Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Take a listen to the Howard Stern/SIRIUS Radio Ad

Apollo possibilities....

Here's more info to base your own decisions on. Again, this may have meaning or not, but I felt I should share it. Most of us by now are aware that Apollo, Sirius' largest shareholder, had been selling some of its positions in sirius. Many questioned why they would do so during what is expected to be a very good quarter. Well, I found an interesting article. Seems Apollo, Sirius' largest shareholder, has just purchased for 100 million dollars in cash, a broadband satellite company, called Hughes Network Systems..
Read the full article here...

Could this be a prelude to the future? We know sirius has promised mobile sat tv. A merger or even selling certain peices of the company to Sirius could mean more broadband acquisition for mobile TV and data. I'll see what else I can find. Yes, it's all RUMOR and supposition on my part right now. But the sale has happened. I could imagine a million scenarios that could benefit Apollo, Hughes and Sirius.

Mel Wants FOX but the Price is too high

On Mad Money today Mel was asked about the FOX News deal. He said that SIRIUS wants to have FOX but the price is too high, he added we want SIRIUS to make money...

Read more about FOX NEWS SIRIUS DEAL Here

Listen to the interview here

Jay Thomas on Letterman and Today Show

Jay Thomas, host of The Jay Thomas Show on SIRIUS STARS//103 M-F 2p-5p & 2a-6a will be on Letterman Dec 16 (as we reported 1st here) GSI has learned that Jay Thomas will also be on the NBC Today show that same week. I'm told that Jay will do some last min Holiday promo for SIRIUS

Coach Phil Jackson to Host NBA Talk Show

Jackson will host The Phil Jackson Show alongside veteran broadcaster Ian Eagle when the one-hour weekly program debuts Monday, December 5 (6 - 7 pm ET) on SIRIUS' channel 123. Drawing on Jackson's experiences from more than four decades in the game, the show will include a mix of basketball talk and interviews and air every Monday on SIRIUS throughout the NBA season.

Mel on CNBC's Mad Money Today

Just a reminder that Mel Karmazin will be on Mad Money on CNBC, today at 6 p.m. ET (re-air at 9 p.m. and 12 a.m. ET) more

SIRIUS Canada Starts Thursday.. FOR SURE!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

SIRIUS Canada has put it on their web page.. Dec 1st (this Thursday) will be the start of SIRIUS Canada. We still do not know for sure if US subs will get the 10 new stations from Canada.. It looks like we will.. but will the be added Thursday.. As soon as we know for sure, you will..

Get more info here

Streamer GTR on sale now

We told you about this here, and they are now for sale at The SIRIUS Store. Only $79.99 after rebate. These are very nice looking and are the same guts as the Starmate Replay, just in black.

Get more info here

An E-Mail from Canada's Version of Circuit City...

I signed up for "TheSource by CircuitCity" flyers. I'll let it speak for itself. Satellite radio hardware in Canada is officially a go!

We are told Dec 1st is the kick off

See the full line up for Canada here

Howard Stern Media Blitz

60 Minutes on Sunday
Today Show Monday
Billboard Collector's Issue
The Daily Show Dec 13th
In Newsweek

SNL on Dec 17th

Larry King Live Jan 5th

Talk radio's number one bad boy has taped interviews for "The Today Show" and "60 Minutes" and was on David Letterman's "Late Show" and will stop by "Saturday Night Live" on Dec 17th - all to promote is new show on Sirius satellite radio. According to the New York Post, Stern tells "60 Minutes" (watch it this Sunday on CBS) about his bad old days growing up as an insecure doormat in Roosevelt, Long Island.

"Some of us are misfits, some are outcasts and we can admit our insecurities and we can laugh about them and have a good time," the top talker says, in quotes obtained by the Post.

Speaking to NBC's Katie Couric for an interview set to air Monday, Stern talks about the break-up of his 20-year marriage.

"I can't believe I'm divorced," he declares. "It's sad. But, you know, you get married young, and sometimes things change. And in my case, it did."

Stern's final live radio broadcast for Infinity is scheduled for Dec. 16.

more via NEWSMAX

Howard 100 news is reporting that Howard will be in an upcoming Newsweek.
You can pay for download of Billboard Radio Monitor Howard Stern Special Issue - PDF here

SG Cowen Bumps Sat Radio Sub Forecast

SG Cowen analyst Tom Watts recommended the purchase of both Sirius Satellite Radio (nasdaq: SIRI - news - people ) and XM Satellite Radio Holdings (nasdaq: XMSR - news - people ), and raised estimates for net added subscribers for both companies. He sees Sirius valued at $10 per share, up from $8.40, and sees XM valued at $50 per share, up from $47.40.

Watts said Sirius and XM will benefit from increasing OEM commitments and retail awareness. In a research report he raised estimated net adds for the sector by 14 million through 2015, bringing an ending subscriber count to 74 million, compared with an earlier estimate for 60 million.

The analyst raised the estimated ending subscriber count through 2015 on XM up by 4.6 million to 41 million; he raised the estimate for Sirius by 9.4 million to 33 million. For XM, Watts attributed the higher estimate to increasing OEM commitments from General Motors (nyse: GM - news - people ), Honda Motor (nyse: HMC - news - people ) and Nissan (nasdaq: NSANY - news - people ). "We are raising both OEM and retail net adds for Sirius thru 2015, essentially closing in on XM's lead," said Watts, noting that "net adds will not taper off following the expected rise in 2006 due to Howard Stern."

