Don & Mike Talked with SIRIUS but no deal...

Friday, December 16, 2005

On todays Don and Mike show.. It was revealed that, while they did recently talk to Sirius Satellite Radio's Mel Karmazin, they will be back at CBS radio owned talk station in the new year. That is at least, until their current contract expires.(date unknown)


"Don started to talk about how this would be the worst Christmas ever because Frita (she died in a car crash this year) wouldn't be around to celebrate. Then he said how much support he got from the people he works with. He then went on to say that's why he is not making the move to Sirius. He said he was talking with Sirius but because of the enormous support and so he could worry more about his son in these though times he decided to stay."

Chat more about this here

GSI: Source told GSI first that Don and Mike were talking to SIRIUS. Now that was true... But they are not moving "yet"... Years down the road?? Who knows... read past post

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