Sirius Stars Full Line Up

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sirius just updated the Sirius Stars page with the new line up. One good thing you will see in the AM Drive slot were we not get a replay of the POD show you will also notice "(mornings TBA)"
I hope they fill that slot soon, I can not stand the POD show, once is cool, but the Replay in the AM drive is not.. So check out the updated lineup here

UPDATE: Also a comment that has been posted pointed out that on Mondays the POD show is on for 11 HOURS of the day! Oh my... WHY? but do note the (mornings TBA) we can hope for something in that slot! I just do not get why the POD show gets all that Air Time? Is that the best Star? I do not think so..


Anonymous Adam said...

I'm getting a 404 error with your link, is this what you were linking to?

Where is the Beer Drinking Teem show? I wanted to give that a try!

Thu Oct 06, 09:53:00 AM EDT  
Blogger JRB912 said...

Do you realize that Mondays has 11 HOURS of Pod show? Almost half the day. Just call it the pod channel. They list all of the talents for the Sirius Stars and then never put them on. I encourage everyone to email who is incharge programming for nonmusic channels. Tell him to fix the schedule or loose customers.

Fri Oct 07, 12:59:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Damian said...

1. Beer Radio moved to Sirius Advice...

2. 11 hours of POD is SAD but I think something is in the works for the AM slot on Sirius Stars

Fri Oct 07, 04:57:00 AM EDT  

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