Monday, September 19, 2005

Starmate Replay out very very soon!

As I posted over the weekend, the dates for some of the G3 radios are changing by the day. Now in my last post some folks got a little up in arms over the dates I posted. As I have said all along, I post what I know at the time, and they change by the day. So today I have gotten word of some new dates, some that are a shock. I called my contacts and told them about some of the comment post on this blog, and I wanted to get some updates from them. This is what I know as of today...

Sirius Starmate Replay - VERY VERY SOON.... Look for an update with in 24 hours when I can tell you more.
Sirius One - Early Oct
Sirius S50 - End Oct/Early Nov - *Wide spread availability in Nov
ONCE MORE these are date updates, and they are not set in stone or official. So please do not post comments about how wrong these dates are. This is just information I'm passing on.. If you want to call them rumors, then so be it..


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