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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Here's more info to base your own decisions on. Again, this may have meaning or not, but I felt I should share it. Most of us by now are aware that Apollo, Sirius' largest shareholder, had been selling some of its positions in sirius. Many questioned why they would do so during what is expected to be a very good quarter. Well, I found an interesting article. Seems Apollo, Sirius' largest shareholder, has just purchased for 100 million dollars in cash, a broadband satellite company, called Hughes Network Systems..
Read the full article here...

Could this be a prelude to the future? We know sirius has promised mobile sat tv. A merger or even selling certain peices of the company to Sirius could mean more broadband acquisition for mobile TV and data. I'll see what else I can find. Yes, it's all RUMOR and supposition on my part right now. But the sale has happened. I could imagine a million scenarios that could benefit Apollo, Hughes and Sirius.


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