Saturday, December 31, 2005

BREAKING as of 11:30pm 12/31/05

Fox News and SIRIUS could not make a deal...

Want to know why? Here is some inside info from our Dec 18th post:
Get Sirius Info, is told that FOX gave XM a “good deal� for FOX News Radio Programming, and the FOX News Channel. The deal was all part of the XM/Direct TV deal. (XM stations on Direct TV) Rupert Murdoch, owner of FOX also owns around 35% of the parent company of Direct TV. The over all deal we are told with FOX, XM & Direct TV are all related and part of one big agreement. We are told SIRIUS was asked to pay an inflated price for FOX content, some reports tell us almost 200% higher prices then XM is paying. - See more chat about this in our forum.
Also read more in our past post here

Update: We are told by SIRIUS, that talks are not over, but the contract ran out. SIRIUS wants to make a deal with FOX, and will work to have FOX rejoin the SIRIUS Lineup.

GSI: AUDIO you can also listen to the end of FOX NEWS. SIRIUS cut fox off at 11:30pm (ET) the FOX New Year Eve live show was on, and then an Alive commercial pops on, after a few commercials, "This is CNN HEADLINE NEWS... ." Take a listen here..

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SIRIUS/FOX... 11th Hour Deal? or not

Update 2
11:30pm 12/31 ET:

UPDATE: Within minutes of this post a more creditable source tells us there is "no deal made". So who knows...

Rumor.... An unnamed GSI source/insider tells us that a "tentative" deal has been made between FOX and SIRIUS. We can not confirm this report, but an 11th hour deal may have been reached. Something to note at this hour, the FOX News logos are still all over Again this is just a rumor by a "somewhat reliable source". The SIRIUS/FOX contract ends at the end of 2005. According to earlier reports the plug was going to be pulled on FOX news at Midnight 12/31/05. Read past post about all this, and we will follow this..

Happy 2006 & Thanks for a wonderful 2005!

Thanks to the thousands who stop by everyday! Not to mention the over 67,000 unique hits Christmas week alone. Also big hello to those who stop by many times a day, when we count your hits, that is over 105,000 hits Christmas week alone! Thanks for making GSI the most read SIRIUS Blog! In less then 6 months online, we have grown so fast! In 2006 we will continue to provide the most compressive SIRIUS coverage. More then just cutting and pasting news releases, we will keep getting you inside information and not be afraid to publish it. From SIRIUS news to SIRIUS rumors, all things SIRIUS Satellite Radio, Thanks from, GSI: Get Sirius Info, the #2 Online Community for SIRIUS Satellite Radio. This has also been one hell of a year for SIRIUS, and Satellite Radio in general. With over 9 Million people paying for radio it makes it very clear that is it not SIRIUS v XM, but FM v Satellite Radio. It is also very clear the folks who own Satellite radio love it so much, pages like this one, Orbitcast, XMFan, XM411 and SIRIUS Backstage have all had big jumps in hits and members. Mainstream media has also giving SIRIUS much more attention over the past year. Just imagine what 2006 will bring for SIRIUS and Satellite radioÂ…. Have a save and Happy New Year!

Sirius outsold XM at least 3-to-1 in the Northeast

Sirius equipment sales soar
Sirius outsold XM at least 3-to-1 in the Northeast, accoring to Bloomberg News.
A salesperson at Best Buy in Hartsdale says that "pretty much anything that has to do with Sirius is sold out" and has been for about a week.
The newest model, the S50, is sold out as is the model's home kit; the Sportster and its home kit are also sold out.
At Circuit City in Yonkers a calendar on the Sirius display counts down the days until Stern's show starts. The store has been sold out of the Sportster Replay and Starmate models since before Christmas.
"I don't know when we're getting them back," says Barry Jones, the store's manager.
A spokesperson for Sirius did not return a call seeking comment.

GSI Has been told there is some what of a shortage of Sportster Replays and SIRIUS is working to get stock back up across the USA by the end Jan?!?! If you are looking for a Sportster Replay, you might want to think about the "Streamer Replay" it is the same as the Sportster but black, check it out here

Read full story here from the THE JOURNAL NEWS

Award-Winning Skit-Comedy Show joins Raw Dog Weekly Lineup

Right Between the Ears, the award-winning skit-comedy radio show, will achieve a longstanding goal by launching a weekly broadcast to be carried nationally beginning at 7 (Kansas City Time) 8(ET) tonight on Sirius Satellite Radio. The show has been on SIRIUS for over a year, but not as a weekly show. Right Between the Ears specializes in topical humor, taking inspiration from news, and also pokes fun at pop culture and celebrities. The regular cast includes David Greusel, John Jessup, Mary Ellen Kriegh, Andi Meyer, Kip Niven, Roberta Solomon, Rick Tamblyn and Teri Wilder. The regular presence on Sirius comes at what could be a good time. A lot of media is focused on the Jan. 9 arrival of Howard Stern to Sirius, and Brogdon said it can indirectly help a program like Right Between the Ears if that means more people will buy the service.

