Sirius Stars//103 Line up

Friday, September 30, 2005

This is all I know of as now.. more to come..
I'm told that some other shows are in the works..

6am-10am - POD: Show Replay
10am-2pm - Radio Chick
2pm-6pm- Jay Thomas
6pm-10pm- POD: Show
10pm-2am- Radio Chick Replay
2am-6am - Jay Thomas Replay
6am-10am - POD: Show Replay
10am-2pm - Radio Chick
2pm-5pm- Jay Thomas
5pm-7pm - Cousin Bruice
7pm-11pm- POD: Show
11pm-3am- Radio Chick Replay
3am-6am - Jay Thomas Replay
3pm-6pm - Richard Simmions
6pm-9pm - Richard Simmions Replay


Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sirius Counts Down The Hits!
2 New Countdown shows on Sirius...

"New Country Hot 30"
Sat 12:00 pm ET & Sun 6:00pm ET - New Country//60
We a’re your authority on what country music is new - and hot - week in and week out. Now keep up with what New Country is hot all in one place every weekend! It's the New Country Hot 30. Al Skop plays the top 30 songs as determined by just you and New Country, and no one else! It’s your countdown, so you have to listen, right?!

"Countdown From 21"
Saturdays 1 pm ET - Alt Nation//21
Christopher The Minister rocks out to the top 21 songs in alternative every Saturday. No cheesy ballads and no lame boy bands, just your top alternative songs on Countdown From 21. The best part? You have the ultimate say in what gets played on our countdown. Call 1-877-33-SIRIUS and vote for your favorite songs in alternative. You just might hear them every Saturday on Countdown From 21. update...

Sirius.... What Is It? page
Sirius just launched this new page to inform people what Sirius is.. Check it out..

Things are sounding better!!

As we first reported only here, the bandwidth was going to get a bump up on some talk stations.. The sound quality on Sirius Stars and a few others sound a lot better. I have been getting emails all day about the music stations sounding better, I also noticed this. Kurt emailed me about it as I was chatting with my insider buddy up at Sirius and he told me that yes that every station got a bump up in quality. There are now 3 levels on Sirius. . The music stations, The top talk stations, and then lower quality talk stations. I have to say I did some home test at home today.. I pulled out my BOSE system and started with the Sportster Replay, I was please how nice everything sounded.. Then I pulled out the NEW Starmate Replay, and WOW there was an edge a week ago, but it has a bigger edge after the bump in audio quality.. Last I got the "Big Mamma" as I call it my JVC PNP1.. and it sounded nice, but noticeably lower sound quality then the newer radios..

S50 Updated Date..

Oct 17 is the new date that is flying around..
more on S50 here

Sirius Advice//117 - WHAT? is on..

Should it be DAVE//117?
There are more Daves on this station.. Almost all Dave's..
David Dye
Dave Ramsey
David Lawrence
Cigar Dave

Here is the full line up...
Doug Stephan’s Good Day
Monday to Friday 5 am - 9 am ET
For over fifteen years, Doug Stephan’s Good Day has offered an eclectic mix of entertainment, business news, politics, sports, and more. The friendly and uplifting morning program remains balanced and fair amidst a tumultuous society.

Kid's Corner
Monday to Friday 9 am - 10 am ET
Kid's Corner is a live, interactive radio show created to educate and entertain children.
The program offers insight into such topics as health & nutrition, American democracy, books, movies, and music. Hosted by Kathy O'Connell and produced by Robert Blake, the show is a recipient of over 20 broadcasting awards including the George Foster Peabody Award.

Chick Chat
Monday to Friday 12 pm - 2 pm ET
cast: Monday to Friday 8 pm - 10 pm ET
Co-hosts of the weekly program “Chick Chat� are Heidi Hanzel and Lara Dyan have “no loss for words or opinions.� This contemporary, non-political show is as unique as it is entertaining; Hanzel and Dyan discuss relationships, spouses, and romance in the corporate world. However, “Chick Chat� isn’t just for women! Lara and Heidi feature segments in which they offer dating advice for men.

Dave Ramsey Show
Monday - Friday 2 pm - 6 pm ET
Rebroadcast: Monday to Friday 1 am - 5 am ET

Tired of pervasive financial issues? The Dave Ramsey Show offers dependable and worthwhile financial advice. Complete with everything from tipping to retirement planning, Ramsey rules the radio with irrefutable ways to properly handle “the green.� Ramsey's program began in 1992 and he has written several books including The Total Money Makeover , Financial Peace, and Revisited . He has also appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show , 60 Minutes , and CBS's The Early Show .

