Saturday, July 23, 2005

"Radio Chick" Leslie Gold, Gains Satellite Following
The Associated Press gave the Radio Chick some good PR in this story. REBECCA MILLER, Associated Press Writer, tells us that "The Radiochick Show" on Sirius Satellite Radio frequently invites female guests to strip in the studio and leads such segments as "20 Questions with a Hooker" and "Wheel of Wifebeaters." You can listen to the chick weekdays 10a-2p est on Talk Centeral 148. My source at Sirius tells me that the "Radio Chick" show is growing, and they are looking at marketing her, in the NYC area. Her show when it was on FM had a big following, and many people have pick Sirius, because of Leslie. Sirius knows that there are a good deal of chick fans that have no clue she is on Sirius.. So look for some ads to pop up in the NYC area..


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