More at the Kansas City Star


You still have time to win a FREE SIRIUS ONE from The SIRIUS Store..

Today is the last day to enter the 4Q sub count contest. You have midnight eastern time 12/31/05 to enter here. All you have to do is guess as to the total number SIRIUS subscribers at the end of the 4Q 2005. Enter here and see more details.

Vegas Sports Radio airs on Sirius starting today

Friday, December 30, 2005

Jim Fiest sports announced that Vegas Sports Radio will now air on CH 122, Sports Byline starting Dec 30th at 8pm eastern. VSR covers pro and college sports from the viewpoint of the professional better. The show is hosted by Jim Fiest, with Scott Spreitzer, Glen McGrew and Las Vegas Sport broadcaster of the year Dave Cokin, providing a bettor's insight to each weeks sporting events.

The show will air Fridays from 8 - 10pm and Reair Saturday mornings at 6am

Check out for more info!

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Mel Karmazin & Howard Stern to Ring The NASDAQ Opening Bell

Tuesday, January 3 @ 9:30 Mel Karmazin, CEO of SIRIUS & Howard Stern will preside over the opening bell to celebrate the Jan 9th debut of "The Howard Stern Show" on SIRIUS. The show will broadcast exclusively Monday through Friday on SIRIUS channels 100 and 101. Stern will soon also announce programming he's created for his two SIRIUS channels.

SIRIUS signs Jim Breuer up for three more years

Jim Breuer has been on a hiatus from his SIRIUS show, "Unleashed".

In a TVGuide interview, they asked Breuer about his time away from SIRIUS: You're just finishing up a hiatus from your Sirius Satellite Radio show, Unleashed. Why the break?
Jim Breuer: I just needed time off and they gave it to me. I started Friday nights in, like, June [2004], and then we went to every day that November. I went until this October and said, "Give me off until January," and then they signed me up for three more years. OK, so you're not pulling a Dave Chappelle on us, right? I can check your passport for a South Africa stamp.
Breuer: [Laughs] No, no, no. This is the best job I ever did in my life, by far. I'm my own boss, there's no censorship.... You just do whatever you want. I know this radio show is going to catapult a lot of things for me. I'm back Jan. 3, and all the characters I wanted to do, I can do them now. Like who? What have you been holding back?
Breuer: I don't know where to start. One of the guys I'm going to introduce is my neighbor who is straight off the boat from Italy and is out of his mind. He moved to my neighborhood, chopped down the whole forest, created his own farm.... He comes over with cartons of eggs so he can use my fax machine — I'm not even exaggerating! Is the mood at Sirius upbeat with Howard Stern coming on?
Breuer: I would say they're beyond ecstatic, and so am I with the amount of listeners he's brought me already. Every other e-mail says, "I bought this for Howard but.... " It's great.

Read full interview here
Jim Breuer Unleashed is on RawDog//104

Steve Jobs wins SIRIUS Sportster Replay has named Steve Jobs as the recipient of the "Radio Person of the Year" award. Steve Jobs is the CEO of Apple, whose products and technologies include the iPod family and iTunes. In addition to a certificate of recognition, Steve Jobs will be awarded a Sirius Sportster Replay, complete with home kit, car kits, and a boombox, as well as a complimentary 6 months subscription to Sirius Radio programming.. (read the news release) Could Steve fall in love with SIRIUS? Is this the first step in a relationship with Apple and SIRIUS? A "S-POD"...

Submit Your 2006 SIRIUS Predictions

Thursday, December 29, 2005

It is time to make your 2006 SIRIUS Predictions. What new services will SIRIUS provide in 2006? What types of new radios? Will the S50 go full portable? Who will the next big talent be? Will SIRIUS Stars ever get fixed? Will video service start in 2006? When will SIRIUS have positive cash flow? So get out your crystal ball, call Miss. Cleo and make your Predictions here.

New Years Eve with SIRIUS

As we told you Monday, SIRIUS has some events for New Years Eve, and Day. SIRIUS put out a Press release today.

- Saturday, December 31 at 9:30 pm ET, SIRIUS will broadcast a rare intimate concert with Jimmy Buffett on Radio Margaritaville channel 31. This very special show was recorded last week at Belly Up in Aspen, Colorado. Jimmy took the stage as his alter ego, Freddy and the Fishsticks, the moniker Buffett uses for his special under-the-radar performances and recordings. SIRIUS will air this exclusive performance -- a perfect soundtrack to listener's end-of-the-year parties.
- For the second year in a row, SIRIUS will broadcast Patti Smith, punk rock's poet laureate, live on New Year's Eve from NYC's Bowery Ballroom. Patti Smith and Her Band will begin their live concert at 10pm ET on SIRIUS Disorder channel 24, New Year's Eve (Saturday, December 31).

