Howard Kicks off the media blitz, with new logo & more

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Thursday night on David Letterman, Howard Stern will kick off his marketing blitz. Howard will show off his new logo(s), and also break some news about his programming on SIRIUS. After his chat with Dave SIRIUS will start the big push for Howard, and SIRIUS. Look for new Ads on TV, Print, Radio, and Internet. Howard will also show off some SIRIUS hardware... GSI is told that "Howard will let the cat out of the bag on Letterman, and it is a big bag!" In other Howard news we now know why Stern will not be on SIRIUS Canada. The Toronto Sun looks at the details, on why Howard will not be in Canada! Get info about SIRIUS Canada here

Also something I found really cool, The Sirius Store is selling Howard's DVD "Private Parts" and I'm told that other Howard Stern Show related DVD's will be added soon. How cool to make a gift pack up for a Stern fan, A SIRIUS radio and some Howard DVD's for Xmas.. What a smart marketing move.. Very cool..


Blogger Johnathan said...

The linked Toronto Sun article falsely claims that the reason Sirius USA can carry Howard is because USA satellite radio providers aren't licensed by the FCC.

The truth is that our FCC does license satellite radio providers, as both XM and Sirius hold FCC licenses, but does not license them in a manner that regulates content at this time, only technical standards.

In Canada, the CRTC (IMO) seems to be primarily about content regulation, whereas the technical details are taken care of by Industry Canada.

Wed Nov 16, 09:41:00 PM EST  

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