Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Arbitron? Karmazin don't need no stinkin' Arbitron! has expressed how Mel feels about Arbitron... Take a read:

During the Q&A session at Sirius’ Q2 report, there was a question about the possibility of using Arbitron data for advertising sales. Mel’s response, which must be applauded in my opinion, was simply that “we think their methodology is archaic in this world and our salespeople have sufficient data.�
Arbitron is the benchmark for radio logistics and has been widely criticized by many for having a somewhat skewed statistical methodology (“extrapolation� is a wonderful thing). They’ve even recently starting testing the use of “people meters� - no doubt in response to the failing faith in their numbers.
“If, in fact, we believed that we needed numbers from Arbitron we would subscribe. We are looking at a humongous growth in advertising revenue anticipated for 2006 and we are able to accomplish that with our numbers.�

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