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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

SIRIUS Canada today announced its leading channel line-up for its subscription satellite radio service in Canada. With a full 100 channels of the best music, news, sports, and entertainment available, SIRIUS Canada will provide the most comprehensive satellite radio service in the country. SIRIUS will also be the only satellite radio provider to include 10 Canadian music and information stations in both English and French for all Canadians, including a multilingual service.

"We are launching SIRIUS Canada with 100 channels of music, entertainment, sports and information -- the true A-List," said Mark Redmond, President and CEO, SIRIUS Canada. "With 60 channels of commercial-free music, incredible sports coverage from the NFL, NHL, and the NBA, great entertainment programming from Maxim to Martha Stewart and up-to-the-minute news from CBC/Radio-Canada and the BBC, SIRIUS has it all."

"Canadians will be able to experience SIRIUS in time for the holidays. As the fastest growing satellite radio provider in North America, SIRIUS will have the greatest depth and variety of any satellite radio company in Canada," he added.

SIRIUS Canada's premium satellite radio service will be available soon at Future Shop, Best Buy, London Drugs, The Source by Circuit City, Canadian Tire and many other leading retailers throughout Canada. Consumers wanting more information on the SIRIUS Canada service can visit: SIRIUS Canada's premium subscription service will be priced at $14.99 a month.

With a full 100 channels, SIRIUS Canada will provide the most comprehensive satellite radio service in the country. SIRIUS Canada's channel lineup features the best in A-List entertainment including 60 channels of commercial-free music, news, talk and sports programming. In addition, SIRIUS features specialty channels geared toward women, children and families. These new stations will not affect the US line up in anyway.

Within the 100 channel line-up, SIRIUS Canada is pleased to announce a total of 10 Canadian satellite radio channels in both English and French and one multilingual service. Canadian channels on SIRIUS include:

* CBC Radio One - Canada's top-rated radio news and information source, featuring national and international headlines, in-depth business, political and arts reports and award-winning documentaries.
* CBC Radio 3 - dedicated to Canada's burgeoning indie music and culture scene and the place to discover the best in new Canadian music first.
* Iceberg Radio - commercial free Canadian Rock provided by Standard Broadcasting and programmed by leading Canadian music programmer Liz Janik.
* Hardcore Sports Radio - Canadian sports news and talk provided by Score Media delivers sports information to the Canadian sports fan 24-7.
* Première Plus - A Radio-Canada channel providing French language daily reports and magazines covering news, current affairs and culture at home and abroad.
* Infoplus - All French language news 24 hours a day, combining the best of Radio-Canada and public broadcasters from around the world, including Radio France Internationale.
* bandeapart - a Radio-Canada channel dedicated to the best emerging Francophone pop, rock, electronica, hip-hop, punk and world music.
* Rock Velours - A French-language channel playing the best Canadian soft rock provided by Astral.
* Energie(2) - A French-language channel playing pop, modern rock and urban music in both French and English provided by Astral.
* RCI Plus -Radio Canada International programming for Canadians in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Ukrainian and Mandarin, which will be enhanced by programs from around the globe.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

will howard be on in canada?

Thu Nov 03, 09:10:00 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Fri Nov 04, 12:45:00 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why even bother bringing a pay service when you cant obtain the king of all media!!!canada sucks,just what we need more french content

Mon Nov 07, 11:08:00 PM EST  

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