SIRIUS declined an invitation to participate in Indecency Hearing

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The U.S. Senate Commerce Committee Tuesday announced a hearing on radio and TV indecency scheduled for early next year. Sirius Satellite Radio, which will be the new home of shock jock Howard Stern starting in January, declined an invitation to participate.
The Jan. 19 indecency hearing could signal a possible intent to propose legislation aimed against off-color programming, TV Week said.

More from Washington Times


Blogger Dominick said...

Hmmm...gut reaction is BRAVO!

Sounds like a problem for "free" terrestrial services rather than paid services. Let's face it, the more they censor free services, the better for Sirius subscribers and other services.

And yet...I'm repulsed, that the symbol of freedom that this country operates under is an outright lie. That we get to see and hear only what the government allows. How is that being free? How does that seperate us, from the Islamic extremists who demand their people see and hear only what is allowed?

Tue Nov 22, 10:26:00 PM EST  
Blogger Doug said...

Bravo to Sirius. The Christian Right may control ClearChannel and Fox News but they will not control sat rad or Sirius.

Wed Nov 23, 05:35:00 AM EST  
Blogger jmcn72 said...

XM = Clear Channel = Christian Right. Figured they'd be there.

Great move SIRIUS to stick it to them!

Wed Nov 23, 08:33:00 AM EST  
Anonymous Vote Libertarian said...

Obviously my username says it all for me in regards to free speach. The unfortunate reality with government is, if you don't "get in bed" with them, you could be left in the cold. I appluad Sirius' stand, but if they are not there, they can not defend the notion of censoring subscription based radio, tv, etc. Don't think for a second that legislation won't be proposed that puts restrictions on pay services. Not because the politicians want it (although some do), but because the big donors (Clear Channel & Viacom) want it to level the playing field.

Wed Nov 23, 11:56:00 AM EST  

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