By Ed Lin -

K-Rocks' Chuck Roast to PD on MAXIM

As we reported here yesterday:

The rumors were true, Rob Cross aka "Chuck Roast" former Operations Manager for WXRK-FM/New York, has joined up with SIRIUS Satellite Radio as Director of Programming for MAXIM Radio, channel 108.

Cross, who was with WXRK for two and a half years as Operations Manager, starts with SIRIUS on December 6th.



Monday, November 28, 2005

Dec 16th Alan Colmes gone from SIRIUS LEFT..
Jan 1st FOX NEWS will be gone from SIRIUS

If you like this show, or think that SIRIUS should up the deal with Alan Colmes (a part of FOX NEWS RADIO) call or email SIRIUS. Right now Alan Colmes is on SIRIUS LEFT weeknights.

Listen to a clip from the Alan Colmes show talking about all of this

Alan has put the following message on his web page:
"No Alan Colmes on Sirius Starting December 17th

Call Sirius at 1-888-539-SIRIUS to tell them you want Alan! Remember, you can still hear the show on your local radio station or on XM Radio channel 167. Click here for a complete station listing.

*As of January 1st, Sirius Radio will also no longer air any FOX News programming. Please let Sirius know how you feel about this change.*" -end-

From this it looks like FOX NEWS WILL BE GONE on SIRIUS..

I think that it is important to have both CNN and FOX news on SIRIUS! No matter if you are on the left or right, FOX News is big and people to enjoy having it on SIRIUS. If you like email and call SIRIUS and tell them what you thing about this... 1-888-539-SIRIUS..

Read our post from Oct 28 about FOX and SIRIUS

Xact Replay on Sale a Costco Stores

I was at a Costco in Baltimore today and they had the new Xact Replay with car and home kit for $119.99. (no rebate) Some things to notice about this package is the NEW HOME Antenna. The unit is packed with 2 car Antennas and a Home Antenna mounting bracket, this bracket is really just a metal plate, so you can stick the Car Antenna on this bracket.You can see in the photo, the new very small car antenna also!
Click image to enlarge

Sorry about the photos, they are off my phone!

Decency & the Media on C-Span Tues @ 1:30p

Just an FYI, as we reported here SIRIUS declined to attend this.. You can watch this "event" Tuesday at 1:30pm on C-Span..

The Open Forum on Broadcast Decency continues. Representatives from the cable and broadcast industry, parents groups and media watch dogs discuss such issues as family tiered programming and the television rating system. Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) Chairs the Senate Commerce Cmte. discussion.

S50 out selling iPods @ Crutchfield

GO here then click on sort by "Top Sellers"Thanks Rich

Oprah rumor revisited...

I've been hesitating for a while now as to whether or not I should introduce this topic again. First, I would like to say that I have NO INFORMATION whatsoever that anything regarding Sirius and Oprah exists. What I do have, are a lot of little coincindences that I would like you, the reader to know about. I invite you to draw your own conclusions.

Recall that in Febuary 2005, Mel Karmazin made the statement that Oprah would be on his wish list. This was followed by a NY POST article ( I beleive in September) that stated Sirius was courting Oprah. Nothing came of it, so I like the rest of you, dismissed it.

About 2 weeks ago, Sirius announced it was going to be airing Hayhouse Radio on the Sirius' Lime network. We ran a story on it called "Books on Sirius." I noticed my wife was reading a book that was part of Oprah's recommended readings. So, just for the heck of it, I "googled" it, and there were several connections, yet most seemed to be either books Oprah recommended or authors whom had appeared on her show....not really enough there to get beaten up over by posting it....

This morning however, there appeared a most interesting article on the founder of the Lime Network. I'll give you three guesses at who they named in the got it - Oprah! As well as several other prominent names including Disney...the parent company of ABC.

Could it be connected? Maybe, Maybe not. I look at xm's signings of Ellen and Tyra and think that may also be a clue. This was after all, a male dominated product. Suddenly, more effort is being put in to attract a larger female audience. You now know, what I know. Stay tuned....

Read more about The Oprah rumor from our Sept 4th post

BBC Radio 1 Broadcast from SIRIUS in NYC

The BBC Radio 1 crew is in NYC all week doing their show live from SIRIUS HQs in NYC. We told you about this last week. Today was the first broadcast of its kind! A live show from SIRIUS to the UK, and the USA. You can listen to this clip of todays show, they talk about SIRIUS all day, but in this clip they talk about the 5 hour shift to the USA. Listen here. You can listen to the full show here The Chris Moyles Show is on BBC Radio 1 SIRIUS//11 M-F at 7am (ET)

K-Rocks' "Chuck Roast" to PD @ SIRIUS?