The David Lawrence Show
Monday to Friday 10 pm - 1 am ET
Get all your gadget advice from David Lawrence! The Dave Lawrence Show, a talk show focusing on the juxtaposition of pop-culture and today’s high-tech world. The show is a unique mix of humor and information with the up-tempo of a Top-40 morning show.

World Chart Show
Saturdays 8 am - 10 am ET
Selected from a handful of the top radio stations worldwide, The “World Chart Show� is a unique compilation of some of the hottest pop songs on the planet. In addition to a musical countdown the program also features entertainment news, interviews, celebrity gossip, and more. Host Lara Scott bridges the gap between musical artist and musical enthusiast; her ability to reflect the attitudes, styles, and trends of a younger audience pool draws listeners in and turns them on to the show.

World Café with David Dye
Monday to Friday 6 pm - 8 pm ET
Rebroadcast: Monday to Friday 10 am - 12 pm ET
Dubbed as “radio for the musically curious,� The World Café features an eclectic mix of blues, rock, folk, and alternative country as well as live performances and interviews with up-and-coming artists. The program’s host, Philadelphia native David Dye, won over audiences with his calm demeanor and musical enthusiasm. He has been the host of The World Café since 1991.

Mike Feder Show
Sunday 10 pm - Midnight ET
Mike Feder is a skilled storyteller who is as intriguing as he is outgoing. Since 1979, Feder has followed a liberal, open-microphone format on his program and has discussed an array of topics including sex, marriage, kids, death, and more. He talks in the first person about anything and everything for an hour, and "brings to his stories a naked emotional honesty that is both compelling and excruciating."

Radio Playbill
Saturdays 7 am - 8 am ET
Rebroadcast: Sundays 5 pm - 6 pm ET
Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Broadway with Radio Playbill! Radio Playbill encapsulates the grandeur and passion of the open stage through Playbill’s unique knowledge of Broadway, theatrical interviews, music, and much more. Explore the intricacies of Broadway Theater without ever leaving your home.

Cigar Dave
Saturdays 1 pm - 4 pm ET
Rebroadcast: Sundays 7 am - 10 am ET

Cigar Dave, is often referred to as the Sultan of Smoke, the Professor of Puff, the Cigar Sommelier, and the Connoisseur-in-Chief. Cigar Dave's program Smoke This! caters to Cigar lovers far and wide. The shows loyal followers or the “Cigar Lieutenants� tune in for news and information about cigars, spirits, and other lifestyle diversions.

Beer Radio
Saturdays 4 pm - 6 pm ET
Rebroadcast: Sundays 10 am - 12 pm ET

Hold your glass high for Beer Radio, the official radio station of the United States Beer Drinking Team! This unique show features special guests from the brewing industry, introduces “beer and travel� segments, and essentially worships cold, refreshing ale. Perhaps the best part about Beer Radio is that you don’t have to be twenty-one to listen and you can enjoy it while driving!

Are We Alone?
Mondays Midnight - 1 am ET
“Are We Alone?,� a weekly radio program hosted by Seth Shostak of SETI (The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), taps into the always intriguing and often unknown realm of outer space. The show focuses on such ideas as the scientific evidence of life on other planets, the big bang theory, and most importantly the exploration and understanding of a vast and endless universe. As Senior Astronomer for SETI, Shostak is involved with much of the outreach activities of the institute. He is science editor of “The Explorer� and also gives around fifty talks a year to both academic circles and the general public.

What's up with

Ok I do not understand why is not up and full of all the info on the new stations, and new line ups.. I have been checking in all day, and 1/2 of the time I got the " is Unavailable" Why was the new page not ready to launch at dawn today.. and also XM put out a new front page today (it looks some what like It was looking up when they posted the flash channel interface yesterday.. but today you are lucky if you can get to it.. I called and asked about they told me it is "under construction".. WHAT? it is not like these changes just happened at the last min.... Lets hope it is up soon, with the new lineups for stations like Sirius Stars and the others...

A quite Howard Stern?...

100 & 101 = silence
Howard Preview might start Monday..

As most know by now, even people who hate Stern have tuned into Sirius 100 and 101 to hear what was going to be on the air to Jan.. The question of the week was what will be on 100 and 101 when they start!??!?! Nothing, but some farts could start soon.. In typical Howard fashion this is getting wonderful PR, and stories are popping up by the hour about the silence on his 2 Sirius stations.. Got to love it..

