S50.. Day one... The Good & The Bad... So Far...

Saturday, November 19, 2005

***Please note this reports are from a GSI Reader and not a member of the GSI team, so are reporting what we hear... SBS also has info from one of their readers.. If you have gotten the unit please email or post a comment about this..

UPDATE3: From a GSI Reader, "Aaron", "One thing that I think is very important to mention is how cool the My Sirius Channels are...They are up and working for me. While you can't schedule a recording on the music channels...the My Sirius Channels does let you record several hours of your 3 favorite stations...when you are on the go you can fast forward through the songs or skip from song to song...when listening in the My Sirius Channels you can also hit the "love" button and save that particular song to the My Sirius Songs category to listen to later.
Overall, I am VERY impressed with the unit." -- Thanks for the Update Aaron!!!

UPDATE2: We are getting reports that the S50 rocks, and It will record a full station, as one of your "My SIRIUS Channels" be it music or talk. The sounds as it starts up is very cool, and most really like the female voice that tells you the station name... One other note is that the S50 is like getting your first computer, it takes some time to play with it, to understand and see all the stuff it can do.. Over all it looks like the S50 is way ahead of any other Sat radio on the market today...

UPDATE1:It looks the S50 will record, "My Sirius Channels" the S50 will record 3 of your favorite statons; be it music or talk in full, so you can use this on the go.. One other note, there are no home kits out there yet, could this let you record hours of music?? The music station do have the replay.

I got an email from a lucky GSI: reader from California that got their S50 from a Best Buy on the west coast. They have one major problem with the unit, and that is that, it will not let you record a block of a music station, for example setting up a recording for the SIRIUS Hits one weekend countdown, it will only let them save song by song, not the full show, or hours at a time. The unit will let you set up 2 hour chucks of programming on non-music stations. You can also set up back to back 2 hour chucks, to get longer shows. The My favorite channel recording has not worked yet, because the unit has to learn what channels you like, but it looks like it will record a music stations with the function, but it has not done it yet, because he has not had the unit that long. One thing that makes us thing something was changed at the last minute, was there is an amended owners manual, we did hear the delay in getting the unit was to update the firmware on the units. It looks like this firmware put some restrictions on what you can do with the unit. We at GSI: will review the unit over time giving up updates, giving the unit time to learn about our listening patterns, to see how the “3 favorite channels� work.. SBS has some chatter about a unit that one of their members also just got. Thanks to Tony that emailed me his views, and he tell me that he will give updates as he plays with it.. Tony did tell me that the display “rocks� and the “female voice announcing the station when it is changes is cool, but thank God you can turn it off..� Having the station logo on the display is also a first… Right now there are very few units out there, and they should make the way west to east over the weekend and get to most stores early next week, the same as online stores, they will ship to their waitlist early in the week. If the RIAA bullied SIRIUS to make these changes, as it looks they did, this could not just change SIRIUS, but XM also. We will look into this story and give more details as needed.


Blogger r3yFn said...

Bah, riaa can kiss my ass. I haven't bought a cd in 7 years and I'm not planning on changing that...
Hey, I just got back from my bestbuy (ft.lauderdale), they didnt have any units in but they did get their display up and running finally. While I was admiring it, I couldnt help to notice the >>skipping<< animations on this unit!!! It was as if it wasnt even running off of a graphics card inside the s-50!!! Has anyone else noticed this? I was pretty let down =(.
Anyways, I hope everyones enjoying their weekend.

Sat Nov 19, 01:27:00 PM EST  
Blogger Rich said...

Demos are working units that are locked in the demo mode. If you know the code to unlock/lock it will function as normal.

Sat Nov 19, 04:19:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "My Sirius Channels" function is working.

Sat Nov 19, 04:20:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Andrew Clark said...

I just got mine last night and activated it this morning. So far lovin' it. One thing I haven't heard mentioned and didn't know till I plugged it into my computer is that it also acts like a 1gig drive. I can put anything on it for storage or transfer. Can't access any of these files from within the Media player, but still a nice feature to have.

Tue Nov 22, 03:03:00 PM EST  

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