Radio & Records "Street Talk" hears that WXRK (92.3 K-Rock)/New York PD Rob Cross (a.k.a. Chuck Roast) will experience a tearful reunion with soon-to-be-former morning guy Howard Stern in the hallways of Sirius next month. Cross is rumored to be making the extraterrestrial jump to become the new PD of Maxim Radio. Stay tuned for further details!
(via Radio and Records)

eBay Get's SIRIUS!

eBay Radio launched a weekly call-in program in addition to its main weekly show hosted by Jim "Griff" Griffith. eBay Radio airs on Tuesdays from 11 am to 1 pm Pacific time, and the new call-in show, called "Ask Griff," airs on Sundays from 4 to 5 pm. And the producer of eBay Radio., announced it is now simulcasting its programs on Sirius//114, every Monday through Friday from 1:00- 4:00 PM Pacific Time. eBay Radio features interviews with industry leaders and tips and advice on improving selling and buying skills on eBay. Each episode of eBay Radio is archived on the Internet. Griff said they decided to launch the new show because he had been hearing from listeners that they could not call in during the week, but had time on the weekend. Griff was eBay's first customer service representative, is eBay's Dean of Education and wrote "The Official eBay Bible" (in its second edition). eBay Radio accepts advertising, and Pak Mail is the title sponsor of the new "Ask Griff" show.

Full Story Here

SIRIUS Canada Line Up

Sunday, November 27, 2005

click image to enlarge
Some things to notice, only one NPR station for Canada, no FOX News, no LIME. Missing Music stations.. No Rumbon or Mexicana.. No Classical Voices, Revolution, Praise, SIRIUS disorder, Hot Jams, or Backspin. Sorry Canada no SIRIUS Love, for you! Sports Byline USA, not in Canada. No SIRIUS Left, Right & Patriot.. Oh and as we already know no Howard!! Also there is no Traffic stations...

You can also get the French verson here
Vous pouvez également obtenir le verson français ici

Posting comments on GSI

It is a shame that it has come to this. Over the past few days we had an increase of meaningless and unnecessary comments posted to Get Sirius Info. Orbitcast has had this problem for a long time and over the weekend started to require people to register to post comments. This is not going to be a new home for the folks who just post comments about nothing or just want to bad talk SIRIUS or XM. Starting today anyone who wishes to post comments to GSI: Get Sirius Info must be a registered Blogger user. It is very easy to register. You will see a link when trying to post a comment if you have not yet registered with Blogger, or you can sign up here. (note you only have to do the 1st page to get a username) We hope this will solve this issue, but we still hold the right to remove any comments, and block users who post meaningless comments. Thanks

New Stations Coming Thursday in USA?

GSI is working to find out if US SIRIUS subs will get any new stations this Thursday when SIRIUS Canada kicks off. There is 10 stations that will be Canadian content. It looks like US subs will get these stations but when? Will it be Thursday Dec 1st? We are working to get the info. Something else to think about.. Radio China is to start soon, as is Cosmopolitan Radio. Will these also be added Thursday and run on a loop until the launch dates? All questions we are working to find out. Will we let you know....

SIRIUS Canada starts Thursday...

SIRIURS Canada set to start Thursday and it looks like US subs will get the Canada content..

The Toronto Star reports Sirius will launch this Thursday!
As GSI first reported, it looks like Siruis Canada will launch this Thursday.
Read out past post here

"Sirius may be a step behind XM right at the moment. But Gary Slaight is determined to compete and says that his $14.99 monthly service ($2 more than XM), with its 100 channels — including Martha Stewart Living Radio and the BBC — is worth it."We have more channels," he said simply. "It's going to come down to the quality of the product."Relaxed in his 11th-floor office at Standard Broadcasting's Yonge and St. Clair West offices, Slaight describes himself as "excited but nervous." Its 10 Canadian channels, two more than XM, were compiled with the help of partners CBC and Radio Canada."We already had the infrastructure, studios, people, programming, expertise and marketing clout," said Slaight, surmising that Bitove, CEO of Priszm Canadian Income Fund — which runs KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell restaurants in seven provinces — will "use his other business to promote the hell out of it." He's most excited about Sirius's Canadian rock station, Iceberg Radio, because like all the other Canadian offerings, it will be available south of the border as well. "This is a great business for us, but it also gives us an opportunity to give Canadian talent a window into U.S., because all those American subscribers will be able to hear them," he explained."

Six of the 10 Canadian channels will be provided by the CBC and Radio-Canada:

  • CBC Radio One: English-language news, current affairs and documentaries.
  • Première Plus: French-language news and current affairs.
  • Infoplus: French-language news from Radio-Canada and public broadcasters worldwide.
  • RCI Plus: Radio-Canada International programming in eight languages, including English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin.
  • CBC Radio 3: English-language independent music and culture.
  • bandeapart: Francophone music.

The remaining four will be provided by Standard, Astral and Score Media:

  • Hardcore Sports Radio: Canadian sports news and talk.
  • Iceberg Radio: Commercial-free rock music.
  • Rock Velours: French-language channel dedicated to soft rock.
  • Energie: French-language station playing French and English pop, rock and urban music.

Get full story here

S50 in Best Buy and Radio Shack Ads

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Looks like the S50 should be in a Best Buy or Radio Shack Soon! These two clips are from this Sundays paper. There was nothing about the S50 in the CC Ad but my local CC store did have some S50's on Friday and sold out. You can read out S50 Review here, and a review update will be coming soon!

GSI: S50 Review

I wanted to get something out today about my S50. Sorry for any typos just put this together very quickly! If you have any questions about the S50 email me.