"Things will start happening when they are ready," explained Stern on his radio show this morning. By mid-show, Stern was lining up a troop of farters to provide the first sounds heard on his Sirius channels and the scroll changed to "Farters coming soon." The explosive sounds could come as early as tomorrow morning. is reporting the following:
As energized as Stern has sounded about his channels, he faced down pressure over the last couple weeks from Sirius President of Entertainment and Sports Scott Greenstein, VP Talk & Entertainment Programming Jeremy Coleman and other Sirius execs to add programming for the debut. Stern had met with a programming team at Sirius in late August, mentioning at the time that there would likely be an appearance by his parents and several Wack Pack members as the channel gears up for his official arrival on January 9. Stern also said he is looking for a program director for the channels.

Read all about it at

I have been told that Howard did not want anything on the air until it got his ok, I'm also told Howards voice can not be on Sirius Airways while he is under contract with infinity.. I do think this is a PR stunt of some type.. We will see.. Monday something might shock all of us?!?!?

Fun with the display on Super Shuffle

I really like this.. It really makes it look and sound random..

In place of liners or bumpers with a voice between song, there is a beep sound thing then the display looks like this.

Then like this..

Then the song starts, and the display also tells you what station number that song is normally played...

Now there is also some audio bumpers that sound like an 80's computer voice, both male and female.. Also some piffy things like.. "Super Shuffle.... What's Next?... I don't know.. " in a computer like voice then right into a song..

One bad thing.. The S-Seek is not working because of the added text on the display

Sirius Channel Update... Update #2

There has been a very small improvement to the audio quality on some talk stations. Sirius Stars//103 has gotten this little bump up, still not at the same quality of the music stations but it is better. There is now 3 levels of audio quality on Sirius.... Tune in to 103 then click over to 117 you will hear it..

MTV Video Stream on Sirius in 2006?

"Chicago disco band, 000000000001, tops the charts at / cnet for 5 consecutive months. With a projected download forecast of 1,000,000 mp3’s and Podcasts with exclusive DJ mixes on XM and Sirius Satellite Radio. Always on the cutting edge of technology, the band expects to launch its video show with MTV tributes on Sirius’ video service, using the Windows Media Video 9 player in 2006."
Read more here on this artical..

Sirius Channel Update... Update....

As of 4am the update should have hit your radio.. Look for things to happen slow all day long, as to some more changes and the web pages getting more info on it.

One thing that did happen that was odd, I was tuned into Sirius 148 and had on John and Jeff.. then the updated came.. went to 103//Sirius Stars and the pod show was on?!?! The Howard stations are just dead air.. Rolling Stones Radio was also still rolling.. I heard "The Beat Sirius 66" liner on Sirius 36.. That is now saying "Sirius 36"

Get full new lineup here

Updates all day

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

OVER 50,000 Unique Hits
In Get Sirius Info's short life!
Online July 21st 2005 and growing by the day!

Coming To Sirius: Two-and1/2-Minute Commercials
Not on music stations..
From Billboard Radio Monitor
By Paul Heine

Clear Channel’s mantra is “less is more� but what is the credo for a broadcaster that airs two-and1/2-minute commercials? You’ll hear them on Sirius Satellite Radio, though the amount of commercial minutes per hour on the 50+ non-music Sirius channels that carry advertising will be less than on terrestrial radio.

Sirius senior VP of advertising sales Sam Benrubi told attendees at Wednesday’s Gundersen Partners Power Breakfast that Sirius recently closed an ad campaign with a spirits manufacturer that involves a two and ½-minute spot. Music and imaging are major components of the ad, Benrubi said.

Read all about it here

Sirius will still have commercial FREE music stations.. The ADs will be on the stations they are on now, the talk stations and sports. Most of the talk shows have slots from the source for Ads... most of these stop sets are around 4-6min, so Sirius will fill them with ADs that they make money off, so this will keep your payments at $12.95.. XM also fills talk and non-music stations with ADs.

Talk Stations In Stereo! -Updated
As first and only reported here Sept 13.. Some (if not all) of the talk stations will get a bump in sound quality.. and they will also be in stereo. I do not have "the list" of all the stations that will get this upgraded, but some if not all will get it.. Look for this upgrade with the new lineup or soon after.. 90% sure that Sirius Stars, Raw Dog, and Radio Disney will get better sounding..
There has been a bump up on some stations.. It is not much but for example listen to Sirius Stars//103 then go to Sirius Right//145.. It is a little better on 103..

