SIRIUS signs Jim Breuer up for three more years

Friday, December 30, 2005

Jim Breuer has been on a hiatus from his SIRIUS show, "Unleashed".

In a TVGuide interview, they asked Breuer about his time away from SIRIUS: You're just finishing up a hiatus from your Sirius Satellite Radio show, Unleashed. Why the break?
Jim Breuer: I just needed time off and they gave it to me. I started Friday nights in, like, June [2004], and then we went to every day that November. I went until this October and said, "Give me off until January," and then they signed me up for three more years. OK, so you're not pulling a Dave Chappelle on us, right? I can check your passport for a South Africa stamp.
Breuer: [Laughs] No, no, no. This is the best job I ever did in my life, by far. I'm my own boss, there's no censorship.... You just do whatever you want. I know this radio show is going to catapult a lot of things for me. I'm back Jan. 3, and all the characters I wanted to do, I can do them now. Like who? What have you been holding back?
Breuer: I don't know where to start. One of the guys I'm going to introduce is my neighbor who is straight off the boat from Italy and is out of his mind. He moved to my neighborhood, chopped down the whole forest, created his own farm.... He comes over with cartons of eggs so he can use my fax machine — I'm not even exaggerating! Is the mood at Sirius upbeat with Howard Stern coming on?
Breuer: I would say they're beyond ecstatic, and so am I with the amount of listeners he's brought me already. Every other e-mail says, "I bought this for Howard but.... " It's great.

Read full interview here
Jim Breuer Unleashed is on RawDog//104


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