The SIRIUS S50, all I can say is wow! This thing is wonderful over all, but yes there are something’s that I personally do not like. I have broken this review down with bold sub titles. Look for updates on this review over the next few days. .

Out of the Box

When you open the box, there is layers of stuff, from very thick books to a little baggy to hold the S50. There is everything you need to get the S50 working in your car. A very nice antenna, and a multiple mounting options. There is also a belt clip and remote. The size of the S50 it supper small, I put it next to the JVC KT-SR1000 (one of the first PNPs) just to show how far SIRIUS has come!

Activation Problems
First off I had a problem with the S50 when I went to activate it online; It told me over and over to enter a valid ESN number. After I tried 3 or 4 times I called SIRIUS to activate over the phone. I was told that my ESN number was not in the system and was told to try back in 3 to 5 days!! When I questioned this I was told, “Sir, you have to be patient in the matter!� I did not like that answer so I called back 3 more times. Luckily the customer server folks got better, the first lady needs to be fired. From what I could find out some of the S50 ESN numbers were not entered into the SIRIUS system by someone. I was told it was the retailers’ problem by one Customer Service Rep, this was also wrong. I then called the S50 Product Support number (1-800-869-5364). This was the winner, I got the help I needed, and they added the ESN number to the system and told me it could take up to 24 hours for it to “work the system� but I should try every hour online. Three hours later I was able to activate my S50! I do know of some other folks that had this same problem, once they called the “Product Support number� it also fixed it for them.

The Display

My oh my! Stunning! No photo can tell how nice this is! The backgrounds, the station logos, the blues and blacks! Just Stunning! The font is bold and clear, you can see it when driving, a quick look and you get all the info. There is also large symbols that pop up when you REW/FF/PLAY/PAUSE. The display also gives you so much info then any other radio out there, you can turn on a sports ticker that will show up on any station, you still get that stations info at the same time, as the ticker. Very cool! Each station has its own logo, each category has its own background, and each sport has its own themed background. The S50 is smart also, say if there is a basketball game on Bloomberg radio, the S50 will not display the Bloomberg logo, but puts the NBA logo in its place! Now that is cool! You can also look at what is playing on other stations with out changing the station, you can roll station to station just looking around!

The S50 speaks
The S50 is a female, and she has one sexy voice! The voice navigation is very nice, when I first read about this, I was sure that I would turn it off right away.. Hell no I’m keeping this on! Very nice voice, she tells you the station name as the station is loading. She will talk over the music at times, but it sounds very nice. You can talk back to her as I do, but it will not do a bit of good.. The voice navigation also gives menu info, and warns you if you try to change a station when recording a song or show. You can turn this off, but I like it.

Replay Functions
If you have a replay model nothing new here , but it is still nice . Press the REW /FF button once to skip an entire song or hold it down to scan. You can also pause live radio.

Got to LOVE the Love button
The press of one button you can save an entire song on the S50. If you just tuned to a channel and press the love button it will tell you that the song won’t be complete, if you try to change the station when recording it will ask you if you are sure… On talk stations you can press and hold the love button to select a start and ending point. You can also love songs off “My Sirius Channels� (more about them soon)

Station Navigation
The magnifying glass button switches between browse single channels, categories, and your presets. Once you pick on of the above you can spin the wheel, and you will fly around the dial. If you pick single channel navigation you will go to each station in order, in the categories it will spin around just that category. If you pick presets, it will go in the order of your 30 presets. There is also a jump button, that you can set to any station, or to a city for traffic. To use the jump button, hold the “Jump� button down. The same Jump button will also get you back if you get lost. There is also game alerts, for as many teams as you like. The list button, will get you to your play list, and recorded content. Once you get into that menu and you get lost a few times you will get it.

The Remote
Small and very nice looking, you can enter in a station number with the remote, and also move around the S50. You can point it any were around the unit and it works nice.

FM Transmitter
I live in the middle of 3 major metro areas and there is very few open FM stations, so I never have luck with the FM transmitter. I do like how you can preset station frequencies to broadcast to, so if you do start to get some interference, you can easily change the station the S50 will broadcast to. The FM transmitter is in the base unit, so it must be docked to transmit.

Recording content
The S50 will record 3 of your most listened to stations, these are called “My SIRIUS Channels� You can also record songs at will, just hit the love and they save to My SIRIUS Songs

Playing back My SIRIUS Songs
When you listen to some stations DJ’s, liners, and songs overlap the song. SIRIUS did something very nice here! When you play back “My SIRIUS Songs� the S50 will fade up and down the song, so the music flows better, and the talking (if any) is not very noticeable.

Loss of Signal – No problem!
I drive in the Baltimore harbor tunnel daily, and there is no signal under the bay. To my shock the S50 said to me, sorry, no signal, would you like to access your playlist? Hit on button then I got music! How cool!

Uploading MP3 to S50
Easy!!! The SIRIUS studio software is very nice and will let you pop Mp3s into your S50. I even loaded an Mp3 over an Hour long, (some Mp3 players will lock up with big files like this) the S50 played it fine! Also the display on the S50 will use the ID3 tags.

The battery

Very nice life out of it so far, 5 hours pasted with no problems. The batter will also charge off your computers USB when connected. There is also an A/C power supply to charge the batter at home, when dock in the car it will also charge.