- Blues-rock artist G. Love & Special Sauce will also provide their own lively soundtrack for your New Year's celebration when SIRIUS broadcasts a live performance starting at 10:30 pm Mountain Time, January 1, on The Spectrum channel 18. G. Love and his band, Special Sauce, will take the stage at The Belly Up in the upscale party mecca of Aspen, Colorado.

- SIRIUS will also broadcast a stellar performance from Sheryl Crow, recorded at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center in New York City. This show features live songs from Sheryl's Grammy nominated album "Wildflower", and will air on The Pulse channel 9 beginning at 10pm ET on Saturday, December 31.

The best Vegas New Year's Party ever was Elvis -- live, in concert. To celebrate the ringing in of 2006, SIRIUS' Elvis Radio channel 13 will present non-stop Elvis Live In Concert tracks and performances starting New Year's Eve at 7 pm ET.

- Original MTV Veejays and SIRIUS hosts Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter, and Martha Quinn will also ring in the New Year on The Big 80s channel 8 with a special countdown to midnight in each time zone, a feat they first made famous on MTV.

Read full PR here

See Full list of events here

Stern Moves Consumers to Buy

(via Bridge Ratings)
Bridge Ratings' trending of Sirius Satellite Radio subscribers during the fourth quarter of 2005 reached 826,000. According to a just-released study, 22% of Sirius sign-ups during the week of October 3 were due directly to Howard Stern. As marketing and awareness progressed through the fourth quarter, subscribers to the sat service directly due to Stern reached 58% the week prior to the Christmas holiday and topped 60% the final three shopping days of the holiday season.

*Based on interviews conducted at retail outlets between October 1 and December 31, 2005.

Bridge Ratings continues to monitor the progress of Stern listeners on Sirius and will provide weekly trending and quarterly updates through 2006.

*Howard Stern markets surveyed: Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Boston, Detroit, New York, Boston. 4000 listeners 12+.

Rolling Stone Radio Ends 12/31

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Rolling Stone Radio will end 12/31 and 1/1 SIRIUS//98 will become The Globe....
Rolling Stone Radio hit the air Aug 23 at 9am, and was to run only to Sept 29th.. As we told you here It was giving extra life due to what SIRIUS called popular demand. The Globe is a new name for, Horizons that ended on Aug 23 2005 at 9am. The Globe is to be World Music from all corners of the global village. Travel the world with sounds from Africa, the British Isles, the Caribbean, Central Asia, Central Europe, Brazil and more.

UPDATE 1/1/06 - Look for the change back to the Globe very soon. Monday or Tuesday of the first week in Jan..

Howard 100 News on the road

GSI Exclusive:
From our NYC photographer, Rabbit 73.Today in Brooklyn, NY the HOWARD 100 news van was at a Best Buy and Radio Shack on Bay Parkway. Shuli and Maryanne were greeting fans and talking to people. Some folks you see in the photos made it on HOWARD 100 News tonight. We are told that the HOWARD 100 news van is going around, and may go outside the NYC area soon.

Get more photos from this event in the GSI: Forum Here

Sirius Satellite Radio wins media Eclipse Award

Sirius Satellite Radio landed a media Eclipse Award in the audio and multimedia Internet category for its live coverage of the 2005 Breeders’ Cup World Thoroughbred Championships.

In the first-ever national radio broadcast of all eight Breeders’ Cup races, Sirius devoted eight hours of coverage to the event that featured co-hosts Dave Johnson and Bill Finley, who were joined by reporters Caton Bredar and Mitch Levites, and analysts Dave Grening, Dick Jerardi, Jay Privman, Gary Selby, Mark Johnson, Nick Smith, and Simon Clare.

Read more from the Thoroughbred Times

Sirius added about 9,600 subscribers a day in Q4.

The Stern Effect? Subs are pacing up from about 3,900 subs per day in third quarter, says Banc of America Securities' Jonathan Jacoby. We probably won't hear from XM - which likely hit six million subscribers this quarter - until next week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
via Inside Radio

Over 3 Million for SIRIUS... 48K more by end 05?

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

SIRIUS today announced that it recently surpassed three million subscribers and expects a strong year-end.

On CNBC "Power Lunch" today SIRIUS was called the most active stock and they also reported SIRIUS could add 48,000 more Subs by year end, according to a report by Bernstien.

Analyst Robert S Peck of Bear Stearns reports:
"......XM Satellite Radio is expected to achieve the six million milestone on December 26, while Sirius would have reached the three million mark on December 20....." (more)

So.. if this is true, on Dec 20th SIRIUS made it to 3 Million, just how many were added on Christmas day? I know my family and Friends added 6 within one hour, Christmas night..
So it looks according to "Bear Stearns" XM hit 6 Million after Christmas day, and SIRIUS hit it 3 Million on Dec 20th. Looks like a very nice 4Q for both, and over 9 Million people now in the world of Satellite Radio!

