S50 Demo Units In Stores

Friday, November 11, 2005

From a GSI: reader/emailer:
"FYI...I was in a best buy this evening in riverhead ny and they have received the S50 demo. the salesman said all best buys received them today. when i came home i called a few more best buys on long island and they confirmed they had it up and running. this piece is hot! it is displayed next to the myfi and it puts it to shame! its is locked in a demo mode which shows off its features."

SBS also has some sighting. "Garypl" posted:
"Best Buy and Circuit City(on LI) have the S-50 on display as of 7pm Friday as i checked the area when doing Xmas shopping for my daughter-- (color on the S-50 was very vibrant before i somehow shut the thing off and couldnt get it back on--They had it in the car docking cradle--The salesman said it was just put out an hour ago and he couldnt figure out how to turn it back on either--i think i broke it! LOL) So the stores are receiving them already as i confirmed in my area."


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