WOW! The S50 is up to the hype

Saturday, November 12, 2005

I just got back from playing with the S50 in demo mode at my local Best Buy north of Baltimore, MD. I walked in and asked the sales guy if they go a demo in yet, he told me yes but they did not put it up yet.. So I asked if I could see it… He let me help him unpack it. This little thing is light and fits in your hand so nice. Once we got power to it, the display came on, breathtaking. Just with my very little interaction with it, this S50 is up to all the hype. Looks nice, feels nice, and just is light years ahead of any other satellite radio on the market. Even the Best Buy guy was calling co-workers over to see the S50, they were even impressed as well. Having it your hand, you will not want to give it up. The demo unit was locked to Demo mode, so we could not play with all the options. But so far so good.. If you have time run out and look at this thing,.. thatis only if you know you are going to spend the money, because once you see it you will want it. I chatted to the sales guys at Best Buy, and the say they will have them some time next week for sale…

UPDATE: The top photo posted is from a second Best Buy that did not get the Demo unit in, I was told that they should get them in early next week, and the S50 will be on sale Thursday.. All they have up is the S50 INFO card, you see in the photo. I also went to a CC (lower photo) and they also just have the info card posted on the display wall. The 1st Best Buy i went to this morning that had the unit is like 30 min away from my house, if I get time I will run back and get some photos of it, for got to take my pen cam with me this morning..

UPDATE 2: I went back to the Best Buy in Bel Air Maryland today (north of Baltimore) and the demo S50 was gone, just the info card on the wall and wires hanging out. I asked the Best Buy worker what happened to the Demo that was up this morning.... He told me they had to take it down, they are not to have them up yet, next week it will be back, when they have stock to sell..

UPDATE 3: Sirius Backstage has so very nice photos of the S50 next to the MyFi..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you happen to take any pictures of it?

Sat Nov 12, 02:22:00 PM EST  
Blogger Dominick said...

This should probably have its own headline, but as it relates to the S50, I put it here...Stifel-nicolaus has a new report out that addresses the RIAA (non)issue.

Satellite Radio: Could Time-Shifting Services Be
Outlawed or Regulated?
Anti-recording legislation was drafted last week: A trio of proposed bills
began circulating last week on Capitol Hill, all designed to place limits on
content broadcast over the airwaves: the "Analog Content Security
Preservation Act of 2005;" the "Broadcast Flag Authorization Act of 2005;"
and the "HD Radio Content Protection Act of 2005." According to industry
sources, all were either authored or co-authored by the Motion Picture
Association of America (MPAA) and/or the Recording Industry of American
Artists (RIAA). We believe this news may have been overlooked last week
because of earnings, given that we only saw it in obscure trade journals.
New radios likely comply with the Audio Home Recording Act of 1992,
but this pre-digital era law could be tested in the courts: We believe the
legislation drafts are aimed initially at new satellite radio devices such as the
new Sirius S50 and XM’s yet to be released Samsung player, both of which
have TIVO-like recording and storage functionality. In our view, the RIAA,
who co-drafted the bills, is most likely even more concerned about similar
functionality coming in free terrestrial digital radio. We believe the S50
probably complies with the Audio Home Recording Act of 1992, which
allows “fair use� of recorded material, as the device does not allow captured
satellite radio songs to be removed from the device (though renegade
software to do so does exist). However, we believe there is a good chance
that this pre-digital era ruling will be tested in courts. Why? Today’s digital
recordings allow consumers to get a perfect copy in seconds and effectively
own the music without having to pay for it (particularly with free digital
terrestrial radio). Also, unlike a taped recording, recorded digital files can be
easily integrated with other owned files and spread to the masses. While the
fair use argument could hold up, we think it’s probable that higher courts
may revisit the issue given the dramatic changes that the digital era has
brought – such issues probably weren’t even conceived back in 1992. Is a
consumer who has a perfect digital copy of a file on a portable device, with
the capability of hooking that device up to any car, home stereo or computer,
ever going to buy the same song on a CD or through iTunes? Probably not.
Is that fair to the artist or the content owner? Probably not. Interestingly,
this issue could apply to TIVO as well – wouldn’t that be a shock!
Incremental negative for satellite radio: If none of these drafts gets any
interest, this is obviously a non-issue. However, should such a law pass,
consumers will have to pay more to keep songs they hear on satellite radio,
reducing the value equation potential of new TIVO-like devices. We believe
the music industry is also using the threat of legislation to extract higher
programming fees from XM and SIRI. Agreements in the satellite radio
industry run out in 2006. We expect dramatic increases on an absolute basis
(greater than 10 fold over a 5-year period), but mild increases calculated on a
percentage of revenues.
Continued on the following page

Sat Nov 12, 04:44:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you referring to the Towson Best Buy? I have been to Columbia's and Glen Burnie's and they did not have it (the empty display unit was there). Thanks!

Sat Nov 12, 04:53:00 PM EST  
Blogger Damian said...

The BelAir Best Buy had the S50 demo out this morning, but is was gone at 4:30pm. Read Update #2 for more on that.. White Marsh and Towson only had the card up.. CC at Golden Ring, Bel Air, and Towson only the card stuck to the wall... Did you go to Glen Burnie CC? They are very good at taken care of Sirius stuff...

Sat Nov 12, 05:12:00 PM EST  

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