What's up with Sirius.com?

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ok I do not understand why Sirius.com is not up and full of all the info on the new stations, and new line ups.. I have been checking in all day, and 1/2 of the time I got the "Sirius.com is Unavailable" Why was the new page not ready to launch at dawn today.. and also XM put out a new front page today (it looks some what like Sirius.com)... It was looking up when they posted the flash channel interface yesterday.. but today you are lucky if you can get to it.. I called and asked about Sirius.com they told me it is "under construction".. WHAT? it is not like these changes just happened at the last min.... Lets hope it is up soon, with the new lineups for stations like Sirius Stars and the others...


Anonymous vote libertarian said...

What a shame that Sirius can't get their website up on possibly the most important day of the year for them! With all the changes, I'm sure a lot of people (subscribers as well as non-subscribers) would go online to read about the changes.

Thu Sep 29, 05:14:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Damian said...

The Sirius Advice channel just got updated www.sirius.com/siriusadvice

A little late..

Do they not trust the webmaster with the info?

Thu Sep 29, 05:20:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous MJ said...

Hey, hit shift and reload. The web paged just hic-uped.

Fri Sep 30, 10:15:00 AM EDT  

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