New Sirius Channel Navigation Page..
NOW THIS IS COOL... LOOK HERE! I just hope the updated will be like this.. I'm told it will.. and also look for an updated listen online page... Lots of changes in the next 24 hours!! You will get all the inside info here and updates all day today and Thursday..

I'm told tonight that will also get a "face lift" but I can not get anymore details..

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

S50 More Details - Click on image to enlarge

Simple... Personal... Portable... Fresh....
Here it comes! The Sirius S50
Ok has put up a page about the New S50 to be out sometime in Oct...

Click here to view a video about the S50..

Also check out the official Sirius page will all the details on this new MP3/Sirius radio. was the first with the new marketing photos of the S50, and you will see then in use on the official Sirius page now..

Also i'm told that the packaging is going to be very nice. It is going to make this thing look so sleek and modern

New Phone Number..
Sirius Stars//103
Phone Number will be 1-877-9-SIRIUS
if you care..

Sirius Eyeing Video Broadcast For 2006

Sirius Satellite Radio is reportedly on track to deliver a satellite video service by mid-2006. Sirius is running field tests now and they are “all going according to plan,� according to Sirius' Retail Operations SVP Bob Law. Receivers for the video service may work as combination audio/video tuners that are designed to be compatible with after-market video screens and DVD players, and the price point is expected to be reasonable.

Read the full story here from

Tune In Tuesday...
Every Tuesday a station just to take a listen to.. If you like it share your comments, hate it.. tell others why, and how will you make it better. Do you just love the station?, share what you love about it. It is an Audio taste test.. Mmmmm...

Tune in Tuesday 9/27/05 =
Time to say good bye to Remix, it will leave us on Thursday. I'm told that remixes will be on all other dance stations..

Monday, September 26, 2005

Thursday.. What is going to happen!?!?!?!
Ok as most of you know this Thursday is the biggest channel update done by Sirius to date. Not only will we get (and lose) some channels, but the line up is going to also have some changes. If you need all the details as to what is going to change please check out these links:
New Lineup details
Changes to stations
Get your copy of new lineup

Now as to what you should expect on Thursday, I'm told the updates should take place from 3am-5am (ET) on Thursday morning. In the past 4am was the magic hour.

When you turn on Sirius on Thursday your radio will need 2-3 minutes to get the updates. During this time you might hear some audio or not, and messages like "Acquiring Signal" or "Updating" with a percentage jumping in big blocks like 20% then 60%, this is normal, It is VERY important not to change your channels, or hit any buttons until it is done. Once it is all done downloading you will be able to reset all the presets. It is also important to note if you have locked out any stations you will need to redo this. So if you now have "Sirius OutQ" locked out after the update you have Boston and Philly traffic locked out. So you will also need to make these changes. will also be down for a very short bit and so will Sirius stations online.
Check in all week for updates...

"Lighten Up" With Richard Simmions
Starting this Sunday, 3p-6p (ET) then again 6p-9p (ET) thats right a replay right after the first run ends. It will air on Sirius Stars//103. If it's motivation you need, Richard Simmons is set to go one-on-one with you. Simmons will read faxes, letters and emails from people who need a little lift or a little push and then call them directly to give advice, provide a proverbial shoulder to cry on or just make them laugh. Oh boy get more info here.

The Word Network, Sues Sirius Satellite Radio for Racial Discrimination

Ok I think this is the biggest joke going but it is for real, here is the link to the official press release
Here are some from it..
The Word Network, a mainstream media broadcaster for African-American ministries and gospel music to millions in the United States and across the world, sued Sirius Satellite Radio today, alleging racial discrimination and breach of contract over its decision to cancel their contract. Sirius dropped The Word Network from its programming in mid-September despite backing from members of Congress, African-American religious leaders, and tens of thousands of listeners and other interested Americans.
I posted info on this back Aug 12th and it is still going on..

Jesse Jackson is currently the host of The Word Network’s Rainbow Push with Jesse Jackson which broadcasts African-American ministries, gospel music and religious family programming....