Stock updates here
Read Full PR here
More at
Guess how many subs by end 4Q 05 to win a FREE SIRIUS ONE here

Download: SIRIUS News/Talk Schedule

Thanks to Josh, he has made a cool little tool for SIRIUS News and Talk junkies! Download a programe guide (pdf) here. Or you can also get more info about it from the GSI: Forum here

Thanks Josh, very nice!

Consumer Reports: "SIRIUS.. the better value for the money"

Consumer Reports looks at how the two satellite radio providers -- XM Radio and Sirius -- measure up. "About 70 percent of the respondents were very happy with Sirius and XM, and that's better than most services we cover," said Mark Kotkin, of Consumer Reports. About the only thing customers aren't thrilled with is the cost. You'll pay $12.95 a month for each of the services. Of the two, those surveyed thought Sirius was the better value for the money.... XM, on the other hand, rated better when it came to sound quality and signal strength. Customers had fewer complaints about dropped service. Each service offers some exclusive programming content... Both services offer several news channels as well as a wide variety of music...
More via and Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports is a not-for-profit organization which accepts no advertising. It has no commercial relationship with any advertiser or sponsor on this site.

No Need to watch Dicks Ball Drop, SIRIUS has your New Years Eve Covered

Monday, December 26, 2005

Forget Dick Clark this year, SIRIUS has something for everyone this New Years Eve:
Totally '70s (Ch. 7) presents “A Totally New Year�! Magic Matt, Barry “Greg Brady� Williams, JJ Walker and his sister Arlene, and a few special guests ring in the New Year with tons of great ‘70s music, starting at 11 PM ET.; Big ‘80s (Ch. 8) VJ’s turned DJ’s Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood and Alan Hunter ring in the New Year – in every time zone – while reminiscing about MTV New Year’s bashes from back in the day, and playing the best music of the ‘80s. It all starts at 11 PM ET.; It's an All-Request New Year's Eve on The Pulse! Top requested songs of the year, picks from Pulse artists when they were Guest DJ's and the songs you request for the last night of the year! Airs 10 pm - 3 am ET.; SIRIUS Disorder (Ch 24) will be broadcasting live from Patti Smith’s concert at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom, starting at 10 PM ET.

There is also lots of year end countdowns and other special events, check them all out here..

April Winchell coming to SIRIUS in FEB

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Could the NEW "radio chick" be April Winchell? You ask who? Los Angeles Magazine recently named April one of the 25 Funniest People in Los Angeles. She was number 21. Johnny Knoxville was number 20. Thanks to an email from James he found this on April Winchells' myspace page :

"I'm Sirius, Unless it all goes to hell, I will be returning to the airwaves this February with my own show on the Sirius satellite radio network!"

April Winchell was a writer for the TV show, "Roseanne", also has done Voices for Disney. She has done radio, mostly fill in work at KABC, and others.

You can listen to some airchecks here
GSI: has put a call in to April Winchells' people but no comment from them yet. This is just a Rumor, but we will follow this.

Get more info about April here
Chat about here in the GSI: Forum

HoHoHo, Santa pulls SIRIUS out of his sack

Welcome to all the new members of the SIRIUS family if you got SIRIUS under your tree, LUCKY YOU! If you have questions about your new “toy�, can help. Get Sirius Info is the fastest growing SIRIUS News & Information site! We have all the info you need to make the most out of your SIRIUS Satellite Radio. Need help hocking it up? What Channels will you like?, or just have questions?? Check out the GSI: Forum here.. The GSI:Blog has tons of information about SIRIUS. Use the search tool in the upper left corner, to search for a topic, or check out weekly archives at the end of the right column. If you got SIRIUS as a gift, post a comment below (by clicking of comments) tell us what you got and how you like it!! Welcome to SIRIUS and GSI: Get Sirius Info!

SIRIUS Holiday Events

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Check out all the SIRIUS Holiday shows and Events here and here
Merry Christmas from!

Sat Radio Big for Xmas

This is not big news but News 8 Austin, has a story and video here, about how big of a year it has been for both SIRIUS and XM. There is an AM Jock in the story that thinks that Sat Radio is not going to hurt AM radio in any way... "The growing number of subscribers doesn't worry KIXL 970 AM local traditional radio host Jim Phillips.

"I don't think it's going to affect us or worry us at all," Phillips said.

Phillips said traditional radio stations still provide something satellite radio doesn't.

"We relate to the people that we serve through live remote broadcasts. We try to inject a personal touch into the community. It's not like satellite radio where they are dealing with people all across the county. I don't see that there's a local connection in satellite radio like we have," Phillips said.

Phillips said the average satellite radio subscription cost of $15 a month is another reason he doesn't think traditional radio listeners will switch over."

