Playboy Radio On Sirius Rumors

Monday, October 31, 2005

I was told a few weeks back that something was "working" with Playboy Radio and Sirius, I'm still not able to confirm this. There are some new rumors around the internet about this. So let me tell you what I have been hearing. When Playboy radio was dropped by XM, the Rumors started when a Playboy Radio personality made comments about moving to Sirius.. on his last day on XM.. Some talk is that Playboy could be on Sirius in Jan 2006... With a 24/7 station that will have limited programming, that will loop, and will NOT be a premium station like it was on XM. So I will keep an eye on this Rumor, and some new chatter is that a Press statement could be out soon.. We will see..

3Q... Was A Big One for the Big Dog..

I'm told that the 3Q numbers are very good for Sirius, and things are UP big time! Radios have been selling like crazy and today alone I'm told with the $50.00 rebate kicking in, the activation lines were packed all day. I also walked into a local retail store to find a large display for the Starmate Replay empty, and a guy filling it back up.. I asked him, "they selling good?" he said, "we keep fillin' this thing up..." One other big sign that good news is coming from the Tuesday 8am conference call is that on, the front page there is a link to listen to it. Now if it was bad news do you really think they would put a link on the front page of Full Details on the call, plus a link to listen to it will be posted here on GSI: GetSiriusInfo, all day Tuesday!
You can also listen live to the call here or on Sirius//127

E Street Radio Kicks off at Noon Tuesday

Beginning Tuesday at 12 pm ET on SIRIUS channel 10 you’ll hear rarities, track-by-track discussions and in-depth conversations with all of the E Street Band members as well as others who worked with Springsteen throughout his career. And if that’s not enough, on November 1st at 4 pm ET you’ll hear an exclusive SIRIUS interview with Bruce Springsteen!

SIRIUS and DaimlerChrysler Extend Exclusive Relationship

* Agreement Extends Exclusivity to September 1, 2012 * 750,000
Subscribers Expected From Chrysler Group Alone During Current 2006 Model Year *
Wide Factory Availability Continues

SIRIUS Satellite Radio and DaimlerChrysler today announced that they have extended their exclusive relationship through September 1, 2012. The agreement includes all Chrysler Group
and Mercedes-Benz vehicles as well as Freightliner Trucks.

For model year 2006 over 750,000 subscribers are expected to be
generated from the Chrysler Group alone, with volumes estimated to increase
significantly in the future.

SIRIUS continues to be available as a factory-installed option on 2006
model year Chrysler Group vehicles, under the Chrysler, Jeep(R) and
Dodge brands, with one year of SIRIUS service included in the $195 MSRP of
the feature.

get full info here

S50 PRICE DROP!!! Already!!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Back on Sept 5th I reported here that I was hearing that the S50 price would be lower once it hits the streets.. It looks like that will be true... $359.00 was the MSPR reported when the S50 was shown off in Aug, now we can confirm that the S50 will be $329.00 plus the $50.oo rebate.. So you can get one for only $279.00... WOW! What A Deal! The Sirius Store has already made the price drop HERE
You should see the S50 on or about Nov 11th

Huge Gift, Little Box $50 Rebate

We told you this was coming.. Here is all the details !!For yourself, a loved one, or both. Here’s Sirius' best deal ever on eligible SIRIUS receivers like the Starmate Replay that is only $79.oo after rebate! , letting you pause, rewind and replay up to 44 minutes of your favorite SIRIUS content -- $50 off after mail-in rebate and activation. You can print your rebate form below before shopping.. The "Huge Gift, Little Box" $50 rebate, with NO commitment required for the rebate, only activation. The rebate runs from 10/30-12/31.

Please note that SIRIUS receivers purchased from BJ's, Costco, Sam's Club, Target and Wal-Mart are NOT elligible. See all the details here..

Receivers purchased at THE SIRIUS STORE are elligible and it is TAX free outside CA!!!..

List of Eligible Receivers
More Information

Sirius Halloween

Tonight and tomorrow Sirius offers a few special Halloween shows and concerts:

Devils's Night with the White Stripes
(Sunday Oct 30, 11pm Eastern, on Left of Center 26)
"Left of Center freaks out on Devil's Night, aka Halloween’s Eve, with The White Stripes recorded live in their hometown of Detroit, Michigan."

