A Day with The S50, A GSI Interview

Sunday, November 20, 2005

GSI, has asked Aaron, a GSI reader some questions about his S50. He has had his for about 24 hours.

Q: How is the CAR docking station?
A: The car dock is actually pretty good...mounted correctly, people should be
very happy with it.

Q: I'm told the headphones SUCK!! is that right...
A: the headphones aren't great...but then again...the headphones that come with
the Ipod suck also...most people will probably want to use their own

Q: Reports say that there is no song or artiest seek, that true? Is there something to replace that?
A: There is no song or artist seek...but if you like a song you just hit the love button and it saves it so you can listen to it whenever you want.

Q: How long is the "replay". You know on the Sportster and the Starmate replays it is about 44 min, how long is it on the S50?
A: According to the manual the replay buffer is between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the content. (I am not sure what the content has to do with it...but that is what the manual says) Maybe it has to do with the bandwith on the particular channel.

Q: In my car for example the power to the DC outlet turns off when the car is off, will the S50 battery kick in when there is no power to the car dock to record a show, if you have it set to do so?
A: In the manual it says that scheduled recordings are automatically performed without any intervention, however, the Sirius S50 must be docked, connected to a power source, connected to the antenna and receiving a good signal. If the S50 is turned off at the time of a scheduled recording, it will wake up and perform the recroding session only if it has external power from the home dock. Scheduled recordings will only occur in the vehicle dock if the Sirius S50 is on at the time of the recording.

Q: Have you loaded MP3 from your PC to the Unit.. how is that working? Can you upload content from the S50 to your PC?
A: Yes I put music from my PC onto the S50. You can create playlists like the Ipod. It works fine and if you've used Itunes it is pretty self explanatory. You cannot take content from the S50 and load it onto the PC.
The Sirius Studio software also allows you to search for software updates for the S50...so there is a chance that software enhancements will be made.
Also, the Sirius Studio allows you to stream the Sirius music and Live talk directly into the program...it works just like when you log onto the sirius website and stream the music.

Q: What is one thing that you really like about it..
A: The hours of programming that can be saved in the My Sirius Channels. That ties into the thing I like the most which is being able to hit the "love" button both while listening to live music and while listening to a My Sirius Channel. The song gets saved in the My Sirius Playlist for listening later.

-Thanks for your time Aaron!

We have been updating our report, on the S50. Some GSI: Reads have gotten the unit and have been sending in some info about it all day. Things are looking up as the day goes on. Some things are working differently then many thought they would, and users needed some time to see how the S50 works, but we have gotten 4 emails in the last few hours and everyone is VERY happy with the S50 once they had some time to play with it....
Read updates here..


Anonymous Siriusdude said...

Very good questions! Some that I did not think of! Thanks guys this page is better by the day!

Sun Nov 20, 06:19:00 PM EST  

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