New Legislation Would Block Satellite Radio Recording

Friday, November 04, 2005

Back in the day we could all get our tape decks out and record radio shows, and the weekly top 40 countdown. I still have tapes from 1985 of B104 in Baltimore, hours of radio on tape. It was nice to record the radio so as I kid I did not have to buy tapes. Back in the day no one had a problem. But now draft legislation reportedly authored by the MPAA would place recording limitations on portable satellite radio players, handicapping their functionality, WHAT about the tape players, my MP3 player with line-in recording? What about my laptop that I can record hours and hours of audio right off radio? No these ASS HOLES are picking on Sat radio.. A trio of proposed bills began circulating this week on Capitol Hill, all designed to place limits on content broadcast over the airwaves: the "Analog Content Security Preservation Act of 2005"(PDF); the "Broadcast Flag Authorization Act of 2005,(PDF)" which would re-enable the broadcast flag in 2009; and the "HD Radio Content Protection Act of 2005". According to industry sources, all were either authored or co-authored by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) or the Recording Industry of American Artists (RIAA). Like the ACSPA act that would plug the "analog hole," the HD Radio Content Protection Act seeks to prevent devices like the Delphi MyFi XM2Go or Sirius S50 which act as a portable radio cache of music and programs recorded from a satellite radio network. Users can record a song or block of songs by pressing a button, and organize a playlist based upon metadata describing the song or genre. Both of those capabilities would be outlawed if the bill goes into effect. The proposed bill would amend the law to ensure that devices like the MyFi would be designed to prevent transferring music or other content from the device to the outside world, and would also limit their ability to store content to a few "permitted recording" features. Representatives from XM Radio declined to comment on Thursday until they had reviewed the legislation. Representatives from Sirius Satellite Radio were unable to be contacted.
It is important to note that this week Mel Karmazin said that they built in restrictions that would not let recorded Sirius content be uploaded to the internet.
In testimony before the House Committee on the Judiciary's Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property Thursday afternoon, RIAA executives compared devices like the MyFi to a portable iTunes player. The radio services allow users to capture perfect versions of songs and take them wherever they choose, according to Mitch Bainwol (aka big dick), chairman and chief executive of the RIAA. (A PC Magazine review of the MyFi technology noted that the ten seconds or so of a song were not recorded by the player.) "It's way beyond time shifting," Bainwol said. "These devices effectively allow ownership. It sounds attractive, and it is." (just like tape decks)Bainwol's position was refuted by two other executives asked to testify before the House committee: Gigi Sohn, president of the nonprofit think tank Public Knowledge, and Michael Petricone, who testified that the laws would essentially gut the Audio Home Recording Act, designed to defend the "fair use" principle whne making recordings for the home. "Why would consumers buy digital consumer radio when it would have less functionality than the comparable analog technology?" Sohn asked.

Parts of this post are from
Mark Hachman story "New Legislation Would Block Satellite Radio Recording" post here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

someone should draft a law banning the RIAA.

Fri Nov 04, 10:39:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was posted on SBS. Check out the link and fill out the form. It will email and fax your local state rep and senators. I don't know how to make a clicky in comments, sorry.

and link to the form...

Fri Nov 04, 11:25:00 PM EST  

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