Friday, September 23, 2005

Starmate Replay Review.. Quicky…
Here is just some quick points on this new Sirius tuner, you can also read and see more about it here..
Small but perfect size for easy mounting in almost any location.
Package includes suction cup mount and Velcro tape. There is a mounting that will work with use any standard AMPS mount.
WOW, the best yet.. I did test drive with it.. Day Time the sun washes out the blue background but the text is super clear. The font is thin so it is better then the first Starmate, less scrolling. This blue back ground is also better then the Sportster Replay blue, it works, in all light very nice. Also you can switch between 1 or 2 lines of info.
The sound is very good over the FM transmitter, also very powerful for the size or the unit. FM-OUT is also there so that you can hookup a SATSWB to cut down on interference. There is a button that will allow you to switch between FM frequencies presets..

The output jack for audio is much better then the old Starmate, load and crisp. The volume controls that were on the side of the 1st Starmate, are not on the replay.
I would have to say that the pros out weigh the cons on this thing. I fell in love with it even in the package, it is light, and not a box. It is a nice body for a tuner.. The only con I can see so far is the “Plug and Play� part of it.. Without the docking station you need to pull wires out of the unit, and also unclip it (or Velcro) I was worried about the wires out the side, and how it would look, the improvements over the old Starmate has to be all the wires on one side. The mounting clip also acts as a wire holder, and all the wires have 90 degree ends on them, so they wrap nicely. I would have to say if you are getting this for your car, and will not want to take it in and out too much, this is the best tuner out for you right now. Read more here.. I will update as I use it more.. If you want one the only place to get one is here


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