Halloween on the Darkside Weekend
(Oct 28-31, all day on First Wave 22)
"Beginning Friday night, First Wave takes you to the "Dark Side" for a very special Halloween weekend. You'll hear songs from some of your favorite First Wave artists including Bauhaus, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Sisters of Mercy, Love and Rockets and more, every hour, all weekend long through Halloween Night. "

(Monday Oct 31, 7pm Eastern on Faction 28)
"This Halloween SIRIUS presents H.I.M.-oween! an hour of the best hard rock Halloween music personally selected by co-hosts Ville Valo of the multi-platinum Goth-metal band H.I.M. and Bam Margera. Following H.I.M.-oween! stay tuned for an encore presentation of last year’s exclusive Halloween takeover, featuring Rob Zombie."

Expect a dedicated Christmas channel this holiday season as well.

The Big 80s Big 40

Saturdays Join Nina Blackwood as she counts down the Top 40 hits from a corresponding week in the decade of Big greed, Big hair, and Big hits. Show airs Saturdays at 9am(ET) then at 5pm(ET) and Sundays at Noon..(ET)

Starting Nov 5th on the Big 80's Sirius//8

Bill Clinton on Sirius

Saturday, October 29, 2005

SIRIUS will broadcast a special edition of Armstrong Radio, Lance Armstrong’s weekly radio program on SIRIUS, featuring an exclusive interview with former President Bill Clinton this Sunday, October 30 at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT on FACTION, SIRIUS//28. Armstrong and Clinton discuss a variety of subjects including cancer awareness, retirement and the “Alliance for a Healthier Generation,� the collaborative effort by the Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association to prevent childhood obesity.

Armstrong joined SIRIUS in January to host a weekly program on FACTION, a channel created specifically to appeal to action sports enthusiasts with an innovative mix of music and talk. He will continue to host Armstrong Radio, heard exclusively on SIRIUS, every Sunday at 9 pm ET on FACTION, channel 28. The program is re-broadcast Mondays at12 am and 12 pm ET.

Sirius One Review

Friday, October 28, 2005

The Sirius One, Wow it is a really cool look very small and light..
Once more The Sirius Store was to first to have this radio... The $49.99 package comes with, a very thin and easy to use remote, Suction Cup Mount (like one you would get with a radar detector) Dash/Visor Mount, Car Antenna, and Cigarette Lighter Adaptor. There is also Velcro, and 3M mounting tape.. The box is tells you it is the "EASIEST way to start enjoying SIRIUS..." Here is some quick things about it, the display is very nice for what it is... Blue with Blue backlight, one line 12 character display. There is multiple display modes; Category Name, artist and Song, Song, Artiest, and channel name.. The display will also flip if you want to hang it upside down on your visor this will allow the buttons to be at the bottom of the unit. The car Antenna is the first I have seen with out any SIRIUS markings on it, it is also flatter and a little wider then the Starmate Replay ones. One other thing is that the Starmate home kit power adaptor will work with the Sirius one.. Some down falls about the Sirius One, The only way to enter a direct channel number is on the remote.. and that there is no S-Seek, and the one line display. But for someone who wants to get Sirius, and can deal with the scroll display.. I think this is worth the $49.99. The remote is easy to use and works very good. I do like the way it works in the car, putting it on the visor you can hide all the wires, and get a very easy and clean install. It really looks like a radar detector, and this could be a problem in some states.. The radio runs warm, and gets to the same temp as my Starmate Replay. The FM transmitter is about the same as the rest of Directed radios. The Sirius One also have a FM preset button on the remote and the unit, you can set 5 preset FM stations to broadcast on.. The radio sounds good over the FM transmitter and out the audio out. There is an FM out so you can use aWired FM Modulator.. It is no Starmate Replay but the price is right.. I think this over the XACT visor, I have just played with the XACT Visor in a store and I fells cheap over this sold Sirius One.. Loves The S50

Wow this is very cool, listed the S50 as a "Gadget We Love"... The S50 made the list with the ipod nano, highlander hybird, sony psp, and more.. There is also an online poll asking reads what they would buy.., when I put my vote in the S50 was #1 at 60% the Apple ipod mini was #2 at 13%... Read all about it here.. and vote!!
I love what they say about the S50...
"Give your iPod away and get Sirius Satellite Radio's slick new S50 for $360. For $13 per month, you'll get sports, talk and news, plus 65 commercial-free music stations."