The lack of live portable content
We all knew that the S50 would only get live content when docked. I personally had a MyFi with XM, and was not impressed with the drop outs when walking around with it. The MyFi did fine were there is ground repeaters, but it was not all that in other places. I know a lot of folks want something to get SIRIUS live on the move, there is only one way to do that with SIRIUS right now and that is with the XACT power pod. Check it out here. This is big and bulky and if you are not in a big metro area with ground repeaters, this may not work that good for you. I think that S50 makes it so easy to record live content and upload your Mp3s that you will never worry about not having entertainment on the go.

Over all
The S50 is the best! Got to love it, the Mp3 functions are better then any Ipod out there. But this also get Sat radio in the car and at home! It takes some time to get around the menus. I have had mine for a short time, and tell you that in a few days I will find more cool things. Every time I power it up something new pops up. So check back for more reviews and some better photos in the coming days. I’m sorry for any typos in this review, but wanted to get something out quickly for you all to read…

Were to get it
I got my S50 from The Sirius Store! Grade A customer service! Once more they got it before any of mine local stores. I did preorder and it looks like this is going to be a big seller this holiday!

Other stuff
Download S50 Manual
Download My SIRIUS Studio Software
How to power S50 car kit in your home

Download My SIRIUS Studio Here

Friday, November 25, 2005

You do not need an S50 to enjoy this software! This is a nice way to listen to SIRIUS stations off the web. If you are getting an S50 or just want to take a look at the "My SIRIUS Studio" software, download it FREE HERE

My Sirius Studioâ„¢ is the PC software application used in conjunction with the SIRIUS S50 satellite media player. The following list provides a few highlights of the capabilities of the software:

* Import songs in MP3/WMA format to the S50.
* Create playlists and download songs to the playlists.
* Streaming of SIRIUS music channels over the internet (SIRIUS subscription required).
* Check for updates to the device software and download them to Sirius S50.

Note: WMA-DRM 10 content is not supported.

PC System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP or Windows 2000
Disk Space: Approximately 100MB

The download program file contains the following components:

* Microsoft .NET framework 1.1 or later
* Windows Media Player 9 (Windows 2000) or Windows Media Player 10 (Windows XP)
* Driver for the S50 (PortalPlayer Service Provider)
* My Sirius Studio Software Application User Manual

Download here

Streamer GTR on sale soon

Sources tell GSI: Get Sirius Info, that the Streamer GTR by Brix; will be out soon. This is the same as the Starmate Replay, but in black. The unit has all the same functions as the Starmate, but just a new look. The price should also be the same, and the GTR will also get the current $50.oo rebate.

Canadian SIRIUS kicks off next week???

Thursday, November 24, 2005

An Article today in "Your Canadian Music Source�, states CBC Radio 3's satellite radio station will launch next week with an impressive lineup of hosts. The roster includes: Smugglers frontman Grant Lawrence, who already hosts a Vancouver-based show for CBC; Craig Norris, a TV host and the singer for The Kramdens; singer/songwriter and CBC Radio culture reporter, Tariq; Vancouver hip-hop radio DJ Lauren Burrows; and last, but certainly not least, Canadian music icons (and perennial Chart cover boys) Jay Ferguson and Chris Murphy of Sloan. CBC Radio 3's satellite station will be beamed across North America through the Sirius Satellite network. Read the full story here. Could this also mean come Monday morning we will get a channel update here in the USA, adding SIRIUS Canada stations ? (like xm did last week) The article above did state that CBC Radio 3’s Satellite Station will be beamed across North America, last time I checked the USA is in North America.. But then again will anything happen next week? is reporting, Preparations for the launch of CBC Radio 3’s satellite radio station continue, with director Steve Pratt confirming that broadcasting will begin “within two weeks�. GSI: can get any hard information if or if not SIRIUS Canada stations will also be added to the US lineup. The CBC Radio 3 Web page has more info about the kick off, The only date they give is “early December� and also use the line “across North America� We will follow this story and update it as we need.

For more info check out:
Full SIRIUS Canada lineup

DC101 morning man Elliot Segal to SIRIUS??

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

RUMOR is reporting from their "Rumorama"........ "There's a little rumor buzzing around the hallways at Clear Channel's Rockville complex that Howard Stern might be in town (Washington DC) this weekend. Perhaps to do a dinner with DC101 morning man Elliot Segal? Maybe some serious discussions about joining Stern's Sirius "family," a la Bubba The Love Sponge? It's no secret that Segal wouldn't mind heading back up to NYC. " GSI: Get Sirius Info.. has no more details then this, but just wanted to post this RUMOR, and we will follow it!


SIRIUS Holiday Starts Thanksgiving Day

The Starlite web page has been updated, and they want to hear from you!! Here’s the deal: SIRIUS wants to know what your favorite holiday song is. Tell them in 150 words or less what seasonal song means the most to you – and why. They will post our favorite submissions on the SIRIUS Holiday page. Get full details here

SIRIUS Holiday isn’t the only channel playing seasonal music – your favorite country holiday music is playing, 24-7 on Christmas Country // Ch. 62.

More details here

S50 Manual - Download

Thanks to an emailer we now have a link to the S50 Manual. It is a very large PDF file! It is best to save this file locally to your system then open it.

