Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Karmazin Says: Sirius s50 Is Equivalent To iPod
From Radio Ink
CBS MarketWatch reports that Sirius Satellite Radio CEO Mel Karmazin told a gathering at an investor conference in Pasadena, CA, this week that the company considers its new s50 wearable radio to be equivalent to the iPod. With 65 music channels covering many musical genres and subgenres, Karmazin said the Sirius product offers as much variety as listeners can experience on an iPod. The company's talks with various MP3 makers and other electronics manufacturers are ongoing, Karmazin added.
My take... OK, I guess you can call any MP3 player and I-pod. Yes the S50 will let you play Mp3's and also "download" music from Sirius stations without any more fees. I'm told the software that comes with the S50 will show each song as its own file, when you record Sirius on to it. So if you listen to the "Big 80s" for 2 hours you might get 30 some songs on your S50, when you interface with a PC you will be able to keep the songs you like.. The big question is, if you have on a station and you like the song you just heard can you save that song.. Like a DVR will record back to the start of the show, or when you stated to view the station, will the S50 do this.. you can hit record 1/2 way thou a song and it will make an Mp3 of the entire song!??! Now that would be nice... To call it an I-pod?? I guess you can.. Mel.. 50 hours of Sirius is like 1GB of drive space.. So it is like the 1st I-pod.. but still not.. I think as a 1st of its kind the S50 will be very nice.. Just think 2 years down the road!! WOW!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

listen to the Merrill Lynch webcast, at about 27:30 Minutes he starts answering the question in talks here. He does mention the equivalence of the S50 to the iPod, but corrects himself and says MP3 players in general, not just targeting one compnay."Is, in essences, your own personal iPod" Not that it is an iPod, but basically an "MP3 type device."

All his quotes...

Wed Sep 14, 05:55:00 PM EDT  

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