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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

GSI: Review and Comment
WOW having the S50 for a little over a week has been satellite radio bliss! This thing just makes me happy every day. Ok I know that sounds over the top, but the S50 has blown me away. Sure it is not perfect but it is the best Satellite radio on the market, and I have used almost everyone from both SIRIUS and XM. There is some people out there like “DROXY� posting that the S50 “is seriously limited�.. That is just bull shit. Here is some of what DROXY said here: My comments in green.

"Some of the new "features" include: a one hour maximum of any single recording (WRONG! You can program the S50 to record 2 hour blocks of non-music channels and a few Music stations like BBC Radio 1 you can set up back to back recordings so it will go 4, 6, 8 hours..) , music can't be recorded via scheduling (although shows can), recording of any songs are limited to one (and once again) can't be scheduled (it is true you can not set a scheduled recording on some music stations, but we are told new firmware could fix this, and I have hit my “love� button many times on songs I want to keep, and they pop into “My SIRIUS Songs�) , and finally, there's a max of 20 recordings allowed. (once more bull shit, I have 33 songs right now in “My SIRIUS Songs� list.) Hmmm....so what's the "50 hours of recording" for if you can really only capture "20 hours"? (This is fuzzy math, oh and the S50 records “My SIRIUS Channels� and will record 3 of your favorite stations, be it music or talk, and right now I have 3 hours of the Big 80s, about 2 hours of My Alt Nation, and 1 hour of Howard 100 news, oh and something you need to add to this fuzzy math my 180 Mp3s) I think they should change the name from S50 to S20 as a result."( I think the person who wrote this has never had an S50 in their hand)

Oh and here is the best part.. here is a comment posted by the DROXY Staff, “... We didn't review the product, we simply reported news that many other sites are reporting as well……�

You can read the full DROXY story here.. also if you own an S50 post a comment there with your input!

The thing that pisses me off about all this is that there was so much speculation on forums, message boards, and yes even here about the S50. SIRIUS did not tell us much about the S50 but what they did tell us, the S50 does.

Now back on topic, I got my Home kit today, and it is making the S50 even better, below is some photos of it, and box information, click here to see a very large version.The Home kit will rack up you’re My SIRIUS channels, and also you can program shows to be recorded over night and the unit will turn on it’s self. The USB connection to the home dock allows you to transfer files and listen to Mp3s. The home kit is just like the car dock, the only extra button is the USB PC sync button. I have been leaving the unit on in the home kit, coming back to HOURS and HOURS of my SIRIUS channel content. The cool thing is you can play back the my SIRIUS channel, the hit the love button to songs you like to build up you My SIRIUS Songs.. If you have any questions about the S50 or the Home kit email us at S50@getsiriusinfo.com

Read our full review of the S50 here


Blogger Sev said...

And the million dollar question is...Where did you get your Homekit?

TSS says estimated Jan sometime!

Tue Dec 06, 09:58:00 PM EST  
Blogger ILOVESIRIUS said...

Dude I read that Droxy story, I was so pissed how many lies were in it. Thanks for the update and the facts

Tue Dec 06, 09:59:00 PM EST  
Blogger Damian said...

I got my Home Kit from a CC Store. I ordered it online a did an in store picking thinking I would get a $24.00 gift card b/c of their 24min promo. I did this last week a 2nd CC location, went to pick it up in store and was told it was not in stock, and got $24.00 gift card, I was thinking that would happen again today.. but there is was the only one that store got.. Lucky I guess...

Tue Dec 06, 10:56:00 PM EST  
Blogger Alfie said...

Just wanted to point out (and this isn't sour grapes or thread crapping; i have the S50 and love it, too!) that there is something else that is on the car dock and not the home dock: an FM transmitter. I understand that the idea for this dock is that you plug it into your stereo/computer and it sounds MUCH better that way, but one of the side benefits of the FM transmitters in PNP units is being able to transmit SIRIUS wirelessly through the house. The transmitter in the car dock is powerful enough to get a clean stereo signal from my basement rec room to the 2nd floor!

Of course, the car dock doesn't wake up to record shows.

Sat Dec 10, 12:14:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Good point I have the car dock hooked up in the house and am broadcasting to 4 different locations around the house via the FM Tran Option. Works great...I just used an outlet to cigaret adapt. that cam with an old cell phone... Works like a charm.

Does anyone know what the changes to the latest firmware were?



Sat Dec 24, 10:14:00 AM EST  

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