Download Here

The British are Coming!

SIRIUS will welcome BBC Radio One morning man, Chris Moyles. His show will broadcast from the SIRIUS studios in New York City Nov 28th - Dec 2nd (7am - 10am ET). Durring the 5 day long visit to NYC , the BBC Radio One breakfast show crew, are scheduled to welcome special in-studio guests 50 Cent, P Diddy and Jack Black.

BBC Radio One is on SIRIUS//11

SIRIUS declined an invitation to participate in Indecency Hearing

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The U.S. Senate Commerce Committee Tuesday announced a hearing on radio and TV indecency scheduled for early next year. Sirius Satellite Radio, which will be the new home of shock jock Howard Stern starting in January, declined an invitation to participate.
The Jan. 19 indecency hearing could signal a possible intent to propose legislation aimed against off-color programming, TV Week said.

More from Washington Times

55 Million Satellite Radio Subscribers by 2010

"Jupiter Research has released a forecast that predicts satellite radio subscribers will increase to 55 million subscribers by 2010. This, up from an installed base of 12 million units in 2005. Very interesting. With XM stating 6 million subscribers and Sirius at 3 million subscribers for year's end, 12 million is blowing those estimates out of the water."
(Via Orbitcast)

more at Billboard Radio Monitor

Why the Chick Left SIRIUS! She Talks Here

Monday, November 21, 2005

An Email From The Radio Chick

As of Jan 3rd, we’ll be doing afternoon drive (3-7 pm) for Infinity broadcasting. We’ll be based out of the WXRK in NYC (Howard Stern’s current station) and will be adding additional markets throughout the course of our employment with Infinity, as part of the expansion of other “Free FM� hot talk stations around the country.

When Infinity first approached with their generous offer, I turned it down. Twice. They then returned with an irresistible combination of situation, compensation and guarantees. It is a tremendous package and big opportunity for all us on the show. My contract with Sirius did not prohibit us from doing terrestrial radio while broadcasting at Sirius. While it would be tough, we were prepared to honor our commitment to Sirius, and continue to host the midday slot on Stars 103, as well as PM Drive for Infinity. Sirius instead opted to release us from our contract. I completely understand their position.

We were saddened we were not able to explain, or even say goodbye to our Sirius listeners on air, but that was not our call.

You will be able to listen to the Radiochick show online beginning Jan 3rd, 2006. You can also stay in touch with the show by signing up on the mailing list at so we can notify you of big news, like new market announcements when they happen. We might be coming to a station near you in the not too distant future.

Our listeners at Sirius were tremendous. We are very grateful to you for making the experience at Sirius so enjoyable for us. Thank you.

Leslie Gold
The Radiochick

Read our full story here

Thanksgiving Weekend for SIRIUS Stars

Is it Thanksgiving Weekend on Sirius Stars or is it that SIRIUS now has 8 hours a day to fill, now the the Radio Chick Show is gone and the 10a-2p & 10p-2a slot on SIRIUS Stars//103 is wide open SIRIUS is filling it with some holiday extras, like Richard Simmions!! Oh Boy!

Theater of the New Ear
Friday 5 pm, Saturday 4 pm & 7 pm ET
Enjoy encore airings of Encore performances of our acclaimed radio plays, the Coen Brothers’ Sawbones and Charlie Kaufman’s Hope Leaves the Theater, starring Meryl Streep, Steve Buscemi, Hope Davis, Peter Dinklage and John Goodman, among others, set to music by composer Carter Burwell.

Rent: From Stage to Screen
Wednesday 5 pm, Saturday 10 am, 1 pm & 9 pm ET
Hear exclusive interviews and a performances from the cast of the new movie version of the Pulitzer Prize-winning musical, Rent, recorded onstage at the historic Apollo Theater.

Wednesday 10 am - 2 pm, 10 pm - 2 am ET
It’s the best of rock-n-politics iconoclast Dave Marsh, with Bruce Springsteen, Dion, and Steven Van Zant.

Thanksgiving in Bed With Robert Evans
Thursday 10am - 2pm & 10 pm - 2 am ET
Settle in for some pillow talk with a Hollywood legend with the best of In Bed With Robert Evans, featuring Craig Kilborn, Nastassa Kinski, Seymour Butts and Dick Van Patten.
Judith Regan
Saturday 10 am & 2 pm ET
Once was not enough: you have to hear the replay of Judith Regan – Regan Book’s titular firebrand – interview with Nicole Richie.

Work Off The Turkey With Richard Simmons
Friday 10 am – 2 pm & 10 pm – 2 am ET
Rouse yourself out of that tryptophan fog with the some of the best of Richard Simmons’s fitness motivation.

Garth Brooks Unlimited; SIRIUS Exclusive

Thanksgiving Day; 12 pm & 9 pm Multi-platinum, GRAMMY® award-winning country music star Garth Brooks, who was named the Recording Industry’s Male Artist of the Century, talks to SIRIUS’ Jim Kerr in an exclusive conversation about his new Limited Series box set, Garth Brooks Unlimited. He’ll tell SIRIUS everything from what it’s been like being retired and his life away from the stage, to getting married to Trisha Yearwood and his family life. Plus, SIRIUS will also feature the music on the Garth Brooks Limited Series box set, including its previously unreleased tracks, the day before it goes on sale.

