Monday, November 28, 2005

Dec 16th Alan Colmes gone from SIRIUS LEFT..
Jan 1st FOX NEWS will be gone from SIRIUS

If you like this show, or think that SIRIUS should up the deal with Alan Colmes (a part of FOX NEWS RADIO) call or email SIRIUS. Right now Alan Colmes is on SIRIUS LEFT weeknights.

Listen to a clip from the Alan Colmes show talking about all of this

Alan has put the following message on his web page:
"No Alan Colmes on Sirius Starting December 17th

Call Sirius at 1-888-539-SIRIUS to tell them you want Alan! Remember, you can still hear the show on your local radio station or on XM Radio channel 167. Click here for a complete station listing.

*As of January 1st, Sirius Radio will also no longer air any FOX News programming. Please let Sirius know how you feel about this change.*" -end-

From this it looks like FOX NEWS WILL BE GONE on SIRIUS..

I think that it is important to have both CNN and FOX news on SIRIUS! No matter if you are on the left or right, FOX News is big and people to enjoy having it on SIRIUS. If you like email and call SIRIUS and tell them what you thing about this... 1-888-539-SIRIUS..

Read our post from Oct 28 about FOX and SIRIUS


Blogger Doug said...

I'd like to see Sirius pick up Air America Radio.

Tue Nov 29, 07:28:00 PM EST  
Blogger Miranda said...

Me too, but AAR is "exclusively" with XM. Maybe they could get Marc Maron on Alan's old time slot. Honestly ... don't like Alan that much!!!

Tue Nov 29, 09:50:00 PM EST  
Blogger Chris I said...

I am a long-time sirius subscriber and VERY UNHAPPY with sirius about removing Fox News from thier lineup. As of this Christmas I recieved a new S50 which is an AWSOME piece of equipment, but if sirius does not put Fox News back on I will be forced to revoke Both of my subscriptions and use this great piece of equipment as a paper weight. I really do like all of sirius's programming BUT where Fox goes I go. <_>

Wed Jan 04, 11:04:00 PM EST  

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