloomberg also updated this story, they 1st reported 100 Million Shares, it was only 1 Million shares, the value was correct at 6.2 Million dollars)

SIRIUS improved antenna technology in June

Via the New York Times..

"Studies show that portable audio units are usually used not with live, but with recorded content," Mr. Law of Sirius said.

Live satellite feeds often break up when an external antenna is not used. The company says it plans to introduce new devices by June with improved antenna technology to receive live transmissions.

SIRIUS did show and tell a very few folks at CES about new units that would be out in 2006, we are told that a NYT Reporter could have been in that closed door meeting, agreeing not to disclose new SIRIUS units...

Read full story here

Merrill Lynch - SIRIUS Update - "BUY"

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Here is a report by Merrill Lynch about SIRIUS, they say, "Share Decline Creates Buying Opportunity. You can read all the details in this PDF file. Some topics they look at are:
- Confusion over Howard Stern share registration creates buying opportunity
- Selling for tax obligations possible
- Maintain Buy rating with $9 price objective
Also some good breakdowns.. check it out here
(Thanks Ken)
In other news has a story that thinks SIRIUS may see Q1 Sub Upside...
"Our checks indicate Sirius may have activated 180,000 subscribers on January 9, Howard's first day." READ FULL STORY HERE

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