Rebroadcast: Fri., Nov. 24th @ 9 pm ET; Sat., Nov. 26th @ noon ET; Sun., Nov. 27th @ 6 pm ET.

Mel Karmazin on Mad Money Nov 30th

"Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer" is offering 100 lucky viewers the chance to experience the energy, passion and electricity of its popular host in person. Airing Wednesday, November 30th at 6 p.m. ET (re-air at 9 p.m. and 12 a.m. ET), the studio audience will witness the excitement and action up close and go face-to-face with Jim during the rapid fire "Lightning Round." For this special event, Mel Karmazin, the Chief Executive Officer of Sirius Satellite Radio will join Jim in studio. Sirius is the content leader in satellite radio, recognized for delivering music, talk, entertainment, information, and sports programming to cars and homes across the country.

Radio Chick back to FM, gone from SIRIUS

The Radio Chick show did not air today on SIRIUS Stars//103.. There was a replay of "Kick out the Jams" with Dave Marsh, and other replays. A GSI Reader Steve sent in this info about the chick show, he said,
"It now says on her website that she will be on a NY FM station starting in January and her show is not on Sirius. We are assuming they moved to more money on FM, but also moved away from the FCC free Sirius to terrestrial air waves. "

We are told that the 1 year deal was done with SIRIUS, and Leslie Gold AKA the Radio Chick told FMQB, "I am thrilled to return to Infinity Broadcasting for the exciting launch of their new Free FM format in New York. I've enjoyed every minute on and off the air at Sirius and look forward to bringing The Radio Chick Show back to terrestrial radio." more

Her profile is also gone from

You can get more Radio Chick info here

Who knows what will fill this hole on Sirius Stars//103, and the 10pm hole were the old Radio Chick replay was. Personally I think this is a BAD move, The Radio Chick was growing a national base. She could do and say what she wanted. Moving back to FM is like moving back to black and white TV, I'm sure the money is better. On there is talk about being on other FREE FM stations across the USA, but no cities are listed yet. Sorry to see you go chick good luck with FREE FM, and the FCC :(

More here from Media Week

Read the Infinity PR

Martha Stewart Living Radio Starts Today

Join Martha and her team of experts for all you need to know to make this year’s Thanksgiving celebration one to remember. Martha Stewart Living Radio kicks off today on SIRIUS//112. Lots of turkey talk this week, and you can check out the full line up here

The SIRIUS One, Picked by Parade

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Parade, had "The Gadget Guide" today and Listed The New SIRIUS one. You can get your very own SIRIUS One here, and read a GSI Review on it here

Sirius and Direct TV Agreement?

Rumor? Developing Story? Someone Not Doing their Job?

I've been following this story for several weeks now. In week 2 of the current NFL season, I learned through my 13 year old son that Direct TV was broadcasting Sirius' NFL Redzone Broadcast on Direct TV channel 212. I took a double take and interest to make sure I was hearing it correctly. I was. An unusual aspect of the broadcast was the muting by Direct TV of any and all Sirius advertising, sometimes coming at the expense of the broadcast itself as the audio was not returned at the broadcast restart. Two weeks ago, I was asked a question regarding this matter, and as of today, Direct TV is broadcasting not only Sirius' NFL Radio broadcast, but they are including ALL Sirius commercials, in house and paid. I can only assume that a deal of some sort was reached by Sirius and Direct TV in the matter. Stay tuned.....

SIRIUS in the Sunday Papers

Here are just a few stories about SIRIUS in Sunday papers around the USA.

- Fans plan to follow Howard Stern Move...
Daily Record, Morris County, NJ

- If Not XM, Then Get Sirius
Pocono Record, Stroudsburg, PA

- Stocking stuffers: Top five gadgets for girls
Citizen-Times, Asheville, NC

- For the technofile
New Your Daily News

- Also check out the sales for "Black Friday" here

A Day with The S50, A GSI Interview

GSI, has asked Aaron, a GSI reader some questions about his S50. He has had his for about 24 hours.

Q: How is the CAR docking station?
A: The car dock is actually pretty good...mounted correctly, people should be
very happy with it.

Q: I'm told the headphones SUCK!! is that right...
A: the headphones aren't great...but then again...the headphones that come with
the Ipod suck also...most people will probably want to use their own

Q: Reports say that there is no song or artiest seek, that true? Is there something to replace that?
A: There is no song or artist seek...but if you like a song you just hit the love button and it saves it so you can listen to it whenever you want.

Q: How long is the "replay". You know on the Sportster and the Starmate replays it is about 44 min, how long is it on the S50?
A: According to the manual the replay buffer is between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the content. (I am not sure what the content has to do with it...but that is what the manual says) Maybe it has to do with the bandwith on the particular channel.

Q: In my car for example the power to the DC outlet turns off when the car is off, will the S50 battery kick in when there is no power to the car dock to record a show, if you have it set to do so?
A: In the manual it says that scheduled recordings are automatically performed without any intervention, however, the Sirius S50 must be docked, connected to a power source, connected to the antenna and receiving a good signal. If the S50 is turned off at the time of a scheduled recording, it will wake up and perform the recroding session only if it has external power from the home dock. Scheduled recordings will only occur in the vehicle dock if the Sirius S50 is on at the time of the recording.