Click on image to enlarge

S50 A Big Buy for Best Buy

Rayn over at is reporting that "Supposedly Best Buy has agreed to 450,000 units over an unknown period of time, so apparently they'Â’re anticipating this to be a big seller as well."

I'm told that the S50 should be out Nov 11.... We know that the date have been pushed back and up then back again. Back on Sept 18th we reported here that the S50 will be out early Nov not in Oct like Sirius reported. I looks like that will be the case..

NBA Kicks off on Sirius

The NBA kciks on Nov 1st on Sirius. The schedules are posted here on
For weekly sports schedules click on the Sirius Sports Weekly link on the upper left of this page.

Inside info on the FOX NEWS Dispute

Breaking Update
GSI: Get Sirius Info has learned that all the events from Thursday were caused by Sirius not airing the Alan Colmes radio show on Sirius Left on Tuesday night. Sirius is under contract to air Colmes radio show witch is syndicated by Fox News Radio. In its place on Tuesday and Wednesday night Sirius aired Stephanie Miller in his time slot. "They sort of (Sirius), unceremoniously and in apparent violation of the contract, took Alan Colmes off," said Fox News Radio senior vp Kevin Magee. "We figured, if they weren'‘t going to honor the contract, neither were we." Sirius said that it was an "Admin error"... Magee from FOX also added that the deal with Sirius involving the Fox News television and Fox News Radio ends at 11:59 Dec 31st 2005, unless successfully renegotiated. I'm also told that Sirius has to use a cable TV feed to get Fox News TV audio back on the air, and was blind sided by Fox.. We will follow this story and keep you updated...

GSI: Editors Note

Thursday, October 27, 2005

I would like to thank the thousands of daily visitors to GSI: GET SIRIUS INFO. When I started this blog I had no clue how it would get this big! I get emails everyday from readers and just from people who love Sirius, and this is what keeps me going. Satellite radio is getting bigger by the day, and so is the chatter about it. Over the past few weeks there has some much news about Siruis, and I want to make sure that GSI has all the update news and info about Sirius, not with the news from other news sources, and Sirius press releases, but exclusive contact only found here. I have asked a few of my “Sirius Buddies� to join the team, and you will notice some postings by these folks. It is very important to me that all the information posted here is quality, that is why I’m hand picking the team to work on this page. I also know that there is a large group of folks who just love Sirius as much as I do. I’m going to offer one of you out there the opportunity to join the team. If you want this opportunity please check out this web page, and read the details on how to apply. I will then hands pick someone if the right person is out there. Hurry you must enter by this Sunday at Noon.. Thanks again for checking in!


"Mix Fix" on The Beat//Sirius 36

Your favorite SIRIUS DJs are taking over The Beat to bring you an exclusive mix of the hottest dance hits. Get your Mix Fix everyday on The Beat // Sirius 36 Monday - Friday at 9am and 11pm (ET) MORE DETAILS

This is a way to make old Remix fans get their "Mix Fix"...

Eminem Celebrates One Year Of Shade 45

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Eminem's Shade 45 channel on Sirius Satellite Radio, and the Rapper will be on the air to celebrate. The channel officially launched last October with a live concert broadcast of Em’s Shady National Convention in New York City. Now, Eminem will be on Shade 45 throughout the next several days to talk about the channel’s success over the past year, his forthcoming greatest hits album, Curtain Call, and other new projects that he has in the works. Fans can catch the Rapper along with host Lil Shawn during The All Out Show with co-hosts Rude Jude and Lord Sear from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. EST today. Eminem can also be heard with morning show co-hosts Cipha Sounds and Angela Yee on Friday, October 28 from 8 a.m. to noon, and on Saturday, October 29 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. during G-Unit Radio with host Whoo Kid.
Read full story at FMBQ.COM

SIRIUS Reports on the Growing Crystal Methamphetamine Epidemic

SIRIUS OutQ Presents Special Programming Exposing the Danger and Destruction of Crystal Methamphetamine; Gives Users/Potential Users Unique Opportunity to Speak With Those Who've Experienced The Ravages Firsthand.... Seduction: Crystal Meth and The Gay Community will air Friday, October 28 from 4-5 pm ET and then will be followed by an interactive "town hall" style discussion where listeners can speak directly to recovering addicts and drug experts....

