Radio Chick back to FM, gone from SIRIUS

Monday, November 21, 2005

The Radio Chick show did not air today on SIRIUS Stars//103.. There was a replay of "Kick out the Jams" with Dave Marsh, and other replays. A GSI Reader Steve sent in this info about the chick show, he said,
"It now says on her website that she will be on a NY FM station starting in January and her show is not on Sirius. We are assuming they moved to more money on FM, but also moved away from the FCC free Sirius to terrestrial air waves. "

We are told that the 1 year deal was done with SIRIUS, and Leslie Gold AKA the Radio Chick told FMQB, "I am thrilled to return to Infinity Broadcasting for the exciting launch of their new Free FM format in New York. I've enjoyed every minute on and off the air at Sirius and look forward to bringing The Radio Chick Show back to terrestrial radio." more

Her profile is also gone from

You can get more Radio Chick info here

Who knows what will fill this hole on Sirius Stars//103, and the 10pm hole were the old Radio Chick replay was. Personally I think this is a BAD move, The Radio Chick was growing a national base. She could do and say what she wanted. Moving back to FM is like moving back to black and white TV, I'm sure the money is better. On there is talk about being on other FREE FM stations across the USA, but no cities are listed yet. Sorry to see you go chick good luck with FREE FM, and the FCC :(

More here from Media Week

Read the Infinity PR


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bye! I like Sirius Stars, I changed that station when her show came on. It wasn't funny at al1.

Mon Nov 21, 04:55:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i used to listen to it every morning until rich and covino got moved to the 10-2 spot. Chuck nice is the best part of her show.

Mon Nov 21, 05:58:00 PM EST  
Blogger Dominick said...

Maybe we could get Booker now. He's on in the afternoons and has a pretty good show. I know he was wondering if he would still have a job come the jack (me off) fm transformation...

Mon Nov 21, 07:13:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good By, Sorry Chick I loved your show BUT I WILL NOT follow you to FM, and the FREE FM SHIT is shit

Mon Nov 21, 08:24:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Tue Nov 22, 04:37:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't worry we wont miss you on SIRIUS. Tissue time with heidi is so much better anyway. And the other posetr is right FM=FREE SHIT, nothing more and alot less.

Tue Nov 22, 04:44:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We will miss you CBC! 10am to 2pm just wont be the same! Typical that things too good to be true tend to disappear WAY too fast, and the shit they have at least temporarly replaced them with is a sad, boring joke! who the hell ponied up to get Robert Evans, Cousin Bruce, and Adam Currie's horrible shows yet they let RC go back to FM? Yeah nice move SIRIUS you serious dicks!!!!!

Wed Nov 23, 10:11:00 PM EST  
Blogger pryce said...

She and the crew would have kicked stern's ass.

Mon Nov 28, 11:44:00 AM EST  

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