Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sirius going Primetime?
There is a rumor flying around that Sirius will get some very nice free PR from the new Apprentice with Martha Stewart on NBC. I can not confirm this as of yet, but I'm talking with my buddy at Sirius and my contacts at NBC. Most of my NBC contacts are at NBC news, so I need to dig a little. There is some talk that on Martha's new show a task might have to do with Martha's new station on Sirius. Also look for cross promotion on both Sirius and NBC. There is also talk that the winner may get a show on the new Living Radio on Sirius.. As we know, "Mr. Trump" loves himself and NBC has let him promote and love himself on network TV. It is almost certain that Martha will talk about her Sirius Living Radio on both the new Apprentice and her new daily talk show, that will be in syndication.

-Updates as and if they come...


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