Sirius Canada to Launch Canada’s 1st All Sports Channel

Standard Broadcasting, a partner in Sirius Canada, and Score Media today announced a partnership to bring a 24-7 all sports satellite radio channel, The Score, to Canada via Sirius Satellite Radio. The Score is the first Canadian sports station on the Sirius Canada channel lineup.

"Canadian sports fans will embrace The Score to quench their thirst for the sports information they want most, where and when they want it," commented John Levy, Chairman and CEO, Score Media Inc. "Satellite radio will play an increasingly important role in meeting Canadians' information and entertainment needs at home, at work, or on-the-go."

Read full story here

FOXNEWS removed itself from SIRIUS over contract dispute this morning?

Today The drudge report... Reported that Fox pulled it self from Sirius.. FOX NEWS on Sirius was just a loop of Previews earlier today... then around 1pm ET the FOX NEWS feed was back... According to some reports FOX NEWS (TV AUDIO FEED) removed themselves from Sirius earlier today over contract dispute... The FOX NEWS TV feed contract with Sirius is up on Dec 31 2006, according to some sources..

I have contacted Sirius PR about what happened today but no response as of yet..

As of right now it looks like FOX and Sirius are working things out.. But they are up for a new contact soon.. XM and FOX NEWS TALK (talk station not the TV feed ) made a deal last week to start on XM in the New Year, FOX did make it a point that the deal with XM is NOT exclusive .. We will keep an eye on it.

R&R also has a story posted... But the story reads...
"Fox News and Sirius are involved in a "contract dispute" and that the satcaster is no longer
carrying the Fox News Channel as one of its subscription radio channels.

Asked for comment, a Fox News spokesperson confirmed Drudge's report but offered no other details."

FOX NEWS //133 on Sirius is currently broadcasting just fine.. so who knows..

UPDATE.. The Drudge Report Story is now gone... Humm??

Martha Stewart and Richard Simmons Demonstrate Sirius

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Over at SiriusBackstage... They have found a web video of Martha and Richard installing a Starmate Replay in a car.. (This was on National TV also) This is wonderful for Sirius to have these two queens of the media installing a Sirius radio, I personaly would have done a litter better job, but Martha and Richard really like there Sirius Radios.. Take a look at this video.. There is a quick AD up front..

SIRIUS Hires Paul Blalock as Senior VP of Investor Relations

Investor Relations Veteran to Lead SIRIUS' Outreach to Investment
Community SIRIUS today announced that it hired investor relations and telecommunications industry veteran Paul Blalock as Senior Vice President of Investor Relations. Blalock will lead the company's initiatives with the investment community and will report to David Frear, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

Sirius One @ TSS-Radio

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Sirius One is now in stock at The Sirius Store.. This is a cool little radio for only $49.99...

The simplified design combined with the versatile mounting options and reversible display allow the SIRIUS One to be placed on the visor, dash or console. The easy-to-read, high contrast single-line display allows for quick and easy access to information. SIRIUS One has been perfected for those looking for the easiest and least expensive way to get SIRIUS’ content into their car.

- Vehicle focused design including 4 simple mounting options (sun visor, windshield, dash/instrument panel and hook and loop fastener mount)
- 1-line, 12-character display with multiple display modes and display flip feature
- Built-in wireless FM transmitter with 100-frequency selection and FM preset button
- 30 channel presets with preset scan

- 4 mounting options
- Low profile car antenna
- Remote control

You want one? Get it now.. What a wonderful xmas gift for under $50...

