Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Howard Programming launches September 29th
As 1st reported here Aug 3rd..
Thursday Sirius will give us the full details of the new line up..
Sirius 100 and 101 will be Howard Sterns.. It also looks the one of the stations will start without Howard. This morning on his show Stern said, "We are busy planning the launch of the channel," he added, "I am busy planning all kinds of events that go on the channel without me. I have started producing a sound for the channel." Stern's official start date is January 9, 2006, he said today, If something happens that frees him from his Infinity contract early, he has said he would appear on Sirius the following day, but would not fully launch his program until the new year. Chatter is that the something is the pending FCC investigation. (more here) Sirius Satellite Radio will air "Howard Stern programming" on September 29, when Sirius will make the changes to the lineup. Channel 100 will be the home of the newly created Stern programmed content, with channel 101 also designated for Stern's creative outlet on Sirius. FMQB has a story on this topic today. the a full new line up will be posted here Thursday..


Blogger Eric said...

Say WHAT? Man, if this is true, I'm gonna be stoked. Time to d/l today's Stern show from Usenet and see if there is some scoop. ;-)

Wed Aug 24, 05:36:00 PM EDT  

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