Good luck Jim.. What is AM anyway?

source NEWS 8 AUSTIN

GSI VIDEO: Jay Thomas on Letterman

You can watch Jay Thomas from SIRIUS Stars on Letterman from Friday 12/23 here

This is a large file please right click and save link to your computer then watch it.

You can watch more SIRIUS videos here in the GSI: Media Center
See more Photos from the show here

Win Trip to Super Bowl XL, from SIRIUS

Friday, December 23, 2005

Only SIRIUS NFL Radio gives you the chance to live X-L at Super Bowl XL

How X-L ? Try flying with a guest to Detroit to hang with some of the most X-L names ever to play the game. On Friday, be front-and-center for SIRIUS NFL Radio's live all-day broadcast from Radio Row, where Shannon Sharpe, John Riggins, Cris Carter and other NFL Radio hosts will be interviewing the NFL's top players and coaches.
Then it gets really X-L : On February 5th, you and your guest will attend Super Bowl XL at Ford Field. Does it get any better than that?
Register now here for your chance here to win X-L at Super Bowl XL with SIRIUS NFL Radio.

Letterman Talking SIRIUS Tonight & Monday

Jay Thomas, host of the Jay Thomas Show on SIRIUS Stars//103 will be on Letterman tonight. Also this coming Monday Dec 26th CBS will reair Howard Stern on Letterman.

Photo: Art Sears, Rodney Lee Conover, Lou Pellegrino, Jay Thomas, J.T. (Jay's son), Paul Schaeffer and Shawn Kelly.

More about Jay Thomas here
Listen to Howard on Letterman from 11/17

Hitwise: Stern Boosting Interest in

Thursday, December 22, 2005

According to Hitwise, interest in satellite radio has increased as the holidays approached. Searches containing the word “sirius� surged 78% when comparing the week ending December 17, 2005 to the week before Thanksgiving, while the share of searches containing “xm� were up 13% in the same period.

Hitwise also reports that the market share of visits to Sirius Satellite Radio increased 99% and share of visits to XM Satellite Radio increased 62% for the same period.


50 Cent to Host Christmas Special

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Many rappers and Hip Hop artists are doing things to spread holiday cheer. Some are giving away toys, others are making songs, 50 Cent has just added his name to the holiday cheer squad.

50 Cent is set to host a G-Unit Christmas special which will include freestyles, interviews, and world premieres from G-Unit artists and others. The Christmas special will only be heard on Sirius Satellite Radio, and will take place Saturday December 24 from 2-5PM EST.

DJ Whoo Kid will also be on hand for the special, and will debut songs from his new mixtape. Mase, the latest artist to join G-Unit, will also be on hand to drop some exclusive freestyles, as well as an exclusive interview. Shade 45 will be the channel for the special, which was created by G-Unit associate Eminem.

Source: SoundSlam
More in the SHADE 45 FORUM

Christmas Masses Live From St. Patrick's in New York on SIRIUS

The Christmas Midnight Mass will be heard live on Sunday, December 25 at 12 am ET on SIRIUS Channel 86. It will be re-broadcast at 12 am PT (3 am ET). Tickets to attend this popular mass are no longer available to the public.

The Christmas Day Mass will be heard live on Sunday, December 25 at 10:15 am ET on SIRIUS channel 86. It will be re-broadcast on channel 85 at 10:15 am PT (1:15 pm ET).

The masses will be celebrated by His Eminence, Edward Cardinal Egan, Archbishop of New York.

"St. Patrick's Cathedral is a top destination for visitors to New York, and now SIRIUS is enabling listeners across the U.S. to hear these special Christmas masses live from St. Patrick's," said Jay Clark, SIRIUS Executive Vice President of Programming.

Post Comments in GSI: Forum

Full PR Here

Yahoo! Streams More Than 4.4 Million Live Video Streams of Howard Stern's Celebration Webcast On Day Of Event

I guess you can say there is a buzz....

Yahoo! Inc. today announced that more than 4.4 million video streams of its Howard Stern webcast were streamed to fans duringthe day of the event, December 16, 2005. Additionally, more than 214,000 users simultaneously watched on Yahoo! the live Howard Sterncelebration activities after his final day on terrestrial radio, surpassing any other live entertainment webcast.

As part of the live video and audio webcast, Yahoo! escorted Sternon a Yahoo!-branded double-decker bus after his final FM radio show toan exclusive SIRIUS special event at the Hard Rock Cafe in TimesSquare, where he was feted by Martha Stewart and Sheryl Crow.

