Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Talk/Entertainment Channels might get bump up in Bandwidth & Sound Quality
As you may have noticed, most non-music channels do not sound as good as the music ones. The reason for this is the music stations are at or around 112kbps (kilobits per second), and the talk stations are lower around 64kbps. This is the same technology as MP3, the higher kbps the larger the file. I have a source that tells me on Sept 29th some Entertainment channels will get a bump up in bandwidth. This will make these stations sound better. If you own a replay unit with time shifting, you will notice that on a music station you will get 44min of record time, if you are on a non-music station you will get over and hour of record time.. This is because of the lower bandwidth, So when the new line-up kicks in, listen for better sounding talk/entertainment coming soon.. The stations that might get this upgrade, "Raw Dog", "Sirius Stars", "Radio Disney", and "Out Q"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am new to Sirius. Has the ever been any discussion about upping the bitrate on the internet stream?

Tue Sep 13, 08:29:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard Jim Breuer say something about the show "sounding better" after the sept. 29 channel change. He said it in a promo that ran on cracked comedy today for his rawdog show.

Tue Sep 13, 10:10:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous btnascar said...

Cosmo should also be high rate because it will feature music heavily.

Wed Sep 14, 09:07:00 AM EDT  
Blogger JWardell said...

I want better sound quality on the music channels, not talk, although it is understandable if the talk show features music.

Too bad sirius doesn't have some way of making a live variable bitrate for streams....the show can bump up when it requires it for a song, but back down when they go back to talking.

There's no way music channels are 128kbps each. Remember ALL of sirius's data crams into only 12.5 MHz.

Wed Sep 14, 10:57:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Josh -

Sirius uses Statistical Multiplexing which is pretty much what you're talking about. S>Plex takes an overall snapshot of the total bandwidth and shifts the 'walls' between streams based on the needs of the other streams. If one stream doesn't need the bandwidth, it's available to a music station playing a song that does.

Realize Sirius and XM technically are using 1/3 of 12.5mhz. The segmenting is SAT1 REPEATER SAT2. That means there's about 4mhz total for all the content to fall into, not 12.5.

Wed Sep 14, 02:31:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I doubt that the talk channels are anywhere near 96 kbps. In fact, I doubt that the highest quality audio channel is even 1/2 of that. Anyone have any hard data on this?

Thu Sep 15, 08:42:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Azmtbear said...

Sirius uses an enhanced version of the PAC codec, which is highly efficient and comparable to other newer codecs like AAC or mp3 PRO. That means about half the bit rate of mp3 gets the job done.
Actual bitrates of the channels are probably closely held within Sirius, however informed guesses put it at 48-64kbps. for music and half that (or far less) for talk channels. That said, things do definitely seem to be sounding better on some of those 'talk' channels today, some of which play music I like.

Thu Sep 29, 01:14:00 PM EDT  

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