Thursday, August 25, 2005

New Line Up - some comments
I have been getting a lot of emails about the new line up, so here is some more details and some comments and insight by me..

Enterianment Channles are moving to the lower 100's
News will be moving to 140+ with Traffic stations

New Music Channels:
Super Shuffle (SIRIUS Super Mix)
-This is like a JACK-FM, but Sirius doesn't want to even say that, this station will be a Shuffle of music form across Sirius.. Some have said this is like Sirius Disorder,... Kinda, but Sirius Disorder is mostly Rock base, this station will have Rock,Pop, and more...
the coffee house (Acoustic Coffee House Music)
-A station of Acoustic music... Like "XM Cafe' or Hear Music"
Revolution (Christian Rock)
-We have spirit, more Pop like Christian music, now we also get Christian Rock
spa73 (New Age)
-New Age music, something you would find playing in your spa
New Talk Channels:
Howard Stern Channel 100 Howard Stern Channel 101
-Howard will start programming one station in September, and he will start his show in Jan or when he gets out of contract..
Martha Stewart Living Radio (How-To For Living)
- Martha will tell us all how to live..
SIRIUS Advice (Call-in Advice Talk)
- Look for some new nationally know radio shows, like Dr. Laura (nothing official on that).. Some of the shows on Sirius Central now on the weekends could move over.. Will be like "Ask" on XM
Christian Talk
- All Howard Stern.. Kiddin'.. The 360 of him.. Good Old clean talk..
New News Channels:
Sirius Weather and Emergancy - Will Replace The Preview..
-Weather Alerts and National/Local Emergancy

Renamed Channels:
Soul Revue > Soul Town
- Ok, I guess a revue was to risky..
SIRIUS Talk Central > SIRIUS Stars
- The name is ok, we all know that Sirius is the brightest star right? So lets but Jay Thomas and The radio chick there.. I think this will turn in to shows that are only on Sirius.. Like Jay and the Chick.. Look for some shows to move to SIRIUS Advice.. Some new Sirius only shows may be added ..
Horizons > The Globe
- Just a new name.. It will be back after Rolling Stone Radio
Wisdom > Lime (Healthy Living with a Twist)
- Cool name, just not as wise
STN > Sirius Trucker
- Good thing they did not make it Sirius F**ker, STN was Sirius Trucking Network... Better name
Deleted Channels:
Slow Jamz
Swing Street
Folk Town
The Weather Channels (east/central/West)
The Preview Channel
- Some has asked if these will be net only stations.. No word about that..

LA and NYC get their own Traffic Channel.


Blogger Nate said...


Great job keeping up with the plethora of info form Sirius today, Damian!

XM's Blend, however, is not just acoustic stuff. Here's the channel page on XM's site:

I'm gonna guess that Sirius's new "Coffee House" is more like XM Cafe or even the Starbucks' channel, Hear Music.

TERRIBLE decision by Sirius, though, to drop Remix & Swing Street, IMO - two of my favorite channels.

Thu Aug 25, 08:59:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Nate said...

ALSO, if I'm reading that image from Orbitcast correctly, there's a few more changes:

- 184 is being renamed from "The Preview Channel" to "SIRIUS Weather & Emergency" (a clone of XM's 247, perhaps?)

- Standard Time is being billed as "Standards & Swing". Hmm..perhaps a merging of Swing Street & Standard Time?

- BBC Radio 1 looks to surely be moving to channel 11.

Thu Aug 25, 09:26:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Damian said...

Nate you are right.. about the new Coffee House is like XM cafe', I made the change. It is alway hard to say good bye to anystations..

Thu Aug 25, 11:14:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shouldn't this be the 180 of him ... 360 means coming full circle!! I am just nit picking, but I thought you may want to know!!

Christian Talk
- All Howard Stern.. Kiddin'.. The 360 of him.. Good Old clean talk..

Tue Sep 27, 05:52:00 PM EDT  

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