FOXs' Snow & Colmes SIRIUS Replacements

Sunday, December 18, 2005

No more Snow & Colmes on SIRIUS. FOX wanted SIRIUS to pay an inflated price for their FOX NEWS radio conent, and also for the FOX NEWS Channel audio (that will end on Dec 31st). Snow and Colmes last day on SIRIUS was on Friday. Starting Monday; The Stephanie Miller Show will replace Colmes on SIRIUS Left//146 and The Laura Ingraham Show will replace Snow on SIRIUS Right//145.

Get Sirius Info, is told that FOX gave XM a “good deal� for FOX News Radio Programming, and the FOX News Channel. The deal was all part of the XM/Direct TV deal. (XM stations on Direct TV) Rupert Murdoch, owner of FOX also owns around 35% of the parent company of Direct TV. The over all deal we are told with FOX, XM & Direct TV are all related and part of one big agreement. We are told SIRIUS was asked to pay an inflated price for FOX content, some reports tell us almost 200% higher prices then XM is paying. - Chat about this in our forum.

Read more about the FOX/SIRIUS events in some past post here

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