Q: Have you loaded MP3 from your PC to the Unit.. how is that working? Can you upload content from the S50 to your PC?
A: Yes I put music from my PC onto the S50. You can create playlists like the Ipod. It works fine and if you've used Itunes it is pretty self explanatory. You cannot take content from the S50 and load it onto the PC.
The Sirius Studio software also allows you to search for software updates for the there is a chance that software enhancements will be made.
Also, the Sirius Studio allows you to stream the Sirius music and Live talk directly into the works just like when you log onto the sirius website and stream the music.

Q: What is one thing that you really like about it..
A: The hours of programming that can be saved in the My Sirius Channels. That ties into the thing I like the most which is being able to hit the "love" button both while listening to live music and while listening to a My Sirius Channel. The song gets saved in the My Sirius Playlist for listening later.

-Thanks for your time Aaron!

We have been updating our report, on the S50. Some GSI: Reads have gotten the unit and have been sending in some info about it all day. Things are looking up as the day goes on. Some things are working differently then many thought they would, and users needed some time to see how the S50 works, but we have gotten 4 emails in the last few hours and everyone is VERY happy with the S50 once they had some time to play with it....
Read updates here..

Sirius Gains in October Retail Market Share!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Stifel Nicolas Report on Satellite Radio

Satellite Radio: Glimpse into 4Q – Sirius Gains, XM’s Growth Slows SIRI increases market share to 58% in October (the least meaningful month in 4Q): Our analysis of proprietary retail sales data that we purchase from NPD, an independent consulting group, indicates that SIRI captured 58% of satellite radios sold in the month of October, once again the best performance in the company’s history, slightly up from last month’s record 55.7% share. However, the month of October is not a great indicator as to how the 4th quarter is going to shape up as a whole because it represents such a small portion of 4th quarter total sales, historically only about 12%. The NPD data tabulates bar code receipts from virtually all the major consumer electronics retailers, but excludes Wal-Mart (which is likely gaining share), small independents, and XMSR’s company owned kiosks – most of which sell more XM than Sirius. Therefore, the actual retail market share tends to skew higher toward XMSR. Directionally, we think the data is quite useful. We believe SIRI gained share in October because of the imminent arrival of Howard Stern, and perhaps due to the fact
Read Full report here

S50.. Day one... The Good & The Bad... So Far...

***Please note this reports are from a GSI Reader and not a member of the GSI team, so are reporting what we hear... SBS also has info from one of their readers.. If you have gotten the unit please email or post a comment about this..

UPDATE3: From a GSI Reader, "Aaron", "One thing that I think is very important to mention is how cool the My Sirius Channels are...They are up and working for me. While you can't schedule a recording on the music channels...the My Sirius Channels does let you record several hours of your 3 favorite stations...when you are on the go you can fast forward through the songs or skip from song to song...when listening in the My Sirius Channels you can also hit the "love" button and save that particular song to the My Sirius Songs category to listen to later.
Overall, I am VERY impressed with the unit." -- Thanks for the Update Aaron!!!

UPDATE2: We are getting reports that the S50 rocks, and It will record a full station, as one of your "My SIRIUS Channels" be it music or talk. The sounds as it starts up is very cool, and most really like the female voice that tells you the station name... One other note is that the S50 is like getting your first computer, it takes some time to play with it, to understand and see all the stuff it can do.. Over all it looks like the S50 is way ahead of any other Sat radio on the market today...

UPDATE1:It looks the S50 will record, "My Sirius Channels" the S50 will record 3 of your favorite statons; be it music or talk in full, so you can use this on the go.. One other note, there are no home kits out there yet, could this let you record hours of music?? The music station do have the replay.

I got an email from a lucky GSI: reader from California that got their S50 from a Best Buy on the west coast. They have one major problem with the unit, and that is that, it will not let you record a block of a music station, for example setting up a recording for the SIRIUS Hits one weekend countdown, it will only let them save song by song, not the full show, or hours at a time. The unit will let you set up 2 hour chucks of programming on non-music stations. You can also set up back to back 2 hour chucks, to get longer shows. The My favorite channel recording has not worked yet, because the unit has to learn what channels you like, but it looks like it will record a music stations with the function, but it has not done it yet, because he has not had the unit that long. One thing that makes us thing something was changed at the last minute, was there is an amended owners manual, we did hear the delay in getting the unit was to update the firmware on the units. It looks like this firmware put some restrictions on what you can do with the unit. We at GSI: will review the unit over time giving up updates, giving the unit time to learn about our listening patterns, to see how the “3 favorite channels� work.. SBS has some chatter about a unit that one of their members also just got. Thanks to Tony that emailed me his views, and he tell me that he will give updates as he plays with it.. Tony did tell me that the display “rocks� and the “female voice announcing the station when it is changes is cool, but thank God you can turn it off..� Having the station logo on the display is also a first… Right now there are very few units out there, and they should make the way west to east over the weekend and get to most stores early next week, the same as online stores, they will ship to their waitlist early in the week. If the RIAA bullied SIRIUS to make these changes, as it looks they did, this could not just change SIRIUS, but XM also. We will look into this story and give more details as needed.

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