SIRIUS S50.. Here they come!!!!!! We Hope!

Friday, November 18, 2005

I looks like the S50 are on the way to stores and online retailers.. I know we have been hearing this for weeks. Both CC and BB tell me that their company trucks have them and, the S50's are on the way to their distribution centers, and should be in the stores next week. (I know we have been here before) The Sirius Store is also posting this on their blog, "We heard from our distributor that our first batch of S50s should ship on Monday at the latest. We expect that the supply will be much more regular after that. The are coming.... finally..."

Lets hope we can play with this thing soon!!! The thing is.. the retails are in the dark about this thing.. Who knows why... But the S50 will be out one day...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sirius Backstage is reporting several people have received email confirmations from crutchfield that the S50 preorder has shipped. So it looks like it's on the way.

Fri Nov 18, 07:16:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

4 days later, No RADIO.

Should have followed suit with XM and not taunted its subscibers. Sucks

Tue Nov 22, 03:26:00 PM EST  

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