Monday, August 01, 2005

A Sirius Change on the way?
upated 5:40pm Aug 1
Sources close to me are saying that something is going to happen with the Sirius channel line up soon. A date can not be confirmed or denied at this time. (looks like early fall) There has been talk for a channel line up shuffle before Howard Stern makes the move. I’m being told that Sirius wants to start to publicly hype Howard, but also all parts of Sirius for people who may not be Stern fans. Over the past few months Sirius has had loops running and simulcasts. One a promo for BBC radio 1, and with the departure of Air America, Sirius left on two steams. My source tells me today that there was some debate about talking about these changes in the conference call Tuesday AM, when the 2nd Q numbers come out. (not looking like that will be the case) Some stations may die and others may be added in the fall. It looks like a 90’s station might return some time in 2005 or early 06. If you look at the current line up, the Pop and Rock categories are filled and are back to back with no room to grow. With a 90’s station in the air and with BBC 1 and Radio Margaritaville sitting at 97 and 98 (way out of place) respectively; room must be made. I was told to note that moving a station around, but it cost BIG BUCK$ to re-cut all the station imaging. Also whenever Sirius updates the streams there is a price to pay, because of all the calls to costumer service, with people having problems. So with no official word at this time, we should call this a strong story, but nothing official. It looks like when something happens it will be a few stations changing numbers, and Howard getting a home (or homes).. Some are calling this "The usual annual tweaking" others, some big changes.. we will see... It looks like BBC Radio 1 will kick off on 97, then move in the fall..
Posted at 1:29pm Aug 1st 2005, updated 5:40pm Aug 1st 2005 with some updates added...


Blogger T-MONEY/SHADE45 said...

Oh Damn THat Sucks i hope they dont take off SHADE45/G-Unit Radio

Mon Aug 01, 02:06:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Damian said...

I think that SHADE45 is fine.. That is a big draw for Sirius..

Mon Aug 01, 02:38:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Hemi Mayor said...

I know that any changes will disappoint some people. I hope that they just make things better.

Mon Aug 01, 05:37:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Jon said...

Here's hoping Faction gets a major overhaul. And How many Classic Rock streams do we need?

Tue Aug 02, 12:23:00 PM EDT  

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