Farters All Day Thursday...

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The silence will be broken on Sirius 100 & 101, get ready for a day of farters, yes farters..... Currently on 100&101 the display tells us that, "Farters All Day Thursday" On Howards FM show last week he asked for people to stop by and record farts for his new Sirius stations.. (that did never happen but they are doing 5 hour air shifts for farts) So tune in for something just short of shit.. some farts... Enjoy!

This is from Howardstern.com:
Howard commented that the farters will be ready to launch Douche 100 at SIRIUS tomorrow, although they are still searching for overnight talent. Gary reported that not only will Travis the Farter not be able to participate because he has to watch his parents’ farm, but that Dan the Farter also had to decline because of his work schedule. Howard compared the absence of Travis and Dan to the Beatles not having John and Paul, but Gary insisted it was still a strong lineup. Howard also noted that, while the farters are doing their thing, Nuno, the program director for the event, will be rating the farts, and that his scores will roll across the scroll throughout the broadcast.


Anonymous BT said...

now that is a funny post "just short of shit" classic man!

Wed Oct 05, 11:08:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

" On Howards FM show last week he asked for people to stop by and record farts for his new Sirius stations".

Where did you get that from? The farters are farting live in 5 hour shifts like disc jockeys.

Thu Oct 06, 09:26:00 AM EDT  

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