SIRIUS to Announce 3rd Q Results On November 1

SIRIUS has scheduled a conference call at 8:00 am ET on November 1 to discuss these results. Investors and the press can listen to the conference call via the company's website,, and on its satellite radio service by tuning to SIRIUS Channel 127.

Martha Starts Thanksgiving Week....

Martha's page on is got updated with a hint as to what is to come.. Check it out here.

The station will kick off Thanksgiving Week, just in time to cook your big bird...

The Bridge will be E Street Radio Nov. 1 - Jan. 31

Tune in to Channel 10 (November 1st through January 31, 2006) to hear E Street Radio. Only on SIRIUS.

E Street Radio, an exclusive channel with round-the-clock Springsteen music on November 1. The commercial-free E Street Radio channel features rare tracks, special programs and exclusive interviews from one of America’s true musical heroes.

E Street Radio on SIRIUS coincides with the 30th anniversary of the release of Springsteen’s album Born To Run, which is being remastered and reissued for release on Columbia Records on November 15.

In addition to rarities such as recordings of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band dating from early 1973, E Street Radio will feature track-by-track album discussions, behind-the-scenes insights, and conversations with E Street Band members and others associated with Springsteen throughout his career.

GSI: GetSiriusInfo Yahoo! Group

Monday, October 24, 2005

Over the past few weeks I have gotten some email request for a way to have Breaking Sirius News sent to your email. So... I have started up a GetSiriusInfo Yahoo! Group here. You can also post messages, share photos, and chat about Sirius on this group. If you would like to get just Breaking Sirius News Updates just request to get "Special Notice"... So Join today!!

Howard 100 News Webpage... has updated Howard 100, with the new name and Logo of Howard 100 News.. The Howard 100 page also has the mission statement of Howard 100 News and what is coming up on the next broadcast. You can also get a listing of the live shows this week..

Every day at 6 pm ET
: Howard 100 News - – Live!
Monday, Oct. 24: Double A'’s interview with Beth at 6 pm ET
Monday, Oct. 24: Ronnie'’s birthday party from Scores (follows Double A's show)
Tuesday, Oct. 25: Angry Black and King of All Blacks (Time TBD)
All day Thursday, Oct. 27: High Pitch Eric. How much crap does High Pitch hold?*
*There is something up with this.. NYC health Dept will not let this happen in Sirius Studios..

S50 Brochure Exclusive Online Look

Here is a look at the Sirius S50 brochure sent out to major retails. This is full of S50 info and details.. This S50 will be on the streets soon.. Look for these Brochures out soon at your local retail stores. If you are in a large market your local store should have these out. I got this last week along with the new channel line up guide..

Click to make image bigger...

A big week for Sirius

Friday, October 21, 2005

This week has been a big week for Sirius, and next week the S5o should be getting out there... Reuters did a ver nice artical today about Sirius and how "Sirius Sees Big bounce after Stern Deal..

While CEO Mel Karmazin said the improved sales can be attributed to Martha Stewart joining Sirius and the start of the NFL season as well as the impending arrival of Stern, analysts focused mostly on the latter.

"We have consistently indicated that the arrival of Howard Stern would be a major catalyst," Merrill Lynch analysts wrote after the NPD data was made public this week.

Taking the lead in retail was "not a surprise," the analysts said. "We expect Sirius' lead in retail sales will continue throughout (the year) and early 2006, largely driven by the addition of Howard Stern fans."

Analysts at Sanford Bernstein noted that Sirius' share of retail has risen from 11 percent in 2002 to 44 percent last year and 48 percent in the first half of this year.

Read the full story from Paul Bond.. Here

Sexpert on Sirius

Thursday, October 20, 2005

'Talk Sex With Sue Johanson' Show to Air on SIRIUS STARS//103

Oxygen Network's resident "sexpert," Sue Johanson, will bring her hit television show, Talk Sex with Sue Johanson, one of Oxygen's most top-rated shows, to SIRIUS Stars, channel 103 Sunday nights from 9 pm to 1 am ET starting October 23, 2005.

Read the Sirius PR here

And yes she is holding that...

A look at the S50 BOX

It should be out next week...
Here is a look at the box...
The parts in the box..
You want one????
Order it today from the Sirius Store...

