Thursday, August 04, 2005

"Stern's In Demand deal kill Sirius?" Please... posted this spin on Howard on Demand, As his deal was 1st posted here on 8/1.
Here is what posted today

"With the Stern Show going to Sirius Satellite Radio in January, there’s no way he could have a censored TV show as well. Even though the E! show was broadcast on cable, during the “safe� time, we still had to look at pixelated boobies. So as a result, Howard Stern has hooked up with the In Demand Network to air his TV show as an On Demand subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) show.
In Demand is available nationwide on cable television through about 1,400 affiliates and they’ve already signed deals with Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Cox to carry Stern’s programming.
But the kicker is… the show is rumored to cost about $10 a month - with unlimited access to previous show highlights. Will this cause many people who originally were going to follow Howard to Sirius, to simply opt for the SVOD version instead? Afterall, it’s cheaper than Sirius, and there’s no hardware to buy - and you can SEE the boobies!
Sirius must be pissed about this one. Unless, of course, they have their hand in this and are getting a cut. In which case, they deserve a round of applause."

Now my spin.... I think that Sirius has to have a hand in this, they are buliding a studio with Cameras for Howard. People like Howard in the car, going to work, stuck in traffic... Not sitting at home watching parts of the show after work. Yes I would be nice to go home a watch the unrated open cameras.. and see what you listened to on the radio a few days back. I personaly do not think that this will, as some are saying, "Be the death of Sirius" I think both services are helping each other out and will make lots of money off Howard.... But time will tell, my insider at Sirius tells me, "here is no one who is worried about the OnDemand deal at sirius... The cameras were to be in the studio, before this deal was made... "

To make some points that others are not making clear..
1. The on demand show will not be the whole show.
2. You pay $10.oo per month for 20 hours a month of show clips on video
3. Sirius you pay $12.95 per month for over 80 hours of Howard, plus all the rest of sirius programing.
So this will kill Sirius? PLEASE....


Blogger Hemi Mayor said...

I disagree, I think that this will hurt Sirius. Unless Sirius subscribers get some kind of deal, many will be happy to subscribe to Howard on TV for $10 instead of paying $12.95 to hear him.

With Indemand they can watch when they want.

Bad move for Sirius.

Fri Aug 05, 12:36:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Damian said...

paying $12.95 to hear him, and you forgot.. 65 Music stations, the NFL, and everything else on Sirius.. Oh yea, and the whole radio show, not some cut up hi-lights..

Fri Aug 05, 10:51:00 AM EDT  

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