Update - I got an email after my post of this story today, from an anonymous email. This email had a copy of the official court paper work on this matter. Orbitcast also has this posted, I do not know if the emailer got if from Orbitcast or is from the same anonyamous source, but one thing I can tell you is that the email came from the same IP address that sent me a nasty email about my first post on this topic back in Aug. You can read the court documents here. (pdf)

-- Via a comment post check out this link to the SIRI Yahoo board...

Cousin Brucie Talk Show This Thursday

On Thursday Cousin Brucie will host a talk show on Sirius, this will be the kick off to his weekly talk show, "Talkin' With the Cuz" The show will have guest to chat about all topics, from Music, Media, The Movies, and even politics. New York Senator Charles Schumer is to be an in studio guest for the debut. No offical word on time and station but more to come. This is also being reported by orbitcast.

On Thursday, Sept. 29, legendary New York radio personality Bruce "Cousin Brucie" Morrow introduces Talkin' with the Cuz, his new Thursday night talk show from 5 pm to 7 pm ET on SIRIUS Stars // Ch. 103. More here

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Update on my new Starmate Replay
Ok I got this thing on Friday, from CMA, and I was going to give it as a gift after I "tested" it. But after playing with it all weekend, I have fell in love with it. It has to be the best Sirius PNP yet. The display is just so nice, you can read it in any light. The artist S-Seek is also a new must have. The tone alert is also better, before the beep came out of the unit, and when you had your radio loud you could not hear the beep, now the tone is sent to your stereo with program audio, so you now hear it. You can turn the tone on/off as before, but I like it. So I'm going to give my Sportster Replay as the gift now, hey its for a kid, he should be happy with that! You can read my full review here
I also have to add this looks nice in a car.. very good looking radio!

Radio Chick Replay is coming back!
Once the Chick moves of to 103//Sirius Stars the Replay will be back at 10pm (12 hour delay). I'm also told that it looks like David Lawrence will move to Sirius Advise//117 in the same time slot. I have been told that Sirius Stars will be for Sirius Talent, people who you can only hear on Sirius, like Jay Thomas, The Radio Chick, and Adam Curry...
I just got word from the Chick herself that, yes the replay will be back on 103//Sirius Stars, at 10pm but one thing she told me was that this fall look for the replay to be preempted, and this could be quite common this fall. I'm still working to see what is going to happen to David Lawrence..

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Traffic Channel upgrades???

I was told by an insider in a very cryptic way, “Sirius Traffic Streams will be better then ever� I could not get anymore info out of this guy, but I did ask if it was to do with the plans to work with NAVTEQ, and growing to 50 major markets, and I was told that is “old news�.. A few days back I got a tip from an email from an unknown person telling me that after the 29th the traffic services will now be more useful, with the display showing temperature and also when there is a large traffic problem the display will tell you on the display. This is like XM’s Jam Alert. I think that Sirius needs to do this and hope it is true, but these rumors have been flying around for years. One thing also to note, NYC and LA are getting their own stations, so they might be getting this upgrade first. I will try to get more info on this, but all I know, Sirius knows they need to work on the local Weather/Traffic stations. So right now put this in the Rumor file, and Thursday we will find out for sure..

Friday, September 23, 2005

New S50 Marketing Photos..
Just wanted to share some new marketing photos for the S50.
The Sirius S50 Should be out in Mid/Late Oct, but could be the first week in Nov. The only place I know to preorder is ColorMatchAntenna. I like the way that looks in the car.. how did they mount that!??!?!? Hummm...

MTV AND VH1 Radio to Sirius?
XM is going to drop MTv and VH1 radio soon. In an interview with Eric Logan XM's VP of programming, Billboard's Phyllis Stark ask why they are going to drop these stations..
Q. Why have you decided to drop the MTV and VH1 audio channels from your channel lineup that have been there since your launch? A. They've been great partners, but this represents a natural evolution on our business where we are becoming less dependent on third party brands. In fact, our music brands are becoming now some of the most powerful music brands in America.

