Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Howard Stern moving in at 100 Sirius Lane?
NOTE: no offical word form Sirius on this topic...
On today’s show Howard Stern said he was getting channel 100-102 on Sirius. Now before I go any farther, Howard said a few weeks back that Sirius has 3 million subscribers, on his show. He also put a fake David Lee Roth on the air, as a joke. So can we take Howard’s word on anything about Sirius, besides that he is coming in January…

I have talked to my source at Sirius, who tells me that It looks like when something happens it will be a few stations changing numbers, and Howard getting a home (or homes).. Some are calling this "The usual annual tweaking" others, some big changes..I talked today with him and tried to get a date, he would not say anything.. SO…. If you look at the curent line up the 1-30 is filled with stations no room to grow (in numbercal order) for Pop or Rock. Stations that are out of place right now Radio Margaritaville, and the BBC 1 Preview loop. At 97 and 98. I have been listening to BBC radio 1 online and they have told their UK listerners that BBC Radio one will be on Sirius 11, Curently the home of Kids Stuff, lets to the hockey pocky, and switch some stuf around. So is Howard is saying he is getting 100-102 that is the current home of 100 – OPEN, 101 CNBC, and 102 Bloomberg… 103 is open then CNN at 104.. I do not see Howard and CNN next to or even close to each other.. So thing that will have to move just based on the current chatter. The Pop chatagory will have to grow or cick some folks out.. Lets Kick the kids out on 11, move in the BBC. To put Radio Margaritaville in POP lets give spirit a wing and move them out. Ok so Pop is done.. Now Rock.. currently 14-30, there is no word of changes at this time.. So Rock is done… the same for Country, and Hip-Hop. They are done.. I think a Kids Category will start, with Kids stuff and Radio Disney (on a side note, Sirius has been pushing radio Disney promos on talk stations).. I hope they make Disney in the higher bandwith to improve the audio quaility. Also could a Religious category be added? We Kicked Spirit out of pop, so we could put that with Prase… We to put these if that happen in the number sceam, who knows.. Upper 40’s and Upper 50’s are open.. 80’s has some holes.. Now is Howard gets 100… News would have to move a little away I would think.. Move the talk and Entertainment channels closer to 100, and move news down so It is with traffic and weather.. Do note that nothing is a fact, but I can say for sure, "The usual annual tweaking" will happen, but what is it and how much it will affect is anyones guess… fell free to post you guess as a coment… Oh one more thing that could change everything.. should they keep room for a 90's station..


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