Wednesday, September 07, 2005

“Censored is an over reaction…�

I have talked with an anonymous Sirius insider, they tell me that, “There has been a big over reaction…� I asked if the Sprint deal was why some music stations are going to be censored.. I was first told, “It is not censorship�, and the Sprint deal has no impact in Sirius programming.� I asked if it is not censorship what is it?, “Sirius has some stations that only play radio edits of music, this is on the mainstream stations like Sirius Hits One, The Pulse, to name a few.� they told me, “ it is important to note that stations like Faction, Shade 45, and many others do not play radio edits.� Some other key points from this insider, “We want to offer all listeners programming they can enjoy� “every Sirius plug and play radio have built in parental controls so listeners of all ages can enjoy the programming� (please note that this person is not an official spokesperson from Sirius, but it is someone who has some authority on this information.)

From my conversation and other information I have gotten tells me that some of this Censorship stuff, is blown way out of the water, just today when listening to Alt Nation, and there was F*** in a song, and it was there.. My buddy had Sprint and he got the Sirius music on his phone, he also has told me that he heard some F’s S’s and more “bad� words..

From what I’m hearing Sirius is going to put some type of marking on the channel guides, like a "dot" to designate stations that play radio edits…

I think that it is very possible that some of this has blown way up, and we need to just keep a check on Sirius to make sure they follow their Manifesto… I personally do not have a problem with SOME stations play radio edits, as long as Sirius is upfront with what stations play radio edits only, and I think it is important to make it easy for subscribers to know what stations my not be PG, and if a parent wants to prevent their children to listen to it, that is fine. If Sirius provides the information so the parents can use the info as a tool…

Let see how this all plays out..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sirius never stated that Octane was going to become edited. It suddenly just was one day. We're not talking radio edit tracks, we're talking tracks that had no edits in the first place.

When this topic was brought up in e-mail with Sirius about which streams were censored in the past. Also I haven't heard A.D. on Octane let a nasty word go in a little while. I received back in Aug 2004:


Thanks, we got your email! We appreciate the time you have taken to
contact us regarding censorship with our programming. At this time The
Pulse // 09, SIRIUS Hits 1 // 1, and Kid Stuff // 11 are censored. We
also have a family plan that will ban certain channels from your
programming. These channels that would be banned are:

- Hip-Hop Nation // 40
- Wax // 42
- Street Beat // 44
- OutQ // 149
- Raw Dog // 147
- Maxim // 145

Your feedback regarding our programming is extremely important to us.
We are dedicated to providing the most variety and best listening
experience available anywhere.

Wed Sep 07, 04:50:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It think over time a clean station in each Format will be pop form and the others will not

Wed Sep 07, 05:39:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To say this issue is completely overblown is complete nonsense. What they are doing is wrong plain and simple.

Wed Sep 07, 05:57:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some people just like to bitch and complain. This was never a huge issue, a few people got their panties in a bunch and started screaming like 4 year olds.

Wed Sep 07, 07:43:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Jeremy said...

I and others heard censored music on Alt Nation that was previously uncensored. Now the software used to play music at SIRIUS (Profit) doesn't just swap out these tracks, someone had to remove uncensored tracks and then re-add censored tracks at SIRIUS. This could be an error by the Program Director when they adjusted the song rotations or they could have actually stopped censoring Alt Nation and other channels. Either way censorship on SIRIUS was not recieved well and I'm glad we had a chance to voice our opinion about that.

Wed Sep 07, 07:56:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I take offense to the person saying that people like to bitch and complain, and that people are screaming like 4 year olds. Democrats vs. Republicans - now that's a bunch of people screaming like 4 year olds.
Honestly, would you like if suddenly the movie theaters in your area decided to censor all movies that you went to see? Oh you wouldn't like it? Would you maybe even... complain?

Wed Sep 07, 08:35:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nope, wouldn't complain, just would change the channel (ie. find a new theater) that did not censor, which is what you have the option to do! Each format has a censored station and an explicit lyric station, just like the competition has. There HAS to be some censored stations, otherwise we lose a lot of would-be subscribers who wish to have just that. Free speech is a WONDERFUL thing, but not everyone wants to hear what free speech offers, hence the ability to find a censored station just for them. We always tell them to change the channel if they don't like it...why don't we lead them by showing them the same thing, why don't we change the channel to an uncensored station.

Wed Sep 07, 11:37:00 PM EDT  

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