Read Full PR with a SIRIUS plug in it
Check out Howard Forum here

SIRIUS to Broadcast 2006 Bowl Championship Series

SIRIUS will broadcast 12 live college football bowl games during the 2005-06 post-season, including all four games of the Bowl Championship Series.
SIRIUS' coverage will begin Thursday, December 22, when Colorado State plays Navy in the Poinsettia Bowl at 10:30pm ET on SIRIUS' channel 125 and continues through Wednesday, January 4, when the top two teams in the nation, the defending national champion USC Trojans -- led by Heisman Trophy-winning running back Reggie Bush -- and the Texas Longhorns -- quarterbacked by Heisman runner-up Vince Young -- face off in The Rose Bowl at 8:00pm ET on SIRIUS' channel 123.
From January 2 - 4, SIRIUS will broadcast all four of the Bowl Championship Series games: The Rose Bowl, FedEx Orange Bowl, Nokia Sugar Bowl and Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.

SIRIUS' College Bowl Game schedule: (All times ET)

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl, San Diego, CA -- Colorado State
vs. Navy Thursday, December 22, 2005, 10:30pm, SIRIUS channel 125

Motor City Bowl, Detroit, MI -- Akron vs. Memphis Monday, December 26, 2005, 4:00pm, SIRIUS channel 125

Insight Bowl, Phoenix, AZ -- Arizona State vs. Rutgers Tuesday, December 27, 2005, 8:30pm, SIRIUS channel 118

MPC Computers Bowl, Boise, ID -- Boise State vs. Boston College Wednesday, December 28, 2005, 4:30pm, SIRIUS channel 125

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl, San Diego, CA -- Oregon vs. Oklahoma Thursday, December 29, 2005, 8:00pm, SIRIUS channel 118

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, Atlanta, GA -- Miami vs. LSU Friday, December 30, 2005, 7:30pm, SIRIUS channel 181

Houston Bowl, Houston, TX -- Iowa State vs. TCU Saturday, December 31, 2005, 2:30pm, SIRIUS channel 131

AT&T Cotton Bowl, Dallas, TX -- Texas Tech vs. Alabama Monday, January 2, 2006, 11:00am, SIRIUS ch. 125 (TX Tech); ch. 110 (Alabama)

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, Tempe, AZ -- Ohio State vs. Notre Dame Monday, January 2, 2006, 4:30pm, SIRIUS channel 126

Nokia Sugar Bowl, Atlanta, GA -- West Virginia vs. Georgia Monday, January 2, 2006, 8:30pm, SIRIUS channel 110

FedEx Orange Bowl, Miami, FL -- Florida State vs. Penn State Tuesday, January 3, 2006, 8:00pm, SIRIUS channel 123

The Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA -- USC vs. Texas Wednesday, January 4, 2006, 8:00pm, SIRIUS channel 123

Full PR here
Chat in the GSI: Forum about this here

Sportster Boombox - WHAT-A-DEAL!

The SIRIUS Store has a "hidden" link (sorry not no more) to get a Sportster Boombox for only $69.99... This is a new unit... not refurbished for $69.99 with Free Shipping.
All I can say it WOW What A Deal..

Shock jock's move to satellite radio spurs holiday-sales boom, stores say

This is such a great story, I wanted to make sure everyone sees it. As most of us know, retail sales of Sirius radios have been booming. Now, it looks like the press is beginning to take notice. Here's a snippet...

"Several store managers said Sirius receivers, which cost between $50 and $300, come with a $12.95 monthly fee, and have to be plugged into a car or home stereo, are among their hottest sellers this holiday season. Stern fans and their gift-buying relatives are cleaning out shelves as quickly as they are stocked with new units."

''This is driving our revenue right now," said Anthony Perry, a manager at Best Buy in the Fenway neighborhood. ''If we could stock a million of these, I'm sure we'd sell a million," added general manager Gary Oliveira.

Full story here


Tuesday, December 20, 2005 is reporting that, "The situation has become so dire that Sirius topper Mel Karmazin walked across West 48th Street from Sirius' headquarters to News Corp. HQ to meet with Fox topper Roger Ailes in person.

Fox has become one of the more popular offerings on pay radio, and Ailes is said to want a carriage fee that reflects that popularity. Fox also wants a deal with Sirius to include carriage of Fox News Talk, a channel with Bill O'Reilly, Neil Cavuto, Snow, Colmes and others, as well as news updates from Fox News Radio.

XM Satellite Radio inked a deal to carry both six months ago, and as if to tout their corporate harmony, the two have been taking out joint ads in the trades, as well as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Daily News.

"Thinking of buying a satellite radio for Christmas?" an ad read. "XM is the only satellite radio provider committed to carrying Fox News Channel in '06."

But Karmazin said he's wary of paying a big license fee to Fox for content that's not exclusive.

"If we can do a deal at a price that makes good sense for us, we'd love to do it, and if we can't, then we have other news offerings that we will provide the listeners," Karmazin told anchor Bill Griffeth on CNBC's "Power Lunch" last week.

But by not inking Fox, he's giving competitor XM a de facto satellite exclusive on Fox content for the price of a non-exclusive deal -- a stumble for a cagey media vet like Karmazin."

Some things to note about all of this, GSI has been told that the XM FOX deal was all part of the Direct TV deal, and was all in one nice big package. Read more here..

