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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

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Today (Dec 6) Howard Stern was on the Today show, as the top story at 7:30am. This was just part one, in the interview NBC's Katie Couric was with Howard in his undone SIRIUS studio. Lots of SIRIUS plugs, more then the 60 Min story on Sunday. Wednesday Howard will give Katie a tour of SIRIUS. 7:30 am on the Today show is one nice free plug for Stern and SIRIUS...
Here is some from the interview, read more here

Howard Stern: This is my place. I'm really excited about this. First of all, we actually have room in here. I mean, you can't get a sense from sitting here the ceiling height and everything but this is very rare for radio.

Katie Couric: What about the Scotch-guarded carpet and water resistant surfaces for any sort of fun and games involving whipped cream?

Stern: Katie, you know the truth of the Howard Stern Show, anything goes. It gets messy in here. This is a physical radio program. I mean there are people flying through, lighting themselves on fire.

With only eight shows left on his terrestrial radio show, Howard’s been getting surprisingly sentimental. Radio's raunchiest DJ even apologized recently to his audience for what he called 10-years of sub-par broadcasts — laying the blame squarely at the feet of the Federal Communications Commission.

Stern: I think I came on the scene and I was this breath of fresh air, if you will (when) I went on the air.

Couric: That's one (way) to describe it. (Laughs)

Stern: Yeah. Some people would probably take an opposite tact and say I was the foulest smelling odor in the building.

Couric: Stench comes to mind, Howard.

Stern: That's right. (Laughs) Yeah, gas. But you know people remember a wild show with me. They remember that I say anything and do anything and I push the envelope. And what happened for so long between the FCC, the religious right and everybody's grandmother complaining, what happened is the stations got so much pressure that I couldn't do my show anymore. It's like the erosion of the Howard Stern Show.

Over the years, Stern and his employers have been hit with some of the biggest fines in broadcasting history — prompting Clear Channel Communications (a company which ran The Howard Stern Show on six of its stations) to permanently pull the plug.

Couric: You're also responsible for the largest cumulative fine in history: $1.7 million dollars in 1995.

Stern: I'm very proud of that, by the way.

Couric: And since you've been on the air you've cost your licensees more than $2.2 million in fines. You know part of the fun it seems to me doing — commercial radio for you was pushing the envelope. There're no restrictions here. It's anything goes. So what's an envelope without an envelope to push? Is it going other have sort of the same sort of risky tension that your show had before?

Stern: I've heard so many people say, "You need the government clamping down on you to be outrageous." Early in my career I didn't have the government clamping down on me. The fact of the matter is that was my best radio. That's the radio that got me the highest ratings. That's the radio that put me on the map and now, even at looking at this, I'm shocked when people say to me, "You need censorship in order to be funny." I'm not coming on satellite just so I can say the F word — that's never been my scene. That's not what I'm about. I'm all about the language of fun. If it's fun, we do it.

Stern may be making the switch at just the right time. Though his show is still number one in nearly all of his 46 markets, his ratings have hit a slide. Some fans argue his jump-the-shark moment was the divorce from his wife, Alison, in 2001.

Couric: A lot of your shtick was sort of the poor, repressed, sex-crazed guy who was sort of flirting with the hot women and had sort of this … closet lascivious side — maybe not so closeted. We can't relate to him as much now that he's dating a supermodel and going clubbing all the time.

Stern: The funny thing is my show has always been about whatever is going on in my life. The sad fact is … I'm trapped inside of me and I don't go out at all. I go to bed at eight o'clock at night. I never go out during the week. I'm in psychotherapy four days a week, pretty heavy commitment to it.

Couric: Seriously?

Stern: Yeah.

Couric: Wow.

Stern: Well, there's a lot of problems up here. (Laughs) I mean come on, look at me.

At Sirius, Howard gets not one but two channels to get out all that's in his head. He even has his own 24 hour news-team that covers any breaking stories about, well, Howard.

Stern: So we put together the ultimate ego. (Laughs)

Couric: I was going to say, “What an egomaniac you are.�

Stern: Well, let me tell you something, tune into it. It is the funniest thing. We have seven teams.

Couric: If you do say so yourself, right?

Stern: It's great, I'm telling you. (Laughs) You'll end up working there. The “Today� show's a real drag.

Couric: Oh, God. I hope not.

Stern: You will.

But the stratosphere of satellite radio isn't even the final frontier. Digital cable customers who want to O.D. on Howard can now subscribe to Howard On Demand — a tawdry trove of uncensored and unpixilated best-of moments from Stern’s E! channel TV show.

Stern: It's a whole new universe. I see myself as a content provider. We have television programming now uncensored and we have radio programming uncensored and the two will merge.

Couric: And you're going to take over the world?

Stern: I'm going to take over the world. (Laughs) Everyone watch out, you're in big trouble.

(via NBC NEWS)


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