Award-Winning Skit-Comedy Show joins Raw Dog Weekly Lineup

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Right Between the Ears, the award-winning skit-comedy radio show, will achieve a longstanding goal by launching a weekly broadcast to be carried nationally beginning at 7 (Kansas City Time) 8(ET) tonight on Sirius Satellite Radio. The show has been on SIRIUS for over a year, but not as a weekly show. Right Between the Ears specializes in topical humor, taking inspiration from news, and also pokes fun at pop culture and celebrities. The regular cast includes David Greusel, John Jessup, Mary Ellen Kriegh, Andi Meyer, Kip Niven, Roberta Solomon, Rick Tamblyn and Teri Wilder. The regular presence on Sirius comes at what could be a good time. A lot of media is focused on the Jan. 9 arrival of Howard Stern to Sirius, and Brogdon said it can indirectly help a program like Right Between the Ears if that means more people will buy the service.

More at the Kansas City Star


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