Now there is so rumors flying around that Sirius will pick these stations up, but Mel Karmazin has said over and over that Sirius is making the best home grown content. On the other hand BBC Radio 1 is not "home grown"

I personaly think the MTv Radio and VH1 are not something bring much at all, I think teens that if Sirius could get these stations on barter (no $ cost to Sirius) that would be good...
Just a rumor, who knows.. Read more at Orbitcast and Billboard Radio Monitor

Starmate Replay Review.. Quicky…
Here is just some quick points on this new Sirius tuner, you can also read and see more about it here..
Small but perfect size for easy mounting in almost any location.
Package includes suction cup mount and Velcro tape. There is a mounting that will work with use any standard AMPS mount.
WOW, the best yet.. I did test drive with it.. Day Time the sun washes out the blue background but the text is super clear. The font is thin so it is better then the first Starmate, less scrolling. This blue back ground is also better then the Sportster Replay blue, it works, in all light very nice. Also you can switch between 1 or 2 lines of info.
The sound is very good over the FM transmitter, also very powerful for the size or the unit. FM-OUT is also there so that you can hookup a SATSWB to cut down on interference. There is a button that will allow you to switch between FM frequencies presets..

The output jack for audio is much better then the old Starmate, load and crisp. The volume controls that were on the side of the 1st Starmate, are not on the replay.
I would have to say that the pros out weigh the cons on this thing. I fell in love with it even in the package, it is light, and not a box. It is a nice body for a tuner.. The only con I can see so far is the “Plug and Play� part of it.. Without the docking station you need to pull wires out of the unit, and also unclip it (or Velcro) I was worried about the wires out the side, and how it would look, the improvements over the old Starmate has to be all the wires on one side. The mounting clip also acts as a wire holder, and all the wires have 90 degree ends on them, so they wrap nicely. I would have to say if you are getting this for your car, and will not want to take it in and out too much, this is the best tuner out for you right now. Read more here.. I will update as I use it more.. If you want one the only place to get one is here

FULL Starmate Replay Review:

I got my Starmate replay today, thanks to CMA who just shiped on Wednesday! Once more super service!! Fast Shipment, and first to have it..
This by far is the smallest Sirius receiver I have seen, and looks cutting edge. It is a very nice size, very thin and light, my TV remote weighs more, then it.

Here are just some quick notes.. I will have to play more and post a full report later.

1. The FM preset button, this is a button that will let you preset 5 FM Frequencies to broadcast on, this is super for people like me who live in the middle of 3 major metros, at my house I can get Philadelphia and Baltimore stations, I work out side DC so as I drive at times the FM Feq that worked at my house but as I drove it got static.

2. Memo or song/artiest seek, also very cool if you like Beatles you can set the radio to tell you any time a Beatles song is playing on any Sirius Station. I will also let you do it just for one song.

3. New for the Starmate is the Jump button, this will let you store a traffic channel, or you can use it as a preset. It works the same as the ones on the Sportster

4. Game Alerts, same as what the Sportster would do.

5. Station 000, when you get this out of the box 184 is on, if you try to change the station before you activate, you will get to channel 000 that will display you SID number. This was helpful when on the phone to activate.

6. Display is much better then the old Starmate, the Blue is very nice to the eyes, also it is very clear, the best yet. You can change the display to a 2 line or 1 line display (helps see far away) Also if you hold the Display button you can get a list view of all the stations, hit display again, and then you switch between Station Name, Song Title, and Artiest Name. When you use the reply function you will see a large bar to show were you are in the recording. When in replay the clock changes to a “behind live time� (-0:11:34)

7. The car kit, is nice the bracket that clips on the radio has a place for the wires. But if you want to plug and play, there is a few more steps to take it out of your car. Unlike the Sportster, you have to unplug the wires (that will stay in place because the bracket holds them up) then unclip the radio from the bracket. There is a very small clip you push to make the radio pop off the bracket.

8. Controls are also set up very nice, I love the Sirius Logo Dog on the center button, good branding. I have the 1st Starmate and the buttons were hard to hit with my big fingers, I have noticed that these buttons are not as sensitive so you will not hit the worng button by mistake.

9. Remote.. Small but set up very nice, best set up easy to navigate. The best thing you can point anyplace and it works unlike the past remotes you had to point at the radio this, on is very nice..

10. Warm, it runs warm but not as bad past radios.

11. Wires out the side, this is a slight down fall, the wires popping out the side, the good thing is that the mounting bracket holds the wires so you can tuck them around, the car power cord and Ant both have 90 degree plugs, so the wires wrap very nice.

12. The Antenna, it is not like the antenna that was packed with the sportster replay, This is just the regular low profile antenna, not the flatter dish shaped on with that coin looking thing in the middle.

13. The sound, it sounds very good over both the line out and the FM transmitter.

14. Home kit, the power cord from my old Starmate will power this, but the old home bracket will not fit..

If you have questions post a comment or email me
If you want to buy one the only place that has it is Color Match Antenna

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