Sirius only with Satellite Radio/Mp3 unit for Holidays

I normaly do not post XM news items but as a Sirius Stock holder this is good news for Sirius, and it could effect the Satellite Radio landscape this hoilday season. Our buddy Ryan over at has posted that the XM Samsung neXus and Dell DJ Satellite will NOT be out for Christmas. These 2 new XM radios are like the S50 and Mp3/XM radio, Legg Mason and Bank of America is also reporting this.. The reasons behind this are still sketchy, but according to the chatter the Dell DJ Satellite and the Samsung neXus are delayed due to “software integration issues.� If this is true the only Satellite radio/Mp3 player on the Market for Santa to buy will be the Sirius S50


Sirius To Air Live Breeders' Cup Coverage

Sirius will be the exclusive radio broadcaster for the 2005 Breeders' Cup World Championships, Oct. 29 at Belmont Park in Elmont, NY.

A special edition of Dave Johnson's weekly Sirius show "Down The Stretch" will feature 8 hours of exclusive live coverage, including race calls starting at 10:00 a.m. EDT on Sirius Sports Action channel 123.

Sirius will devote eight hours to covering one of the biggest events on the Thoroughbred racing calendar. This special edition of "Down The Stretch" will feature regular host and acclaimed track announcer Dave Johnson anchoring the day's coverage alongside racing expert and co-host Bill Finley.

Johnson will also call each of the day's eight Breeders' Cup races live, including the $4 million Breeders' Cup Classic - Powered by Dodge (gr. I), which could determine this year's Horse of the Year. Post time for the first Breeders' Cup race is 1:20 pm EDT.

Martin Lee to be Sirius Marketing VP

SIRIUS announced today the appointment of Martin Lee as Senior Vice President of Marketing. Lee will be responsible for all aspects of SIRIUS brand marketing and will report directly to Scott Greenstein, President of Entertainment and Sports, who will continue to oversee all marketing efforts.

Lee, who was recently selected as 2005 Marketer of the Next Generation by Brandweek magazine, brings a wealth of national and international experience in product and brand marketing to SIRIUS, including eight years in consumer electronics. Most recently Lee was Vice President of Marketing at Olympus, where he directed product management, branding, advertising, sponsorships, interactive, trade shows and market research for the company's consumer products (including the launch of its digital music players). In this position, he successfully introduced over 100 products into the market place including the Stylus Digital camera. At Olympus, Lee pioneered brand extension with sponsorships and built cross-branded partnerships that enhanced the company's visibility.

$50.00 Rebates for Holidays

Look for $50.00 Rebates on most Sirius PNP units for this Holiday season.... Starting Oct. 30.. Full Details to come

Stern Sirius Studio.. & other Howard News

Right now if you walk into Sirius HQ in NYC you will see a large white wall, with a piece of paper on it, "The future Home of Howard Stern" on it.. Behind that white wall there is alot of work underway to make one of the best radio studios in the world, even with a pole for dancing, and a mini bar.. The New York Times did a big story on the new home of Stern today.. Read the full story here. In other Howard news.. The "Howard 100 News" has started on Sirius 100&101. This is a loop but it like a news cast with all Howard news, and updates.. It also gives details on upcoming shows on Howard 100, like today 24 hours with Wendy the retard.

Also Sirius has awarded the marketing assignment for its Howard Stern channels to Havas‚’ Euro RSCG, New York, according to executives familiar with the pitch.


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

SIRIUS Number One In Retail Market Share In September

Sirius captured 56% of satellite radio sales at retail* in September, the highest monthly share to date for the satellite radio broadcaster...

We reported here and only here back on 9/13 that "in the 2Q of 2005 the top 2 selling satellite radios were Sirius radios. The top seller was the Sportster and the number 2 seller in all satellite radios (this is both XM and Sirius) was the Sirius Starmate.. So Sirius had #1 and #2 selling satellite radio product in retail." read full post here

Over 82,000 SIRIUS tuners were sold in September 2005, a 93% increase over September 2004 SIRIUS tuner sales, and a 52% increase over August 2005 SIRIUS tuner sales.

