Saturday, September 24, 2005

Traffic Channel upgrades???

I was told by an insider in a very cryptic way, “Sirius Traffic Streams will be better then ever� I could not get anymore info out of this guy, but I did ask if it was to do with the plans to work with NAVTEQ, and growing to 50 major markets, and I was told that is “old news�.. A few days back I got a tip from an email from an unknown person telling me that after the 29th the traffic services will now be more useful, with the display showing temperature and also when there is a large traffic problem the display will tell you on the display. This is like XM’s Jam Alert. I think that Sirius needs to do this and hope it is true, but these rumors have been flying around for years. One thing also to note, NYC and LA are getting their own stations, so they might be getting this upgrade first. I will try to get more info on this, but all I know, Sirius knows they need to work on the local Weather/Traffic stations. So right now put this in the Rumor file, and Thursday we will find out for sure..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this was sent to Howard with no response so far....

some people don't think you are the King of ALL Media. some people don't think you can get 1million people to sign up for Sirius. some people think you don't have a heart. here's an idea you might consider..

Oprah, Trump, nor the Clintons would ever try such a thing, but you, being the Matriarch of Media could actually pull it off...

You plan on taking a cross country tour promoting your new Sirius shows. at each stop, let's say you do 100, you'll pull a name from a list of new subscribers since Oct 1st. once 3million NEW subs have been reached each winner from each stop will win $100k of Howard Stern's money, not Sirius', Howard's personal money. one winner will be drawn for the Grand Prize of $1 million. winners will be flown to NY each month throughtout next year days after you get paid to receive their personalized check from Howard Stern. the million dollar winner can get paid next Christmas. that's a total of $11 million plus travel expenses for the winners which is just over 11% of your annual salary. Not much to once again show you are the KING. who else would give that much to his fans? Ben Stein? Oprah gave away some cars she didn't have to pay full price for, if anything! who cares about that once Howard rules the satellite radio medium!!!

the publicity would be outrageous...Howard Stern giving away $11 million dollars of his own money !! all to show to the world that not only can YOU get 1 million people to sign up, but THREE million !! People, the media, everyone would go nuts...this 'self-indulged man' giving away that much money and showing to the world that he is the KING OF ALL MEDIA.

going for 3 million people to sign up before December of this year would be crazy, but your 18 million fans would jump at such an incredible outpouring from the KING himself, Howard Stern.

We can't reach you in our market now, but I hope to hear that you might just consider such a promotional idea!

Sun Sep 25, 03:57:00 PM EDT  

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