Check out the GSI: Forum for past blog links and chat about this deal..

Full story here

Sirius Seen Reaching Breakeven Before XM

".....Sirius "may be able to bring down subscriber acquisition costs to $100 per sub, leading to a breakeven in 2006." Kalla said Sirius could reach about 16 million subscribers by 2010.

Kalla sees XM with 18 million subscribers by 2010, "slightly below company guidance, albeit forecasting a nascent industry over five years is error-prone." But Kalla doesn't expect XM to reach breakeven until 2007, after which "earnings growth could exceed revenue growth due to operating leverage."...

Read Full Story By: Ed Lin via

Chat about this in the GSI: Forum

Jay Thomas on NBC Today Show

Monday, December 19, 2005

SIRIUS STARS Host, Jay Thomas was doing good today on Today. He was collecting toys for the Today show charity. There was a little chatter about SIRIUS, you can watch Jay on Today in the GSI: Media Center. Jay is in New York for his yearly appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. Jay and Dave try to knock a meatball off the top of the Lateshow tree. They will tape that Lateshow tonight and it will air on Friday night on CBS.

Check out Jay Thomas Show on the Web
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Former Sirius Executive Charged with Insider Trading

A Former Sirius Executive and an accountant at Mahoney Cohen, a large east coast accounting firm, were charged by the SEC for insider trading of Sirius (SIRI) stocks before Howard Stern announced his move to the sat-radio provider. The SEC said that Tracey Strayner bought Sirius stock on Oct 5th, 2004, the day before Stern announced, after a Senior Exec from Sirius had said that they had come to agreement with Stern.

The accountant for Mahoney Cohen firm in NYC, Gary Horiwitz, found out through the CEO of the firm, who also happens to be Stern's tax accountant. Horiwitz found out that Stern was going to make the deal and proceeded to buy 25,000 shares of Sirius on Sept 30, 2005.

Read the Reuters Report

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November NPD data gives Sirius a 61% market share !

Sunday, December 18, 2005

I have it on good authority, that the November NPD sales data has given Sirius a 61% retail market share to xm's 39%. This would mark the fifth month in a row that Sirius has gained market share on its rival, xm.

July NPD - XM 63% SIRI 37%
August NPD - XM 55% SIRI 45%
September NPD - SIRI 54% XM 46%
October NPD - SIRI 58% XM 42%

Also of interest was the downgrade of xm by JP Morgan friday, in which they make the following statement...

"As for XM, J.P. Morgan lowered its assessment to neutral from overweight, noting that the latest store checks seem to indicate Stern is giving Sirius a lead in retail sales for the fourth quarter, despite XM's price cuts. "

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New SIRIUS Rebate for New Year

After 12/31/05 the current $50.00 rebate ends. If you buy a SIRIUS radio before 12/31 you have until 1/31/06 to mail them in. SIRIUS will announce soon a new rebate program for the New Year called "Unlimited Choice! Unbeatable Savings!" This offer will be good from 1/1/06 - 2/4/06 and will have a post mark dead line by 2/18/06. We have been asked not to publish the $ amount of this new rebate. Look for offical word from SIRIUS soon.

"The Logan Show" coming to SIRIUS

Take a bit of the "Late Show", mix in a smidgen of "Saturday Night Live" and a little "Austin City Limits", shake it up, throw in some fun and you’ve got The Logan Show, a faith-friendly comedy alternative to late night television.

This clever and hilariously funny nationally syndicated program recently entered its second season and seen in more than 65 million homes nationally on JC-TV, FamilyNet, The Inspiration Network (INSP), iLifetv, TCT Network, Victory Television Network (VTN), and Good Life Broadcasting, Inc., (soon the audio version will be available on Sirius Satellite Radio in mid-January).

Read more here
Check out The Logan Show web page
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FOXs' Snow & Colmes SIRIUS Replacements

No more Snow & Colmes on SIRIUS. FOX wanted SIRIUS to pay an inflated price for their FOX NEWS radio conent, and also for the FOX NEWS Channel audio (that will end on Dec 31st). Snow and Colmes last day on SIRIUS was on Friday. Starting Monday; The Stephanie Miller Show will replace Colmes on SIRIUS Left//146 and The Laura Ingraham Show will replace Snow on SIRIUS Right//145.

Get Sirius Info, is told that FOX gave XM a “good deal� for FOX News Radio Programming, and the FOX News Channel. The deal was all part of the XM/Direct TV deal. (XM stations on Direct TV) Rupert Murdoch, owner of FOX also owns around 35% of the parent company of Direct TV. The over all deal we are told with FOX, XM & Direct TV are all related and part of one big agreement. We are told SIRIUS was asked to pay an inflated price for FOX content, some reports tell us almost 200% higher prices then XM is paying. - Chat about this in our forum.

