Friday, August 19, 2005

G3.0 Radios... A little preview...
Next Thursday Sirius will show off the new G3.0 radios. (Note they will not be for sale next week this is just a show and tell as to what is to come).
I have been digging around for info on these radios, but it looks like they are keeping it tight... I did get some info from Directed Electronics about their G3.0 radio. They did not say too much, but I was told to look for a big jump up in what Plug and Play radios do. Like a replay function with DVR like operation. I asked, "Like the Sportster IR?" I was told "Oh no better... we have gotten feedback from IR owners and have taken them into account!" I could not get any more out of them. I also got a PR person at JVC... they did not tell me much at all, they would not even tell me if they would have a G3.0 PNP radio, they did tell me that JVC is happy to offer Sirius Radios, not only the Plug and Plays, but also in-dash head units. JVC is always on the "leading edge".... I checked in with Xact, via phone and email, this is what I got... ..... ... Not a thing... So!??! Kenwood, and Sanyo were happy to tell me about their items on the market.. No news to report at this time.
I also talked to my Sirius insider, he tells me.. "Sirius is really pumped about the G3 chip set" He told me that no chatter in the halls... but he did say Mp3, Replay, Record, and a walkman type radio were in the eyes of Sirius..
Next Thursday is when Sirius will show off the new stuff, check back for updates...


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