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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Should it be DAVE//117?
There are more Daves on this station.. Almost all Dave's..
David Dye
Dave Ramsey
David Lawrence
Cigar Dave

Here is the full line up...
Doug Stephan’s Good Day
Monday to Friday 5 am - 9 am ET
For over fifteen years, Doug Stephan’s Good Day has offered an eclectic mix of entertainment, business news, politics, sports, and more. The friendly and uplifting morning program remains balanced and fair amidst a tumultuous society.

Kid's Corner
Monday to Friday 9 am - 10 am ET
Kid's Corner is a live, interactive radio show created to educate and entertain children.
The program offers insight into such topics as health & nutrition, American democracy, books, movies, and music. Hosted by Kathy O'Connell and produced by Robert Blake, the show is a recipient of over 20 broadcasting awards including the George Foster Peabody Award.

Chick Chat
Monday to Friday 12 pm - 2 pm ET
cast: Monday to Friday 8 pm - 10 pm ET
Co-hosts of the weekly program “Chick Chat� are Heidi Hanzel and Lara Dyan have “no loss for words or opinions.� This contemporary, non-political show is as unique as it is entertaining; Hanzel and Dyan discuss relationships, spouses, and romance in the corporate world. However, “Chick Chat� isn’t just for women! Lara and Heidi feature segments in which they offer dating advice for men.

Dave Ramsey Show
Monday - Friday 2 pm - 6 pm ET
Rebroadcast: Monday to Friday 1 am - 5 am ET

Tired of pervasive financial issues? The Dave Ramsey Show offers dependable and worthwhile financial advice. Complete with everything from tipping to retirement planning, Ramsey rules the radio with irrefutable ways to properly handle “the green.� Ramsey's program began in 1992 and he has written several books including The Total Money Makeover , Financial Peace, and Revisited . He has also appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show , 60 Minutes , and CBS's The Early Show .

The David Lawrence Show
Monday to Friday 10 pm - 1 am ET
Get all your gadget advice from David Lawrence! The Dave Lawrence Show, a talk show focusing on the juxtaposition of pop-culture and today’s high-tech world. The show is a unique mix of humor and information with the up-tempo of a Top-40 morning show.

World Chart Show
Saturdays 8 am - 10 am ET
Selected from a handful of the top radio stations worldwide, The “World Chart Show� is a unique compilation of some of the hottest pop songs on the planet. In addition to a musical countdown the program also features entertainment news, interviews, celebrity gossip, and more. Host Lara Scott bridges the gap between musical artist and musical enthusiast; her ability to reflect the attitudes, styles, and trends of a younger audience pool draws listeners in and turns them on to the show.

World Café with David Dye
Monday to Friday 6 pm - 8 pm ET
Rebroadcast: Monday to Friday 10 am - 12 pm ET
Dubbed as “radio for the musically curious,� The World Café features an eclectic mix of blues, rock, folk, and alternative country as well as live performances and interviews with up-and-coming artists. The program’s host, Philadelphia native David Dye, won over audiences with his calm demeanor and musical enthusiasm. He has been the host of The World Café since 1991.

Mike Feder Show
Sunday 10 pm - Midnight ET
Mike Feder is a skilled storyteller who is as intriguing as he is outgoing. Since 1979, Feder has followed a liberal, open-microphone format on his program and has discussed an array of topics including sex, marriage, kids, death, and more. He talks in the first person about anything and everything for an hour, and "brings to his stories a naked emotional honesty that is both compelling and excruciating."

Radio Playbill
Saturdays 7 am - 8 am ET
Rebroadcast: Sundays 5 pm - 6 pm ET
Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Broadway with Radio Playbill! Radio Playbill encapsulates the grandeur and passion of the open stage through Playbill’s unique knowledge of Broadway, theatrical interviews, music, and much more. Explore the intricacies of Broadway Theater without ever leaving your home.

Cigar Dave
Saturdays 1 pm - 4 pm ET
Rebroadcast: Sundays 7 am - 10 am ET

Cigar Dave, is often referred to as the Sultan of Smoke, the Professor of Puff, the Cigar Sommelier, and the Connoisseur-in-Chief. Cigar Dave's program Smoke This! caters to Cigar lovers far and wide. The shows loyal followers or the “Cigar Lieutenants� tune in for news and information about cigars, spirits, and other lifestyle diversions.

Beer Radio
Saturdays 4 pm - 6 pm ET
Rebroadcast: Sundays 10 am - 12 pm ET

Hold your glass high for Beer Radio, the official radio station of the United States Beer Drinking Team! This unique show features special guests from the brewing industry, introduces “beer and travel� segments, and essentially worships cold, refreshing ale. Perhaps the best part about Beer Radio is that you don’t have to be twenty-one to listen and you can enjoy it while driving!

Are We Alone?
Mondays Midnight - 1 am ET
“Are We Alone?,� a weekly radio program hosted by Seth Shostak of SETI (The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), taps into the always intriguing and often unknown realm of outer space. The show focuses on such ideas as the scientific evidence of life on other planets, the big bang theory, and most importantly the exploration and understanding of a vast and endless universe. As Senior Astronomer for SETI, Shostak is involved with much of the outreach activities of the institute. He is science editor of “The Explorer� and also gives around fifty talks a year to both academic circles and the general public.


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