Don and Mike talking with Sirius or XM?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Monday DC based Don and Mike aired a Best of Show, today according to DCRTV.COM Don Geronimo revealed on the air Tuesday that he was having "serious" negotiations with someone. Or was it "Sirius" negotiations? He wouldn't spell it out... Read it here ... The Don and Mike shows' flagship station is WJFK-FM in Washington DC, "FREE FM", this was also the home of Ron and Fez who made the jump to XM.. Don and Mike are on over 25 stations nationwide.

Thanks to comment posted you can also read the full details in the comments..
...Why were DON AND MIKE heard in "best of" mode MONDAY? The WESTWOOD ONE talkers dropped some broad hints that the unscheduled day off had something to do with satellite radio upon their return TUESDAY afternoon (11/8). ....
UPADTE #2: O&A on XM Today said that a new show is going to XM.. Some are thinking they were talking about Don and Mike.. more at DCRTV


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's more info directly from All Access:

Why were DON AND MIKE heard in "best of" mode MONDAY? The WESTWOOD ONE talkers dropped some broad hints that the unscheduled day off had something to do with satellite radio upon their return TUESDAY afternoon (11/8).

On TUESDAY's show, after DON GERONIMO said that the day off "did not have to do with studio renovations, it did not have to do with anything of a personal nature, we had some serious things to take care of," O'MEARA, referring back to a previous topic of discussion, mused that they could put in a "doggie door" for INFINITY DC manager MICHAEL HUGHES to duck his head in. GERONIMO then asked "isn't the logo for SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO a doggie?" and repeated "I can't talk about why we weren't here yesterday. I'm serious." While newsman MIKE (BUZZ BURBANK) ELLSTON professed not to get the reference, O'MEARA, laughing, said "subtlety, thy name is DONNIE."

After the syndicated show ended, their local-only WJFK/WASHINGTON "big-ass word of the night" segment asked for listeners to "seriously" decide which name doesn't fit among "HOWARD, MEL, JEREMY, TIM," references to HOWARD STERN, MEL KARMAZIN, SIRIUS VP/Talk Programming JEREMY COLEMAN (their former OM at WJFK and WNEW/NEW YORK), and SIRIUS HOWARD 100 PD TIM SABEAN (the former OM at onetime D&M affiliate WYSP/PHILADELPHIA), the latter two of which DON AND MIKE have frequently criticized on the air.

Tue Nov 08, 10:50:00 PM EST  
Blogger kurt said...

Oh boy!!! That would be great. I have been a Don and Mike fan since BM (before Mike), when Don was on WPGC Radio in the 80's. He was funny then. This would be a BIG bonus for me. Really, the only things I listen to are CNN and Don and Mike.


Wed Nov 09, 05:31:00 AM EST  
Blogger Win said...

Man, I can remember several years ago hearing Don rail on the whole idea of satellite radio, saying it would never catch on and he'd never do it. Funny how things change...

Sounds like listening to Sirius might soon be like listening to WJFK circa 1997. For a huge and long-time DnM fan like me, that rocks.

Wed Nov 09, 08:56:00 AM EST  
Blogger Dr. Droo said...

They also said SIRIUS there too. Interesting..


Wed Nov 09, 12:51:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Matt said...

Now is running this story, so who knows what's really going on. Guess we'll have to wait and see what plays out:

Opie Hints "Arch Enemy" Geronimo Is Heading To XM - 11/9 - A DCRTVer tells us that there has been mucho speculation about comments Gregg "Opie" Hughes made last week on "The Opie And Anthony Show" on DC-based XM Satellite Radio about meetings the satrad firm had with an O&A "arch enemy." WJFK-FM afternooner Don Geronimo's Tuesday comments about having "serious/Sirius" talks have fueled rumors that the "arch enemy" is Geronimo (right, aka Mike Sorce), who cohosts "The Don And Mike Show." We now hear that Opie hinted Wednesday that the person in question has been hired by XM and that "all would be revealed" on O&A's Friday show.....

Wed Nov 09, 03:56:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Craig said...

GOD DAMIAN...Make Don and Mike come to Sirius... when I was programming WMMN in Fairmont I put the on the air for 1 year, (when they were doing Mid-days) until my GM made me take them off and put O'Reilly on... I love Don and Mike!

Wed Nov 09, 07:18:00 PM EST  

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