Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Dose the FCC want to F-over Sirius?
FMQB has posted that the FCC Indecency Complaints Decline, now is Sirius going to be a new target? As we know Howard and the FCC just love each other. Will the FCC want to go after Satellite radio to get Howard? Sirius has cleaned up some stations to help the Sirius/Sprint deal kick off, and not many are happy about it. Something need to be done, by all, and the people who like to bitch to the FCC. Parents need to parent, not the FCC.. All satellite radios have ways to block station out, if you do now want your kids to hear "bad things" learn how to use this. Sirius and XM for sure are looking at this in detail, is there a way that they can provide stations that are censored and also uncensored. Should there be an age requirement to activate with uncensored station? There has to be a way that both XM and Sirius can make some moves to make the FCC bang on the door less powerful. I personally think that they should look at added an uncensored category of stations that if you want you must be over 18 to activate at not extra charge. Most people bitch to the FCC, because they have nothing better to do, Howard is a big target and there will be a lot or press about his jump to Sirius, and people will call the FCC over just that. I personally can not understand how most parents are so blind, hearing the F word is not the worse thing out there, go to school with your kid one day..
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