Satcaster Web Sites Show Marked Growth-Especially Sirius

Friday, December 09, 2005

By Chuck Taylor -
A new study from Bridge Ratings demonstrates a marked increase in interest in satellite radio, particularly Sirius, where Howard Stern will begin broadcasting in January.

The analysis is based on Web site visitors to both and Over the past six months, XM's traffic is up 88% and Sirius' has risen 76%. However, what's particularly surprising is the growing chasm between the two. Bridge says that XM's Web site reaches 35 users for every million while Sirius attracts 660 for every million users: more than 18x XM's reach.

(via Billboard Radio Monitor)

Also back on Nov 4th we reported a jump in hits read that here

You can read some other info on this at, to me this did sound a little over the top. That SIRIUS has more then 18x XM's reach. Read what thinks about all this..

Also if you look at the Press Releases from Bridge Rating they say, now that is a spam page, not but on the charts they use it is for not

Read all the views and make up your own mind. One cool thing is that both Sat radio pages have jumped, and that is good for Sat radio!


Blogger Ryan Saghir said...

Bridge reacted amazingly quickly (within minutes of my post) and updated their press release to reflect the real data. They also issued a correction via email right afterwards. If you don't think that analysts are reading our blogs, think again! :)

Fri Dec 09, 08:56:00 PM EST  

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