"This increase in retail market share is extraordinarily positive for SIRIUS, especially given that we are now about to enter the busiest time of the year for us at retail," said Mel Karmazin, CEO of SIRIUS. "We have the strongest programming in all of radio, with great commercial free music, the NFL, Martha Stewart starting soon and Howard Stern coming in January of 2006, and we have innovative and competitively priced new products that are now reaching store shelves. This is an unbeatable combination that should translate into a strong fourth quarter for us."

SIRIUS also reaffirmed today... that it expects to have 3 million subscribers by the end of this year.

(*Source: The NPD Group. Channels include Electronics Specialty, Audio/Video Specialty, Mobile Electronics and Mass.)

Did Xact drop the ball with Wal*Mart?

On Oct 9th I posted a "rumor" report about WalMart getting some Xact Rego units for the holiday. The rego popped up on and now... it is gone.. I was told weeks ago that WalMart gave Xact a date to get the Regos to them.. It is looking that Xact failed to get the units to walmart. This is all rumors but once more the Rego is up in the air.. The wearable kit for the Rego is still on but the Rego it self is gone.. So who the hell knows what is going on with the Rego, the last work from Xact on it was.. out around Fathers day.. that was june.. The Rego is still on the Xact webpage..

Miscellaneous shows coming to Howard 100

For all you Howard Stern fans, this week starts some miscellaneous "shows" on Howard 100:

Thursday, October 20th -– Wendy the Retard all day

Saturday, October 22nd (or Monday?) - Ronnie'Â’s birthday party at 10 p.m. (Howard said Ronnie's party will be recorded Saturday and then broadcast on Monday. )

Monday, October 24th - Double A'Â’s interview with Beth at 6 p.m.

Tuesday, October 25th -– Angry Black and King of All Blacks (Time TBD).

Thursday, October 27th - High Pitch Eric all day

New Plug & Play Units under $50

As 1st reported here... The Sirius one and XACT Visor will only be $49.99... Today the offical word came from Sirius..

'Tis the season to get SIRIUS Satellite Radio (NASDAQ:SIRI). The premium satellite radio provider is now offering two compact and user-friendly units for holiday shoppers on a budget. For just $49.99, the SIRIUS One and XACT Visor Plug & Play units are the easiest and least expensive way for consumers to access SIRIUS content in their car this holiday season. The SIRIUS One and XACT Visor are available now at retail.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

SIRIUS will provide its subscribers with two very special Halloween treats when it broadcasts exclusive performances by hot rock bands the White Stripes and O.A.R. on Sunday, October 30 and Monday, October 31.

On Sunday, October 30 at 11 p.m. ET, SIRIUS will exclusively broadcast Devil's Night with The White Stripes on commercial-free music channel Left Of Center channel 26. The White Stripes concert was recorded during their three-night stint Sept. 30-Oct. 2 at Masonic Temple in the duo's hometown of Detroit, Michigan. The White Stripes, featuring Jack White on guitar and piano and Meg White on drums, won 2003's Best Alternative Music Album GRAMMY®, and their fifth album, Get Behind Me Satan, was released on V2 Records in June to critical acclaim. The band is currently performing dates in Europe on its world tour.

O.A.R.'s first national radio broadcast will be broadcast live from the H.U.B. Ballroom in Seattle, Washington, exclusively on commercial-free SIRIUS music channel 17 Jam On, beginning at 11 p.m. ET on Halloween (Monday, October 31). "We make it a point for our Halloween shows to be special, so having SIRIUS broadcast our concert in Seattle this year will certainly be a Halloween treat to remember," said O.A.R. bassist Benj Gershman.

O.A.R. (Of A Revolution) is gaining a reputation for surprise Halloween stunts. For Halloween 2004, they dressed up as members of the defunct rock band Guns 'N' Roses, and opened their show with the GNR hit "Sweet Child O' Mine." The five-man band is currently enjoying the recent release of its fourth studio album and its second on Lava Records, Stories Of A Stranger.

Tony Hawk's SIRIUS Show Integrated into Video Game

As posted here back on Oct. 7th Tony Hawk's SIRIUS Satellite Radio Show Integrated into Activision's Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Video Game. The offical word and PR came out today from Sirius.. Read it here..

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