Tuesday, August 23, 2005

As reported last week there is talk of Sirius Censorship.. We need to make sure that Sirius keeps the Censotship_OFF.. Sirius Backstage is making a push to make Sirius knows what we think.. Go here
I would also like to pass this info on to Getsiriusinfo.com vistors...

To all members of SIRIUS Backstage, we need your help!

It is not often that I feel compelled to speak out against a programming decision made by SIRIUS Satellite Radio in an open letter, however we are currently facing a crisis that will affect the future of music on SIRIUS.

SIRIUS has made a commitment to every listener to transmit music and content, as meant to be performed by the original artist. In exchange for this contract, we are currently paying $12.95 per month for an alternative form of radio – one that provides uncompromised music and entertainment.

There are many options when it comes to digital music - iTunes, Napster, XM and Rhapsody to name a few. We all chose SIRIUS based on the fact that the company did not conform to the mainstream media status quo. SIRIUS formed a relationship of trust with each and every subscriber and that trust is now at risk of being violated. Recall that SIRIUS even went as far as creating a manifesto denouncing censorship and embracing free speech and underground expression.

We need to let SIRIUS know that modifying the content originally promised – most notably alternative content that we grew to expect on channels such as Alt Nation and Faction - is not an acceptable action. I invite each one of you to openly express your unhappiness with their decision to alter songs from their original composition. Let SIRIUS and Sprint know that censoring content is not an acceptable solution for a pay radio service. Note that DISH Network has absolutely no issue accepting the original SIRIUS broadcast feeds in the unedited form. Both DISH Network and SIRIUS provide parental controls as a feature in most receivers. Sprint should bear the weight of content access control, not current SIRIUS subscribers!

Let SIRIUS know that their myopic practices of censorship will affect its business future. Satellite Radio was meant to be a haven for music as an art form; if this trend continues then the days of experimentation will soon disappear as partners such as Sprint demand a play-it-safe approach. Please let SIRIUS know that you are disgruntled at their recent moves and that you will retreat to other music services or your own personal music collection.

SIRIUS set out to solve what terrestrial radio listeners rejected: Lack of musical variety. Song repetition. Commercial overkill. Censorship.

Let’s start a revolution. Let’s put Listeners first. Let’s have standards, guts and empower the programmers and artists.

All it takes is a short letter. Express your concern. Be honest. Be sincere. Be respectful. Make your thoughts known.

Mail to:

Jay Clark
Executive Vice President, Programming
1221 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

Thank you,
Jeff Hinson
SIRIUSBackstage Owner

I would like to join Jeff in this, please help out and Join in..
Thanks, Damian


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