Read more about the FOX/SIRIUS events in some past post here

Stern Jumps on YAHOO! Buzz Index

Howard Stern up ... Check it out here Just what is the YAHOO! Buzz Index?
are the search terms that have increased their buzz score over the previous day's score by the greatest percentage. Leaders are the search terms with the greatest buzz score for a given day.

SIRIUS Holiday Shows and Events

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Updated List
Here is some more Holiday specials for you! Click here Here are just some of the events to look forward to:

-SIRIUS Gold (Ch. 5) is hosting the Doo-Wop Christmas Show on 12/18 from 9 pm ET to midnight.

-Cusin Brucie will air a four hour Christmas show on ‘60s Vibrations (Ch. 6) on 12/21 at 8 pm to midnight ET.

-Join Alt Nation (Ch. 21) on 12/25 for Alt Nation’s Very Merry Christmas, as we celebrate by featuring the best in alternative Christmas music.

-The Beat (Ch. 36) presents Miracle On 36 on 12/24 at 11pm ET – the Beat’s mixmasters team up for the official non-stop soundtrack of the holiday season!

-On Christmas Day, Hot Jamz (Ch. 50) presents All Request X-Mas on Hot Jamz (12/25 @ 12 pm - 12 am ET). You be the DJ !! It’s all day long and all day strong!

- Outlaw Country (Ch. 63) presents Horny Holidays with Mojo Nixon (Sat., 12/17 9 pm ET) Celebrate the season with Mojo Nixon as he plays tracks from his cult XXXmas album Horny Holidays; he’ll also play other off-color seasonal favorites like “Merry Christmas from the Family,� “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer,� and “Jingle Smells.� Then, on 12/23, tune in at 7 pm ET for Christmasville with Rosie Flores, a one-hour special hosted by the “Rockabilly Filly� Rosie Flores, featuring some of the all-time greatest honky tonk holiday songs, including tracks from her new release Christmasville, that will have you rockin’ around the Christmas tree.

-Spirit (Ch. 66) is playing all Christmas songs on December 24th and 25th.

- Listen to Kids Stuff (Ch. 116) as we’ll be be tracking Santa as he makes his way across the U.S., letting you know when to put out the milk and cookies and when to go to sleep so he'll be able to stop at your house.

- PRI (Ch. 136) is be airing a two-hour production of Dickens’ original A Christmas Carol, featuring master storyteller Ashley Ramsden playing all 23 characters and accompanied by period music on Christmas morning, 9 AM ET

- Laugh Break (Ch. 105) is where you’ll find Christmas-themed comedy for the whole family, all Christmas day.

- OutQ (Ch. 106) invites you to spend Christmas Eve with outrageous OutQ evening hosts Derek & Romaine – it may be your naughtiest Christmas ever! 6 pm ET. And December 24th and 25th at 4 pm ET, OutQ host Jeremy Hovies spins holiday tunes, from standards to the silly, exclusively by GLBT artists.

- SIRIUS Right (Ch. 145) will celebrate the season by broadcasting Christmas Around the World and Merry Christmas From Walt Disney World 2005, hosted by Dick Van Dyke and featuring celebrities such as John Travolta, Geena Davis, George Lopez, Hilary Duff and many more. It all starts December 24th at 4 pm ET.

We have more events listed here

Chat about all these shows in the GSI: Forum

Sterns Last Day On FM - GSI: Exclusive Photos and Videos

To view all of the post even coverage, like FOX, CBS, Inside Edition, and more we have the videos. Go to the GSI: Media Center

We have Exclusive photos from the event posted in the GSI: FORUM, check them out.

Read more here

Don & Mike Talked with SIRIUS but no deal...

Friday, December 16, 2005

On todays Don and Mike show.. It was revealed that, while they did recently talk to Sirius Satellite Radio's Mel Karmazin, they will be back at CBS radio owned talk station in the new year. That is at least, until their current contract expires.(date unknown)


"Don started to talk about how this would be the worst Christmas ever because Frita (she died in a car crash this year) wouldn't be around to celebrate. Then he said how much support he got from the people he works with. He then went on to say that's why he is not making the move to Sirius. He said he was talking with Sirius but because of the enormous support and so he could worry more about his son in these though times he decided to stay."

Chat more about this here

GSI: Source told GSI first that Don and Mike were talking to SIRIUS. Now that was true... But they are not moving "yet"... Years down the road?? Who knows... read past post

Todays Howard Event Photos


Check out and post photos from todays event in NYC. Check out exclusive photos in the GSI:Forum

The event today is getting some coverage on the Cable news stations...
Watch FOX NEWS, Studio B Story about events

Watch what CNN said about todays events here in our GSI:FORUM

Watch what CBS Market Watch here in our GSI:FORUM

CNN, MSNBC, and local stations have been talking about todays events. Chat about the media coverage of the walk to SIRIUS here in our forum..

Yahoo! has video also


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