Friday, September 09, 2005

Sirius TV AD on NFL Opener..
I have been trying to find this thing all day! But last night during the opening of the NFL season, Sirius ran its first National TV AD.. Here is the transcript from SISO at SiriusBackstage..
Zoom into sportster IR in car...
Announcer: "Is Sirius the choice in satellite radio?"
Lady: "It feels like you've got every song ever made, Rock, Hip Hop, Pop, NO Commercials.
Man 1: We get a ton of music no commercials.
Man 2: It's comedy, no bleeps. Know what I'm sayin?
Tailgater 1: If it involves a uniform, a stick, a ball, bang! It's in there.
" " 2: Bang! NFL is in there.
Lady: It's the best thing I've ever put in my car, next to him (referring to Man 1)
Man 3: It's just flat out better than regular Radio.
Announcer: It's more than just radio, it's Sirius Satellite Radio. Right now get a Sirius satellite radio for just $49.95.
The background is complicated, but it is blue like the IR with displays.

I'm also told look for this AD during some week one games.. If anyone has this video let me know so I can post it for others to watch.. I will be working the DVR overtime on Sunday.. To get it...


Anonymous Vote Libertarian said...

Saw this during Monday Night Football last night. It looked good.

Tue Sep 13, 01:05:00 PM EDT  

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