Oprah rumor revisited...

Monday, November 28, 2005

I've been hesitating for a while now as to whether or not I should introduce this topic again. First, I would like to say that I have NO INFORMATION whatsoever that anything regarding Sirius and Oprah exists. What I do have, are a lot of little coincindences that I would like you, the reader to know about. I invite you to draw your own conclusions.

Recall that in Febuary 2005, Mel Karmazin made the statement that Oprah would be on his wish list. This was followed by a NY POST article ( I beleive in September) that stated Sirius was courting Oprah. Nothing came of it, so I like the rest of you, dismissed it.

About 2 weeks ago, Sirius announced it was going to be airing Hayhouse Radio on the Sirius' Lime network. We ran a story on it called "Books on Sirius." I noticed my wife was reading a book that was part of Oprah's recommended readings. So, just for the heck of it, I "googled" it, and there were several connections, yet most seemed to be either books Oprah recommended or authors whom had appeared on her show....not really enough there to get beaten up over by posting it....

This morning however, there appeared a most interesting article on the founder of the Lime Network. I'll give you three guesses at who they named in the article...you got it - Oprah! As well as several other prominent names including Disney...the parent company of ABC.

Could it be connected? Maybe, Maybe not. I look at xm's signings of Ellen and Tyra and think that may also be a clue. This was after all, a male dominated product. Suddenly, more effort is being put in to attract a larger female audience. You now know, what I know. Stay tuned....

Read more about The Oprah rumor from our Sept 4th post


Blogger Dominick said...

Found another one...

"Kettler said HP will be the technology sponsor of Oprah Goes Online, while J&J has secured a "presenting sponsor" position in a series of specials that will be developed and premiered during the second half of the year."


Mon Nov 28, 11:03:00 PM EST  
Blogger crfceo=dominick said...

another useless commentary from dominick, spreading his baseless rumors

see damian, this is why no one will ever take your blog seriously. with baselss rumors posted by a yahooligan that has no credibility

great call on gm, dominick!

between that fool and your own bashing of xm, your blog will never have credibility.

bashing of xm? yeah, remember that post you put up with that airbrushed picture of sirius dumping on xm? what happened to that commentary? how come you removed it after someone called you out on your bashing of xm?

very tasteful damian, great blog you have going here.

let's see how long this post stays up. its 9:21 out here on the west coast

Tue Nov 29, 12:22:00 PM EST  
Blogger Mongo said...

Baseless rumors?? This stuff doesn't have to be taken seriously. It's just food for thought here people. Keep in mind that this site IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO. If you want the hard core facts then go talk to Mel Karmazin. I'll bet even he will sneak in a few rumors that may never come to pass. By the way, I have nothing to do with this site and I believe SIRIUS' content is much better than XM's. I know because I have both, and that's a fact.

Tue Nov 29, 03:54:00 PM EST  
Blogger Dominick said...

You know what? This IS NOT "get xm info." I freaking hate xm. I hate their business model. I beleive their counting of unpaid free trials is bogus. I think their service sucks overall. ASpparently, their are some posters who just can't accept Sirius on its own merits. They have to relate everything to gm...You know what I say....FUCK YOU! Go start your own xm board...If it was up to me, your post WOULD be removed...

And as for GM, we'll see...I'm not convinced it won't happen yet..

Tue Nov 29, 04:56:00 PM EST  
Blogger crfceo=dominick said...

very classy damian, very classy blog you have going here

now you have your dominick telling commentors to fuck off

what a credible blog you have going here

you prover you intelligence and credibility more and more every day

Tue Nov 29, 08:12:00 PM EST  
Blogger Damian said...

If a commenter post something like you did, attacking someone personally, I think the response is in order. The only thing that is not classy about this blog is you posting on it. Sure Dominick could have used some better words. But you are just posing needless attacks and comments, if you did not post this, you would have not gotten a response. If you do not like this blog, the internet offers many other web sites may I suggest you visit one of them multiple times an hour like you do this page.

Tue Nov 29, 09:17:00 PM EST  
Blogger crfceo=dominick said...

gotta love it, subjective impartiality is the order of the day

that adds SOOOO much credibility to you rumor mongering blog, damian

only a loser monitors how often peoples ip addresses are on their blog. someone with so much free time on their hands, like yourself.

you should worry more about adding credibility to your blog and less of how often posters come to the site.

dominick is far from credible. i'm not the one who brought him on, you are. the guy is a major yahoo loser, who spends his whole day spamming the xm board with worthless bashing crap, while using multiple aliases. you brough this on yourself. you are obviously blind to his dangerous rap.

you get rid of him, will be the day your blog will go up in credibility. if not, you best be careful around him. or you will regret it.

remove or remember this comment. the choice is yours, but dont say i didnt warn you about him

Tue Nov 29, 09:56:00 PM EST  
Blogger Damian said...

I'm not going to get into a pissing match with you, the only time I check IP address is when someone like you post shit on here. This is my blog and I will run it as I see fit. If you look at the top banner of this page you see we post rumors and we mark them as such. You don’t like it, fine. Don’t come back! Allow me to inform you what a blog is, according to Webster’s (1) to author an online diary or chronology of thoughts (2) an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page; also called Weblog, Web log (3) a personal Web site that provides updated headlines and news articles of other sites that are of interest to the user, also may include journal entries, commentaries and recommendations compiled by the user; also written web log, Weblog; also called blog…. I will post what I want here, be it rumors, news articles, or links to Martha Stewart recipes. You said, “only a loser monitors how often peoples ip addresses are on their blog. someone with so much free time on their hands, like yourself.� I’m sorry but I think a person who posts comments about nothing over and over, and visits the same web page over and over just to start shit, is the one with too much free time on their hands. I thank you for your warnings and advise, they have been noted. If you have any more questions or concerns about this, do not post comments here, because they will be removed, you can email me at getsiriusinfo@comcast.net

Tue Nov 29, 10:12:00 PM EST  
Blogger crfceo=dominick said...

you and dominick, two peas in a pod

so, how often do you go to the xm boards to bash?

whatever, if you want to whine like a little schoolgirl over me, go ahead. just remember, dominick is the dangerous one here

Tue Nov 29, 10:25:00 PM EST  
Blogger Dominick said...

That is funny. To call me dangerous. Dangerous to whom? XM? No...Sirius is the danger to xm. More of a danger still, are the RIAA and terrestrial radio. More of a danger are Delphi's bankruptcy and GM's falling sales figures...But if you can sleep better blaming me, that is ok. I sleep well most nights.

My reaction in the previous post seems uncalled for having taken a step back. However, I found it particularly offensive that someone would use me to attempt to discredit this site that Damian created. I considered that xm has paid a firm to bash sirius. Seems only fitting they'd find their way here. To thole whom I may have offended, I apologize. To the poster who began this nonsense, I do not...

Wed Nov 30, 05:03:00 PM EST  
Blogger crfceo=dominick said...

xm paying me? now that is a classic dominick

paid bashers may or may not be a real thing, but trust me when it tell you this dork brain, you've made plenty of enemies over the last year by spewing your crap

xm doesnt need to hire people to go after you, there are plenty out here that are willing to do this on their own

the more you go around switching aliases in an all out effort to bash on the xm boards, the more and more youll see us out here hunting you. sound familiar? what goes around comes around

Wed Nov 30, 05:43:00 PM EST  

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