Sunday, September 04, 2005

Karmazin and Winfrey... A History
Here is a something back from Feb...
Karmazin indicated that Sirius is unlikely to spend so heavily for content in the near future. "There is nothing that is on our list today that would be of a scope of Howard Stern or the NFL or Major League Baseball," he said. Though he also quipped that if talk show queen Oprah Winfrey ever considered having an exclusive program on Sirius, an exception might be made.
Full story here

Also years back then Kingworld was the syndicator of "Oprah", CBS and Mel did buy up Kingworld... At the time the CBS Chief Executive Mel Karmazin, said he talked with Winfrey and "did suck up big time. Anything that Oprah would ever want to do for our company, we would be proud to have her." more

Here is one other Karmazin qoute:
"Shakespeare said 'the play is the thing'...If Oprah was interested, we would return her call. We are very aggressive toward getting any talent."


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