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Thursday, December 01, 2005

SIRIUS sent down a channel update today around 5am (ET). We now have some of the Canadian content, but not all. One BIG thing is the FOX NEWS//133 is now named "news". Looks like "they are still talking" There was also some movement in the category line up, but no big surprises. One thing I did notice one of the Sports Play-by-Play stations is now names "NBA" and it sounded like NBA TV audio playing... If you have an S50 you will notice that somethings got lost in the update. The station logos for some stations that did not move are missing, and the backgrounds are also out of wack. I'm told to fix this an update will be out on the internet, just USB you S50 to your PC then go in My SIRIUS Studio and update firmware, it did not work at 5am when I left my house, post comment if you have had luck doing this.



Blogger JWardell said...

Sirius says that Iceberg radio will be channel 9 in the US.
So what's hapenning with The Pulse??
Maybe they are taking the opportunity to give us an all-90's station.

Thu Dec 01, 10:03:00 AM EST  
Blogger Dr. Droo said...

Right now Iceberg is //95.. I don't know why they'd ditch The Pulse..


Thu Dec 01, 10:04:00 AM EST  
Blogger ColinPeddle said...

Pity anyone who doesn't use there s50 with their computer...

I'd imagine there are quite a few people whove bought the s50 and may not even know how to plug it in...

I am assuming the only way to update it is thru internet/download.

ALSO, with regards to CBC, It is the toronto feed. Which is ok I guess... It'd be nice if eventually they'd off 9 more local feeds from the other provinces. It is pretty neat tho, essentially having two cbc channels. One am and one sirius. The quality difference (direct comparions during national news broadcast) is remarkable.

Thu Dec 01, 11:20:00 AM EST  

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